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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Human Revival Of Understanding Leaning On The Everlasting
Unity Consciousness #870


If we lean into understandings, our sensing abilities capture much more. We bear witness to a revival in humans that is known by what came before.
Humans are the last to receive the gift of spirit-soul. Humans are the last to have their spirit-souls updated in the flow.
So now we know, what is taking place in humans, started earlier in all other creations.
Name one and you will have found one where this is true. By the time this awareness gets around to the Giri So level of awareness, it's old news. There were things going on during my earlier lifetime that I wish I then knew.
The revival started back then but I was wrong way leaning.
So now, in keeping with the need incentive that causes many to plead, "I wish I knew then what I know right now," the need is being met through an army of messengers.

Yes, there is a much bigger revival continuing throughout creation. The lion roars and is understood more, even in America where the never satisfied waste their stores. The waters emerge and we feel the surge like an undercurrent urging from our soles through our ankles. We move with a renewed sense to commune with purpose. Fire has been rekindled by water and our eyes light up like sparking stars on high. Our spirits are searching there and are finding nothing matters. No thing matters more than themselves. Those listening in put away our love affair with flesh and blood that can't sink in beneath skin thinking, then we descend.

We find the branch, the artery flowing from the source of inundation and follow it through gold fields in purified form as vegetation. In silence and stillness, we move through reeds as the serpent weaves kundalini. Fire juice is loosed and bound. The dragon breathes his last and leaves. We retake the crown on personal grounds universally. This happens at the foothills gathering place where the Nyanza mixture is many but there is only one identity - transcending human race.

The I as We becomes the key. I climb again with ceaseless energy to Mother Earth's peak and her funnel opens beneath I feet. The Great Green One beneath, looking like a big horned hippo is the one who greets. I instinctively bow. She speaks. I understand but know not how. "Come here child!" Like a fool I look around. She grabs me and drags me down. Underwater I do not drown. She nurses me now and I am drawn back through her womb as she quakes and gives birth to more earth as if making room. I am slowly consumed. I see myself in elemental pieces. I feel this beast of burden's love and pain through struggles and sacrifice. Nothing except my soul survivor remains in this circular four-cornered enclosure that conceived eternal lives and paradise. This must be the place because I've seen every creation twice.

It took as long as it takes for the transformer to orchestrate the next shape I should take. It took a different persuasion. She renews me when she calls me by name in a language I forgot I knew. I am reborn, adorned with horns, night and light unicorns, thus restored to the norm. I am first again out of deep waters as moon, and black sun, elder to the golden one. I have cat eyes to pierce darkness and see without being seen while seeking One in Many things. Emerging from belly of whale and lion's den, I am virgin sun of crocodile's tail and origin. Spiritual energy momentum and truth are leaning and changing causing a revival of understanding the essence of Night is preexisting.

"Nahsi-Har-Ur-Khuti," she says again to get my attention, as I just finish suckling. She whispers magic words from foot to hand to mouth to ear and what is revealed is more than I hear. The Greatest Story is the only story being told. I am the force to be reckoned with. You too images. Positively negative. Limitless.

Extremely relaxed and energized, reduplicated as myself besides, reanimated and re-civilized. Physical umbilical is cut with the axe, then straightaway, I double back. Though a crocodile's child, like a frog I leap to announce mysteries with a lion's breath from the source of well kept secrets. In one jump I ascend the depths without ladder steps or stopping at Mount Hetep. Looking right after looking left, I see everything atop the world and see nothing but I-self. Then after this safety check of one love devotion, I become We again. We lean both ways to understand. While leaving, hawk high on destiny, more nutrition is given. Fresh air from a dancing king on Cloud Nine puffing reed. From his children We receive, melanin beverages made from weeds and cake made from grass seeds. Each according to need home remedies. Well-equipped and poised, We propitiate. Again by the lake. The revival of understanding consumes the lesser Truth. A whole new world begins.

Just two Earth rotations later, after drinking the blues and eating dense greens, my system is recalibrating genes. Both Spirit Web and genetic library open up a special lane for high speed two-way trafficking. Many Ancestral spirits are waiting with messages for We. They help intuit my totem pole as Truit, which clears up some things, after the past few days struggling through it. "Strive!" they say. "Strive to re-member and We who are the first true nature, will show the way!" We are the actual historical Chosen Ones, Great Ones, Glorious Ones and even Greater. The First Truth of Moon and Sun. First & Last Lords of this Earth in human form. Earth belongs to the Elder who is Heir Apparent & The Resurrected One. The Two In One who will always be when everything else is gone. This is We. Children and Head of the Family by virtue of Seed and power vested in recombining these. As this is becoming less of a mystery, concealed is changing into revealed because potential is becoming kinetic genetically. The difference maker circle-maker is leaning uphill spiritually. As First Truth approaches the summit, Second Truth plummets and physical processes cause reality changes, scientifically, not instantly. No human collective, no matter how deeply infected logically, can stop the Age of Aquaria's rising, therefore, nothing can stop We. If either Aquaria or We could be stopped, it would have been done already. Do not be deceived by the same logic and lifelong propaganda of those who deceive. There are many battles but only one War. Quit operating based on Secondhand Truth from one Side of the Story. When both of Big Amma's feet reach the ground, it will all turn around. In a one day deluge, the Avenger will seek and destroy all those who consider themselves greater than Troy and who think they will not be divested of the ill-gotten they enjoy belonging to the first begotten.
Keep it real is immensely more than a cute saying. Fear is false evidence appearing real. Many operate based on false evidence because they have fear. The result of logic based on false evidence is fear. Where there is fear, there is falseness. Therefore, these people, these United Nations, are false people appearing to be the real deal but who have always used false evidence to set us up for the kill. The entirety of history and every century proves this without question, which more and more are awakening and realizing. The hold on logic, the Second Truth can no longer keep, unless We do not change our context to Optimal Theory and choose to stay asleep as puppets of Second Truth's only real power - false suggestion. But even this will not stop the First Truth from materializing. Many sleepwalkers, preferring the lie, will use their free will to meet the same demise as the multitude of Exhibited Beasts
From central, way down low, the hippo jumps over the year in June, the highest pole, to update the pages of the Ages unscrolled. So even those who use weaker abilities to understand, can still look up and get the same message above coming from below from Adroa Adro.

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