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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Star Sparks Fuel Production Of Elements
Unity Consciousness #982


(Part 4 of 7)

The potential for spark is in every part of the Universe. One of the ways humans create spark is by striking a match. Striking a match turns the potential energy of spark (a match) into kinetic energy of spark (fire on the end of the match).

Stars are the matches of the Universe. Stars are continuously providing spark and igniting processes.
Some stars are at a greater degree of motion and some stars are at a greater degree of rest. Thus there is variation in their degree of flame, hotness, heat, light, color and current influence.

Stars are the drivers, generators and producers of resources in their most basic form.

Stars Are Element Factories & Element Manufacturers

Since stars are nuters, they are sources of unlimited power. We already know this about one of our Stars, the Sun. We already know this about other stars. Our Sun is over 99% of the total mass of the solar system (star system, Sun system). We are because the Sun is.

If humans really understood life, we would have no problem honoring that which gives and sustains life. This includes many things such as water, plants, womb, Sun, etc.

All things are built using building blocks. Some of the earliest creations of the Universe are building blocks called elements. Elements are to stars as amino acids are to proteins As such then, stars are the ribosomes of the Universe.
There must be an above to every below and a without to every within. Everything is a mirror and everything is a metaphor.

Stars reproduce elements. Stars are element factories. Stars assemble elements.
As an overall collective and as constellations*, stars are constantly producing and manufacturing a fresh supply of all elements to circulate through the cycle of the Universal Ecosystem.
Because stars are of water, stars are just like water. Stars produce energies and elements that heal, kill, reveal, purify, initiate, negate, etc.

We are not just talking about the physical aspect of stars or just the basic periodic table of elements.
Elements are not just Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, etc. Elements are any item in the Universe or any combination of those items. Elements include items such as atoms, cells and organisms such as humans. Every person is an element. Elements are also any set of conditions and any combination of the fixed and variable and the seen and unseen.. Elements include mental, spiritual and emotional elements.

Since stars are foundational generators of all that is, stars are also seeds and stem cells (tem cells)..
There are many many stars in each of our cells. This is why the number of stars in our Galaxy and in the Universe is as the grains of sand.

Since stars are spirit-souls, stars are responsible for making sure all elements exist in the Universe to fulfill the need incentive. Stars are able to fulfill this responsibility because they are tem cells that contain the totality of genetic potential in concentrated, less differentiated, form. In human terms, we would say stars are the brawn of the Universe carrying our the instructions, work and production. The brains being that which gave birth to stars, the womb of the black hole. In the fullness of reality, stars are both brains and brawn.

Whatever element is needed in any size, number, power or combination will be generated and orchestrated by stars.
As discussed elsewhere, the Creator is re-solving the equation of the Many in order to bring the Many back to Oneness and then Zeroness. The cycles of stars, which explains the coming and going of Ages, has proven this without fail. Emergences are converging and accelerating in keeping with the Universal rhythm.

*This includes constellations that include the moons within a solar system. In other words, there is a star constellation within our solar system that consists of the Sun and all moons. There is a Sun and moons eco-sys-tem in conjunction with the Sun and planets eco-sys-tem.

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