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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Daily Armageddon Chaos & Har-Magedon Khaos
Unity Consciousness #1036


(Part 7 of 7)

Defining The Root: Ar & Har

Ar is the eye, conception, imaging, imagination, cloning, making the likeness, repeating item, repeating period, Day, Year & Great Year.
Ar is the total of the two truths as mother and child.

In the duality twinness of mother and son:
Ar as mother is also given a separate name as Kar to distinguish her from the son.
Ar as child is also given a separate name as Har.
This dual Har, as the Eye, was also called the Eye of Taht, Tekh, Sut, Set, Horus and Ra. (BB 248/260; 479/491)

In the duality twinness of the two sons, the two Suns - one son/sun in two stages, phases, aspects, attributes, personalities, types, dimensions, manifestations, forms, formulations, words, languages, characters...:
Khar is the lowermost, elder, first Horus (Greek variation) also called Har-Ur as the immature immortal child born/begotten of the Virgin without need of the Father's seed. Symbol is the Moon.
Har is the uppermost, younger, second Horus, perfected, immortal, re-begotten of the Father through the Mother. Symbol is the Sun. (BB 37/49) and (NG1 549/567)

Spelling Variations

Har-Magedon, Egyptian
Har-Magedon, Hebrew per Revised Version of Christian Bible, Revelation 16:16 (1)
Armageddon, Hebrew per Authorized Version of Christian Bible, Revelation 16:16 (1)
Armageddon, Hebrew per King James Christian Version (KJV) of Jewish Bible, Revelation 16:16
Har Megiddo, Hebrew per Jewish version of Christian Bible (CJB)

(1) Randolph, A. D. F., “Where The Old And The New Versions Differ, The Actual Changes, The Authorized And Revised New Testament,” l88l, New York: Anson D. F. Randolph & Company, (341/355)

Armageddon compared to Har-Magedon

The name Armageddon is in keeping with the Egyptian. But the parallel road ends with the spelling. The meaning of Armageddon is way off track.

Since Horus is born as the Moon, that is his first coming.
Since Horus/Har/Heru/Jesus is born again as the Sun, that is his second coming, his rebirth, his resurrection, his rising again, his ascension, his transformation into his glorified form. That is why the Sun is glorified over the Moon. The Sun is the rebirth of the Moon. Call it the remix when it clicks and the Shu and Hu fit.
The second coming of the Sun takes places every single day. It also takes place every year, every Great Year and once each Lifetime.
The Sun and other Stars come and go daily, yearly and every Great Year.
This rising and falling, as fundamentally understood by Africans, was described as a battle during the period when the Sun passed beneath the horizon through darkness and emerged on the other side. The battle takes place all night but the great battle of all takes place during the last hours of night.
This battle has been coopted, commandeered and corrupted in the Book of Revelation. This battle is said to be an “end-of-the-world” type battle called Armageddon and Har-Megiddo. In the original form of the story, the seven kings of the whole world who are doing all the fighting are the seven elements who come together every star cycle to fight a battle which begins and ends at equipoise. The elements are star children who come together to help set their parent stars free from the bonds of darkness. The war in heaven, or in external nature, took place first. Then it was made astronomical in mythology. Then, it was put into eschatological or theological philosophy. The battle of Armageddon has always taken place but never among humans and will not take place as a human to human battle. The ending will be as the beginning by those who have the most “skin” in the game – the elements. (AE1 536/546) and (AE2 711-13/175-7)

Har-Magedon, as described in the Book of Revelation, is not actual factual human history, rather it is the Universal history of elements who were given human names, characteristics and symbols to try to help us understand all else in relation to self. Even though the battle is not a human to human battle, humans are still continuously being affected by the great battle of the elements. This tug of war is at the root directory, initiating, driving and controlling climate change because climate change fulfills the need incentive in a Universe where everything must change and nothing stays the same.
A big change is always coming step by step as in process.

History Revisited

The Book of Revelation was not revealed to John, the disciple of Jesus by God. The Book of Revelation was revealed to some writers who got their hands on Egyptian mythology in pure or altered form. The Book of Revelation is the wisdom of Egypt in a bastardized fragmented form. Celestial localities above and below were made geographical and personifications of non-human creations were turned into humans. This was done to try to create a false actual human history from Egyptian mysteries in order to piggyback onto greatness and leapfrog those who came before. In doing so, a group of people created an illusion of rising faster than is humanly possible by making people think they outshine the children of the Sun whose cells are infused with the purest form of melanin. In an attempt to achieve knowledge not understood and wealth unearned, their definition of hard work is “nonstop diminishing life, far and wide, so we can survive.” All manner of trickery has been used to explain their rapid virus-like rise to power, so the obvious truth of their pervasive criminality wouldn't interfere with their ability to sway masses with multiple forms of weapons of mass destruction. (AE2 690-1/154-5; 767-8/231-2)

Since the battle of Har-Magedon takes place daily, yearly and each Great Year, so also does judgment day and so also does the deluge/inundation. The nature and mode of judgment on judgment day were only made known to the initiated in the mysteries. It is not to be found in the pages of worldwide religious books. The great judgment of all, like the great “deluge of all,” was held at the end of the Great Year of all. Then followed other great elemental occurrences misdescribed in the Book of Revelation. AE2 694-5/158-9 (AE2 694-5/158-9)

This entire series is sufficient to help us understand how the elemental Har-Magedon of Khaos described by the Egyptians became the human Armageddon of Chaos described by Greek ideology-fed Asians.

