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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Age Of Aquaria Is More Than A Great Year Air Sign
Unity Consciousness #867


The Primordial Elements of Water, Air, Fire, Earth are often reckoned according to a zodiac as it pertains to the 365 day year. This is the Lesser Year. The Great Year consists of 25,920 years.
The Age of Aquaria pertains to the Great Year. The ruling star constellations of the Great Year, though the same as the Lesser Year, are moving in the opposite direction in the zodiac.
In our Annual Year (Lesser Year) Zodiac Signs, Capricorn gives way to Aquaria then Pisces then Aries.
In the Great Year Precession of Ages Zodiac, Aries gives way to Pisces then Aquaria then Capricorn.

The Great Year is Greater because it rules over Earth for a longer period of time from a middle balancing point (equinox). During those 25,920 years, Earth is still moving every 365 days through the Primordial Element Signs of Water, Air, Fire, Earth.
Therefore, Since the Great Year rules the Lesser Year, so also does the Great Year rule all that the Lesser Year rules - all four of the Primordial Elements.
The Age of Aquaria is more than an Air Sign.

In the Lesser Year Zodiac, each constellation rules one single element.
In the Great Year Zodiac, each constellation rules all four elements by virtue of ruling the Lesser Year.

Some Of What We Already Know About Aquaria.

Water - is being released from the poles and is rising. Rain is increasing.
Air - is being filled with more charged particles from the Sun and through meteors. Wind is increasing.
Fire - is heating up and temperature is rising.
Earth - is quaking and moving back to a Pangaea. Magnetic pole of Earth is moving from North to South.
All Four - are combining in various ways to have an increased impact.

The Age of Aquaria is more than an Air Sign because Pisces, as we know, was more than a Water Sign. For instance, the Piscean Age had a major impact on polluting all four of the domains of Water, Air, Fire, Earth. Also there was an increase in constructing dams, thus restricting water in the circulatory system of Earth. Trees were cut down at a "Devil's" pace. Natural habitats of all types have been decimated, desecrated and pushed to the extreme edge of imbalance. During the Piscean Age the Primordial Elements under the name of "the environment," became the four-in-one hand that feeds but is also blamed for doing disastrous deeds.

The Initiate should ask the question, "Why will Aquaria be any different if each Age rules the Primordial Elements?"

The Day, The Lesser Year and Great Year are ruled by The Eternal One. The Eternal One is Greater due to always ruling and ruling from the Foundation of the Heavens.
The Eternal One only has two divisions of rulership - The First Truth and The Second Truth.
During the Ages of Aries and the transition to Pisces and during Pisces, The Second Truth was in charge of the Universe.
During the Aquarian Age, not only is the Age changing, but also the Truth is changing back to the First Truth.
Aquaria will rule under the First Truth.
This is how we know the environment will be treated in an Eco-sensible manner. This we already see the makings of as Aquaria and The First Truth are almost in position.

If we extend and expand the metaphor mathematically, we can say:

Piscean Age + 2nd Truth = Age & Male Wisdom = Old Adult + Sun-Light, Son, Father Truth
Aquarian Age + 1st Truth = Age & Female Wisdom = Young Adult + Moon-Night, Mother, Daughter Truth

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