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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Defeat Every Enemy | Evolution Of Understandings & Weapons
Unity Consciousness #852


These things are being said so you will have information to refer to as more "out of the norm" events occur, not for the first time and not for the last time. (UC#834)
You will then have the basis to understand that at every given moment, information has been and is being provided to explain what comes next. This is possible if for no other reason than life being a continuous repeating cycle. The degree of exactness of your correlation of past, present and future events depends on the degree of integration of understandings.

So now we start with a small slice of the simple and the already known.
The best way to defeat the enemy is to stop helping the enemy and to stop harming self.
Stop acting as an individual by making adjustments to the worldview logic, philosophies, values and definitions that teach individualism rather than collective benefit.
Make an ongoing list and start with easiest change.
Start understanding basic needs more completely.
Start using money and other resources more optimally.
Use metaphor to help you understand more.
These are just a few of the many things that come quickly to mind. Each person, who is willing, must allow the higher calling to guide each step that fits what the higher spirit needs them to do and the order and manner of doing so.

So now we move to the next level.
Consider this: It is difficult to mount an effective defense or offense if the most hours and the best hours are spent focusing on lower order needs. This must be rectified if we are to succeed. This is why the enemy has us in a revolving door of food, shelter, clothing and bills.

So we move to the final level, for now, to achieve yet another understanding of weapons and power.

In the same way the bow and arrow was superior to the sword and shield, so also was the gun superior to the bow and the bullet superior to the arrow.
Each advancement in weapons allowed combatants to be farther away from each other and yet still be able to kill each other.
As this distance moved apart backwards, so also came forward more cowards.*
Same is true with the introduction of automatic weapons and flying machines carrying guns and missiles.
It is a certainty, that all those today, who are willing to suit up and kill, in any type of work uniform, would not be so big, bad and "brave" without long-distance weapons and societal protections.

World history tells us we are living in continual cycles of evolution, not all the time in all ways but all the time in some ways and sooner or later the evolution for everything eventually comes and goes, waxes and wanes, rises and falls, starts and accelerates, slows down and stalls...

So now what we have been experiencing has been the weapons created by the spirit of the lower-self, the lower intelligence. And don't they seem grand and unbeatable?
As energy and many things are preparing to reverse, so also comes rising higher intelligence. This, of course, allows for the creation of weapons to offset the weapons of the lower-self.
As said before, humans will not be the only ones fighting humans. The higher self can use any aspect of creation. The lower-self has been trying to do the same thing.
Therefore, our understandings of weapons and war must expand to all dimensions of creation in keeping with the higher-self use of creative genetic potential genius.
We cannot limit our understanding of how to defeat the enemy based on the information provided by the enemy who is significantly lacking in understanding.

Our logic base must re-expand to encompass the entirety of the genetic library. It must expand so we understand wherever the smallest or largest particle or force exists, there also exists the weapon, the tool and the battlefield, the school.
By this then we know that due to the weapons advantage the lower-self currently has, the only way to defeat this enemy is for the higher-self to use superior weapons and superior understanding. (UC#753)
Part of that superior understanding is knowing who and what the enemy really is. A lot of that has been explained elsewhere. At this point, let us also understand, America is an ideology and so is racism. We already know how to defeat an ideology. Albinism, called European and Eurasian, is two things: an abnormality that was once an enigma and an abhorred malady that poses as epitome. The Ecosystem will be avenged.

Since a major weakness of the lower-self is internal disconnection and the internal is the foundation of strength, then we know the lower-self is exposed in ways he doesn't know or hope you don't know.

The lower self has used logic and other weapons internally on others and now even more than that will be used internally to remove the lower-self out of the nuclear and pineal seat as chief of logic.

Historically, physical plagues have occurred to take out a bunch of people at once. In this respect, the story of Pharaoh and the Hebrew Israelite Jew Ethiopians is accurate.

Don't we know the lower-self is already using multiple types of plagues to harm humans and other creations? For instance, vaccinations. Do not get them. The vaccinations we need is in food grown and prepared the right way and in water, sun, air and earth and in other forms of nutrition.
The plague of atomic bombs of the lower-self are weak compared to the sub-atomic bombs at the disposal of the higher-self.
Another form of plague is the self-made kind, one of which is internal chaos due to system failure.

All this is to say, if there is to be a "changing of the guard," the current guard must be caught off guard and severely weakened. Since the possibilities are endless, it is not possible for the lower-self to account or defend against all possibilities, any of which, can bring the big bad bully wolf enemy down to actual size of a whimpering coward.

Have faith in knowing, not in belief.
The way we know is by what has been revealed in these messages and in others throughout the Ages.
If we know nothing else we should at least know the Ancestors are with us through this Maafa, the greatest of holocausts. Understand your resilience and you will understand. Our Ancestors have sustained us as a collective people and are always available to the receptive and respectful. Our Ancestors will be there with us in the final battles of the upheaval and fulfillment changeover. Our Ancestors will be even stronger as we are not helping the enemy and harming ourselves any longer.

We must be told these things so as events continue to occur, we will have already made some logical adjustments and will be prepared and looking forward to these events with expectation and not trepidation - because we understand their purpose. These are the Great Days of Climate Change On All Levels that are made for our collective liberation.

It has only been 4 years since 2012, a moment of widely noticeable energy shift. But we also know the shift was also in 2008 because that's when President Obama was elected. And we also know the shift was before then because Barack Obama was being prepared long before 2008. So before we had any awareness of the reality of "Yes, we can!" it was already happening. So I say that to say, that whatever we think can't happen tomorrow or the next day, has already been in the preparations for those days. Do not be deceived by the level of awareness of the Giri So, In addition to looking straight ahead and on the surface, Look behind, look side to side, look within and look at all angles and you will understand more of this ever-changing world as it really is. If you currently do not mistake nighttime as insurmountable everlasting darkness, then neither shall you mistake the darkness of these times as permanent. The emerging of the black dot that turns itself into the sun has long been on the rise out of the womb of blackness of the Great Mother of The Waters. The Great Mother is in travail but joy cometh along with a new life and a new day and the causes of pain will fade away. This is yet another metaphor to help you understand, the better acquainted you become with cycles and stages and processes and what is what, then you will understand more is possible. As more becomes possible, less becomes impossible. This is exactly what is happening among the black collective worldwide in order for the need incentive to be satisfied.
There are two groups of people that read these we-b-log-ic entries. One group is the lower-self in disguise who doesn't want to see the African Black rise, thus they are on the enemy's side.
You are right here, right now in this moment, in this place not by happenstance, but are being granted another chance. Is this the day you decide to open more of your eyes to make sure you are fighting on the higher-spiritual side or will you remain numb and succumb to the torrent of the turning tide?

*The internet, as a weapon, has released the inhibitions of weakness and self-hate. The internet as a weapon has opened the floodgate for cowards. They run rampant, devouring every sense of decency they detect. These cowards are never satisfied spirits whose mouths are directly connected to their anal outlets such that everything that goes in, immediately puts pressure on them to come out so they spread shitty logic beginning in their homes. They are indeed possessed with a constant hunger for the power of aliveness in human beingness but their logic causes them to go about it in the worst way. This understanding is never reached because a tool easily within reach becomes a weapon to the developmentally delayed.

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