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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, January 9, 2017

Science of Lying Using DNA Testing Ancestry Genetics
Unity Consciousness #911


The science of DNA Testing has been discussed in terms of technology, metaphor and unreliability. Everything is science; therefore, any method used in any way for whatever purpose is the use of science. First Truth (truth) and Second Truth (lies) are two forms of science. This is why you must use other forms of science in order to understand what science is telling the truth and what science is lying.

Since DNA Testing can be performed using a swab of cells from inside the mouth, using blood and using semen, this tells us all cells in the human body contain the same genetic material.
This again verifies that even though cells have different forms, functions and flavors, they are still genetically the same; therefore don't get confused by the different forms, functions and flavors of humans. We are all still genetically the same.
If DNA Testing tells any person they are not 100% the same as everybody else, the person is being lied to scientifically using science.

Human Genetic Specie Classification

There are at least two truthful levels of the human specie and one lying level.
1. Specie: There is only one human specie. The human specie contains 100% of human genetics. Of course.

2. Sub-specie: Due to variations called adaptations and mutations and various combinations, the human specie can be further broken down into sub-species. These sub-species are 99.9% alike and 0.1% different. (The adaptations, mutations and combinations all add up to the 0.1% difference among sub-species.) All sub-species are still 100% a part of the one and only human specie.

3. Sub-sub-specie: One of the ways sub-species can be described is by focusing on the 0.1% difference. By focusing on this tiny difference, sub-sub-species are created by human deceivers of human believers. A sub-sub-specie is a partial description of a sub-specie. A sub-sub-specie is based on the 0.1% difference among sub-species. Even though a sub-sub-specie is not reflective of the sub-specie, 100% of the sub-sub-specie is part of the sub-specie, thus still 100% a part of the one and only human specie.

Now We Combine What We've Learned So Far

You can take skin cells from a white person and tell that person their oldest Ancestors are the African originators of the one and only human specie we are all 100% genetically a part of. You would be telling the truth.
You CANNOT take skin cells from a white person and tell that person they have European Ancestry unless you are using the 2nd level sub-specie classification. You are telling the truth if you make this clear to the person.

If you tell that white person, for example, that they have some combination of Sub-Saharan African, European, East Asian and Indigenous American, the 3rd level sub-sub-species is being used. You are lying.

Not only is the 0.1% sub-sub-specie classification being used to tell people their ancestry, apples and oranges are being mixed. Sub-Saharan African is a partial portion of the 1st level specie classification. The Saharan African is left out.
Since the 1st level represents 100% of human genetics, if you combine that description with parts of the 2nd or 3rd level, the total must be more than 100%. This is why it is improper to do so.

DNA Testing companies are reducing the percentage of your 1st level classification, in order to add in 3rd level classification. In other words, they are reducing the truth to add in the lie.

We Shall Use Metaphor To Show How Ridiculous This Is

A cyan-colored egg sent a swab of cells to a DNA Testing lab and its genetics were described as:
13% egg (1st level specie) African
0% shell (2nd level sub-specie that is part of the 99.9% alikeness)
0% yolk (2nd level specie that is part of the 99.9% alikeness)
0% albumen (2nd level sub-specie that is part of the 99.9% alikeness)
70% color blue (3rd level sub-sub-specie that is part of the 0.1%) European
11 % color yellow (3rd level sub-sub-specie that is part of the 0.1%) East Asian
6% color green (3rd level sub-sub-specie that is part of the 0.1%) Indigenous American

Upon hearing these DNA test results, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall because he realized he was not totally an egg at all and his substance was missing in self-recognition so he was trying to maintain balance based on something extremely small.

Riddle me this? How can an egg be only 13% egg?

“Holy fiction contradiction Batman! An egg can only be 13% egg in a world where the whole truth is not told.”
“Precisely, Robin! Let me put it another way:”
No person on this planet is less than 100% human specie; therefore no person is less than 100% African.


The human specie is African.
Human sub-species go by many names, yet are still 100% African.
Human sub-sub-species are based on a description of only the 0.1% variation found within each sub-specie.

It is not possible for any human to be less than 100% of the genetics of human; therefore it is not possible for any human to contain less than 100% African genetics.
DNA Testing is telling people their ancestry based on the 0.1% variation. The percentages being told to people sometimes represent 100% of 0.1% and sometimes not.
DNA Testing results do not represent 100% of the 100% genetics of the human specie.
DNA Testing percentages leave out the 99.9% of genetics that are exactly alike.

If DNA Tests were accurate, they would state:
99.9% of you is original African genetics.
0.0x% of you is adaptations of your original African genetics.
0.0x% of you is mutations of your original African genetics.
The combination of your adaptations and mutations is found in Africans who are now called European, Asian, Arab, Indian, Black, Indigenous this, Native that, etc.
In summary, you are still 100% African which can be broken down further as described above.
You are still 100% genetically from the same parents who started the human specie no matter what adaptations, mutations and combinations have occurred.
In order for you to be 100% human, you must be 100% African.
Karibuni Nyumbani Watoto! Welcome Home Children!

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