Truth is, the uncivilized of lesser consciousness and conscience, who construct societies of impropriety, are supposed to muck things up and the civilized of greater consciousness and conscience, who construct civilizations of vitality, are supposed to link back up and straighten things out.

Since the Sun rises and falls continuously, Har is the ever-coming One. Likewise then, Har-Magedon is also ever-coming. Just because Armageddon is actually an elemental occurrence, rather than a human occurrence, doesn't mean “as above, so below” does not still apply.

No matter how humans collude, elements will always do what they do. This is the essential glue and clue to what you knew. The Ar in Armageddon is totally correct. The daily battle is influenced by the totality of Mother StAr and Child StAr.
Currently the Ar that is the Sun of our Solar constellation is changing significantly in the Cycle of 24 and 365+ revolutions.
Currently the Ar constellation called Aquaria is coming on strong in the Cycle of Twelve Revolutions.
Currently the Ar constellation called Kepheus is coming into his own in the Cycle of Seven Revolutions.
Currently, Ar's all over the galaxy are heating up to pasteurize the Milky Way.
Meanwhile, Ar's, known as Moons, have been in full bloom. Fruit follows soon. (AE2 767-8/231-2)

The elemental forces of Armageddon have been continuously gearing up, to up the ante, in the daily battle.
Many humans will be caught in the crossfires, crosshairs, crosswinds and crosscurrents who remain uncrossed and unshifted to left over right. Colony collapse disorder is just one of many metaphors that tells us the pollinating mechanism of this Age is giving way to the pollinating mechanism of the next Age.

Saviors and salvations are a daily occurrence.

In the midst of daily Chaos in the Cosmos, there is still Khaos in the Bios, reconfiguring the ecosystem towards long-term health. The battle on Earth is determined by stars on centerstage. Har Magedon replaces thrones in Heaven and Armageddon replaces thrones on Earth.
Both Armageddon and Har Magedon are karma-geddon.

You Can Only Reach The Highest Height From The Deepest Depth.

Ard-Macha is the ancient sacred name of the city of Armagh in many Irish documents. The oldest of these is the Book of Armagh. Ard means “height” in Irish. Thus Ard-Macha is the Mount of the Great Mother Macha, whose seat was at the mountain top. The Magh, as plain, is based on the level of the equinox, the Makhu (level or balance.) ArdMacha (Armagh) is the level aloft. Hence the place Makhu interchanges with Mat, the mid-way point. Mat is an old name of the Makhu in An. An is the nether world, underworld/anderworld, Amenta, the lower half of the circle, the south, place of beginning, birth, repetition, rebirth and fulfillment. Therefore, An is mother and child. Therefore An is womb, Hat, Khat and Khaos. Therefore, as stated earlier, the battle takes place in the same place it began, in Heaven below in the root directory nucleus stem cell center of Khaos. Except it is not a battle the way humans think of battles based on likes and dislikes. It is a reconfiguring of elements and dynamic balance. It is a lot of forces being disconnected and connected resulting in changes in the physical and spiritual workings of the Universe. Gazillions of energies and matter in motion seems chaotic to us, but it is fixed and variably orchestrated. (BB 350-3/360-3, 366/378; 379/391, 393/405) and (NG1 375/393)

Again Explaining Pain

The greatest of battles always takes place at the first and last points of transition from health to sickness to health and from lightness to darkness to lightness. As such, the great activity of elements takes place at sunset and sunrise of each cycle at the double horizon, the level, the equinox, the scale of Maat. At each point of equinox there is a mountain. The mountain is broad and stretches from west to east. Therefore the height of the battle of Armageddon and Har Magedon takes place at the height of the mountain – once on the western side and summit and once on the eastern side and summit.
This is why, although we, as ancestors and descendants, have endured many pains for a few thousand years, the worldwide pain has increased in recent decades because the gestation period of renewal in the womb is almost over. This is when the greatest number of transitions take place from life to death to life. This rising pain, which leaves no domain unstained, means the conflict of the elements is rising to the top of the mountain with the labor pains of Mother Star Aquaria who is delivering Child Star Kepheus. This drama is being demonstrated by the rising heat activity and heat effect of the Sun (she is sweating - conflagration). The Moon has been in Supermoon mode more than usual (mother's belly is in full bloom). More water is being released (her water is breaking - deluge/inundation) The earth is quaking (she is having contractions). The magnetic pole is shifting (the child is moving into head down position). Wind is increasing (labored breathing - typhoon). Other stars, planets, moon, asteroids and comets are traveling towards this portion of the Universe (the heavenly host is gathering in excitement and to assist). The Black Hole is enlarging (the cervix is dilating). One of the Arks/ANkhs of the Covenant is the moonbow/rainbow and double versions of each. There is more, but this is enough for now to help us begin to reverse the process of being estranged from the elemental processes of the Universe without and the elemental processes of the Universe within every creation.
Once the Mother takes her seat, equilibrium will be reached and then as she delivers the child, relief comes, pain eases, the tide turns and breakthroughs in this world occur. Simultaneously, the evil side of darkness loses its hold and is vanquished with an old-fashioned beat down. There is no escaping this fate. It is hard and soft wired and also hard and soft coded into every element in the Ar-my of the Lord Har. Fear not. Align yourself with the elements.

The unknown language (energy signals) NASA & ESA have been picking up from outer space for several years now, are from mission control command centers in Black Holes. Good and bad, the okie-doke and antidoke are both on the rise in preparation for the final conflict. This time it's one treatment to irradiate and eradicate multiple forms of cancer. Boson and fermion are repositioning, switch clicking, script flipping...

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