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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, November 5, 2016

White People Are Not United Based On Skin Color
Unity Consciousness #849


Quit thinking white people are better than black people because white people are united.

There is nothing to support that belief except being in possession of a white person's perspective, worldview, logic, religion, nationality...

I'll say it again and again.
White people are not united based on their skin color. White skin color is used by white people as a means to an end.
White people are united based on money, power and fear. They use skin color to achieve money and power. Since they are already using skin color to achieve money and power, they also use skin color when fearful, which is all the time.
In other words, white people live a life of constant fear about money, power and fear. As a result, in their logic, money, power and fear are the same things and then, so also, white skin color becomes the same thing because it is inseparable from the other three.
Compare the white mind to the African awareness that spirit, mind, emotion and body are the four inseparable aspects of self and are thus one.
The difference is more than the difference between night and day.

If white people were united based on skin color first and based on skin color alone, then they would not kill and harm other whites. All the lands where white people exist in the numerical majority would be places of pure peace and happiness. Nothing in the white portion of human history suggests this has ever existed.

If white people were united based on skin color first and based on skin color alone, they would not poison their children.
They would not put white males above white females.
And the list goes on.
There is no proof that white people are united based on skin color as the primary driver of their behavior.

I'll say it again. White people consider black people as enemy number one because we are their antithesis just as they are our antithesis. We are the restorers, healers, revealers and they are the destroyers, sickeners and deceivers.
We are the most powerful threat to removing them from the money and the power and they are our greatest challenge, but not because of their whiteness. It is because of their spiritual leader, the lower-self.

Now, just because black people are enemy number one doesn't mean that any other group of people are not also the enemy of whites. In fact, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics, Arabs or any other group of people by whatever name they go by, are all the enemy of white people.
Therefore, if all these groups are working against African blacks, then just as Dr. Clarke said, we have no friends.

I'll say it again.
It is not possible for white people to be united based on color when they poison their own children to turn them into racism monsters. The prevalence of bullying in schools is a symptom of racism training. It is not possible for them to be united based on the kind of love we talk about.
White unity is based on money and power and fear and greed and then they use color to achieve what they want. Initially, in America, white people tried to achieve money and power by having both white slaves and black slaves. When those slaves started working together, they were separated based on skin color. Most white people in America are still the slaves of other white people but they feel as if they are not because they have white privileges that us black slaves do not. White people are the slaves in charge of the slaves.

So now, what all this means is that white people are actually the number one victims and enemy of white people.
Therefore, black people, the white collective of racism is not a collective to be viewed as something admirable, strong, unified, highly intelligent or psychologically healthy. They are a group of constantly lying, conniving thieves, gangbangers, thugs, hit men, mafia, mobsters, criminals and low life's.
Who is surprised by this?
The people I have just described are the exact same people Europe shipped to America in the first place - the worst of the worst - the most barbaric of the barbarians.

America has spent its entire life in competition with Europe and other European nations because they need to be on top of everybody including other white people.
This statement just added on 11/9/16: America and other societies are breeding grounds for mediocrity and idiots. Evidence is plentiful, I'll just pick one: To allow George W. Bush to be close enough to steal the presidency twice and allow Trump to be a viable leader of the nation are clear indications of rampant mental midgetry and psychosis of gnosis. America will continue to produce idiot thinking due to breeding mediocre seeds in toxic soil and will continue to reap debilitation from sickness sown.
Now African black people understand this. You are an African black person no matter what name you go by. White people and all the other groups of people consider you their enemy because they all attack you and they all help white people attack you.

Now let's be clear, black people who are out for self and are helping other groups harm black people AND other groups who are harming black people and/or helping white people harm black people, all of you are in the middle of the road as being relatively neither hot nor cold between good and evil and will be caught in the whirlwinds of crossfire when the spiritual physical war comes into full flower on all levels in the form of the turning of the tables on the two truths, the twin powers and the seismic magnetic spiritual shift of energies.

It makes sense that Black people are not united based on skin color because black people do not see their skin color as a means to an end.
Primarily this makes sense because no group of people on this planet is united based on skin color. Can you dig it?
White people use money, power and fear to form a united collective to hold on to and get more.
Black people use money, power and fear to divide themselves and side with whites, not because they are white but because they have the money and the kind of power we think we need.
That is the main difference between white unity and black unity.

One more example: Soldiers of war who fight on the same side are never united because they were united before the war started. No, they become united under a temporary cause that is greater than their individual differences. Religion has nothing to do with white people working together. Neither does democracy, patriotism or other ideologies. No. In their infantile minds, that function at the Giri So level of awareness, money and power is the topmost ideology above all other ideologies. This is why white people are united based on skin color because it allows them to come together under a banner that is easily identifiable and that excludes the majority of the population. White skin is their uniform. In a war, you must be able to identify enemy soldiers. Since we all wear similar clothing, skin color is an unchangeable uniform of war. This is why white people are constantly reminded they are in a war based on color. Whiteness is the glue of racism that holds money and power together for these people. Thus we temporarily have the weaker aggressive versus the stronger passive.
Now, once white-skinned soldiers have their war machine working on all cylinders, in all institutions, then they return to their behavior of fighting each other.
Here's the metaphor. Predators work together in a pack or group, then once they succeed, they fight over the meat and who gets first choice over the sheep.. This is what happens when you are driven by the logic to compete but you do not understand the purpose of competition and the true essence of the word. This then sets the stage for white on black crime to be secondary in manifestation and for white on white crime to be first in manifestation and devastation.

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