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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, November 5, 2016

In 2016, Who Thinks "Not All White People Are Racists?"
Unity Consciousness #848


In 2016, who, other than white people, still thinks and says "not all white people are racists?"
The number of white people who are not racists (participating directly or indirectly and benefiting from racism) is an extremely insignificant number. It's like spilling a glass of water and when someone says, "you spilled your water," then you look at the glass and see one drop still inside so you quickly say, "not all the water is spilled." That's how crazy, "not all white people are racists" sounds when talking about the worldwide white collective as racists. Who the hell cares about a few who are not racists? I'll tell you who. Only black people who give the benefit of their doubt to white people so the while collective of racism can use our benefit of the doubt against us. (See UC#200)

Like most things, racism involves acts of commission and omission plus acts directly and acts indirectly plus acts with immediate effects and acts with less immediate effects and so on.

Racism also involves using the white credit card (skin color) when convenient, thus participating in the crime of racism, as a silent partner of racism, behind the scenes while racism is blamed on a few klanspeople, skinheads and Republicans. Since there are not enough official klansspeople, skinheads or Republicans to keep up a global system of racism, who are the rest of the participants of racism, generation after generation?

Some black people swear up and down "not all white people are racists" as if to say a significant number of them are not racists.
This is said because white people are nice to them. The reality is, if those same nice white people are doing any of what is stated above that is harming black people because they are black people, then that nice white person is still a racist. Racism is not an individual thing.
You don't judge racism based on individuals and individual acts, you judge racism based on the white collective and their collective impacts on the black collective.
You don't judge a white person based on how they are with you when they are around you, you judge them by what they do or don't do that harms black people in general just because of skin color. When you judge individual acts you must determine if it is a symptom or byproduct or racism and/or whether the act supports racism. When you judge individuals you must determine if that person supports racism and benefits from racism when they are not dealing with you or even as they are interacting with you. You must remember that one of the main tools of the Destroyer Deceiver is to be two-faced and to say one thing and do another and to do one thing with you and have an ulterior motive and to be nice to you and be hateful to other blacks. Shape-shifting, going undercover, spying, being an agent, funk faking, pretending, smiling faces, backstabbing, sneak attacks, logic pickpocketings, misdirections, sleights of hand, red herrings, entertainment distractions, doublespeaks, triplespeaks and okie dokes are all part of what white people do to keep your logic confused as to who is who.
Let us now take a frontage road to reach the same place.

Now tell me who, being in a war all their lives, thinks just because they are unaware of any killings for a few seconds, that everything is back to normal and the war is over?
Who thinks like that during this waning and waxing of the quadruple Great Year Ages?

Who keeps producing and training enough white children to maintain and grow racism?

Who thinks the statement, "not all white people are racists" is equal to offsetting the hundreds of millions in the white collective who maintain the global system of racism?

When black people talk about racism, it is inappropriate to say, "not all white people are racists." To make such an unqualified qualifying statement is to be concerned about your hair having split ends while your head is being chopped off. You are totally missing the point while receiving the brunt of damage. The statement, "not all white people are racists" is a total loss of focus and a missing of the point and trying to swat a gnat while a white gang mob mafia is stabbing you in the back and pushing you off a cliff along with the bones of your Ancestors who didn't go through what they did for us to keep acting clueless.
The number of white people who are not racists, thus not cashing in on their white skin credit card, is so damn insignificant, to acknowledge them won't do black folks any good but will do us a lot of harm to give the smallest portion of white folks logical room beside the white collective of racism.

A lot of white looking Semites who call themselves Jews were killed but not all of them were killed so when they speak of their Holocaust, say to them, "not all Jews were killed," or say, "not all Germans were Nazi's."

"Not All" is not the issue.
"Damn Near Every Last One" is the issue of racism.
When a number is 99.9999%, it is very appropriate to say 100% or All Of Them.
"Not all white people are racists" is a red herring distraction by the masters of illusion.

As touched upon earlier, a major logical problem exists when black people have white "friends" or any type of friendly relations. These black people are focusing on their individual situation when racism is about the white collective harming the black collective. Yes, there have always been a few good white people, but those few sure as hell did not stop the most recent period of enslavement and the Jim Crow and the Black Codes and ongoing executions, assassinations and murders for reality TV entertainment for whites that is also used to try to scare the ungawa black power out of blacks.
After considering this, if a black person still insists on bringing up the "not all white people are racists" statement, in defense of white people and as a way to "be fair" to white people and as an indictment of black people who harm black people, then that individual is saying to white folks, "I don't care what you do to them, just be good to me!" And as long as you are good to me, I'll remind other black people that a lot of blacks are bad people, therefore there is no difference in the bad white people (the racists) and the bad black people.
The huge difference is that white people have a global system of racism to use as a weapon.
Black people do not.
Black people harm black individuals. White people harm the black collective worldwide.

How many times must we realize that the white collective of racism does not give a damn about individuals or what kind of black person you are in way - good or bad. Ask Oprah and President Obama and...

Racism is a global system of discrimination where one group acts as a collective infringes upon the rights of another group as a collective. Racism does its discrimination through all institutions in the society while telling you there are laws against discrimination, so see, we are good people, yet there are laws against murder and we are constantly being reminded how much goodness is actually in these people.

The program in your logic that says, "Not all white people are racists," is the okie doke that leads to the frequent "that's all she wrote"-Ibid. footnote. (See UC#839)
Most of the white people that black people think are good ones are those who can tolerate being around black people on behalf of the white collective to keep black people confused as to the nature and extent of the white collective's racist intent. It is to make you think racism is fading when it fact racism's fury is increasing because desperation is increasing. Racism is a system of desperation because white people don't know what else to do in order to have the money and the power, the power and the money.

Historically, white people said they come in peace and as friends and continued to pretend until black people relaxed and were ripe for dividing and stabbing. Nothing has changed for the better. The ones you hang around, sleep with and marry, they still "put you down" around their friends. Know this. A "good" white person to you, black person, can still be a racist who is helping harm a lot of other blacks, including you and your ancestors and your descendants. A clear sign is when they tell you "you are different" and or when they compliment you for thinking and acting like them.

Now tell me who dropped two big bombs on Japan? Wasn't it America?
Or should we minimize and qualify that statement and say, "not all of Japan was bombed" and "not all Americans are murderers?"

Likewise then, "not all of them are racists" is a ridiculous statement. It is an extremely rare exception to the rule.
It's time we stop giving the exception to the rule, equal thought and equal weight to the rule of racism, such that it sounds like we are minimizing just how many hundreds of millions of white people are actually constant dedicated racists such that everything they do is all about racism.

Now tell me who, being in a war all their lives and knowing the attackers are wearing white uniforms, runs around trusting people wearing white uniforms? Who wastes time even trying to figure out if they are trustworthy if these people are wearing white uniforms? These people can go back in among our attackers and blend in with them and feel safe and participate in the benefits of racism. These people, when they are not around you, spend most of their time in the enemy camp. What are the chances that their time spent in the enemy camp is not spent doing what the enemy does?

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