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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ribozymes, Protein Enzymes & Need Incentive
Unity Consciousness #1015


Why Enzymes Are Needed – An Explanation With Life Sucked Out

Most chemical reactions are over a million times slower without enzymes. Reactions that would take years in the absence of enzymes can occur in fractions of seconds. Cells contain thousands of different enzymes.

Enzymes have two fundamental properties:
1. Enzymes increase the rate of chemical reactions without themselves being permanently altered by the reaction. In contradiction to this statement, we know enzymes also decrease the rate of chemical reactions since they are involved in fine-tuning. Also, some ribozymes are not reusable and are disassembled after one use.
This understanding is echoed later on in the same source when it states, “an important feature of most enzymes is that their activities are not constant but instead can be modulated. That is, the activities of enzymes can be regulated so that they function appropriately to meet the varied physiological needs that may arise during the life of the cell. One common type of enzyme regulation is feedback inhibition...Phosphorylation is a particularly common mechanism for regulating enzyme activity; the addition of phosphate groups either stimulates or inhibits the activities of many different enzymes.”
This same source indicates substrates are irreversibly altered.
The likelihood of irreversibility is unlikely per the two truths.

2. Enzymes increase reaction rates without altering the chemical balance between inputs (reactants) and outputs (products). Reactants are the elements, molecules and compounds that interact and react to each other in the process of creating the desired change. An enzyme is one of the reactants. A substrate is all the reactants minus the enzymes. Therefore, substrate(s) + enzyme(s) = product(s) OR this can be viewed as materials inputs + labor and other energy added = products and byproducts.

All of this is fine and good but there is little to no compelling embracing connection to self and all else.

Why Enzymes Are Needed – A Need Incentive Perspective

Everything flows from the need incentive. Necessity is the Mother-Father of Invention.

Life as we know it, moves slowly through stages because chemical interactions are slowed down. Energy has been removed because Earth exists in an electron dimension shell far enough away from the nucleoid of Sun and nucleus of Galaxy. All the characteristics of Earth, along with other conditions within the Galaxy, contribute to the dynamic balance that allows life as we know it, to exist on Earth.
We already know the energy force of Galaxy is such that everything would get sucked back into the Black Hole source of energy were it not for multiple forces and distance keeping us from crossing the transition state event horizon.

With all this energy capacity and systems integration, the Universe is a high-speed supercomputer with unlimited processing power, memory and other resources.
The way the human body works already demonstrates how quickly processes work when we have a thought or when something touches our skin, how quickly the message reaches the brain and how quickly we react. Truth is, our skin is continuously being touched. It's just that some things that touch our skin, cause the dynamic balance of the skin to change rapidly, so we notice it, whether that change is pain, pleasure, heat, cold or a breeze, etc. All of this is caused by catalysts. Call them stimulant, stimulus or stimuli and recognize the sameness.

If energy was not slowed down, more complex multi-celled organisms would go through their life cycle just as quickly as many other organisms. We'd be moving through life in the blink of an eye because everything is a form of energy and interactions would not have any barriers to keep their atoms from popping off like popcorn. Our processing would be moving so fast, we'd be precessing through life. By slowing down the rate of some chemical reactions, life is able to be formed and experienced in different ways for longer periods of time. All of this fulfills the need incentive. This is why some life forms still move very rapidly through their life cycle, some slower and some even slower. This explains why history tells us some generations of humans lived for hundreds of years each. It is appropriate for recent generations of humans not to live long because not only is more deterioration taking place, the momentum of energy is also increasing due to rising influences of Aquaria & Kepheus. This is why there once were giants and giants are returning.

Combinations and influences of genetic potential are taking place in the Universe as a collective and in humans as a collective. This is true for species in all dimensions. Over the long-run, each dimension experiences the full range and combination of fixed and variable conditions. This exposes the genetic potential of the Universe to all possibilities, thus the Universe is able to solve these algebraic equations and ensure the overall cycle continues without end. Everything moves in one direction for a while and then in the opposite direction for a while, a period, a season, a cycle. This is due process of law.

So now we have a broader context to use to breathe life back into today's scientific explanations. We'll have a more optimal basis to understand “transition states” and “activation energy” and the need for energy in two directions to be in equilibrium. When we encounter these explanations again, we'll know they are trying to explain the cycle of life in a non-integrated disconnected way. Learning this way, causes us to have to resort to memorization because other things we've learned in any lifetimes are not connected to an overall unifying context.

Now we can talk about rNA some more and understand it in relation to self and in relation to all else.
rNA has the ability to retain memory and lose memory and to catalyze or not catalyze and to increase and decrease. Always in tandem does potential exist. Both are not always manifesting. That is why even energy has a potential and kinetic form. Anything that has one ability, also has the opposite ability. Anything that has the ability to be perfect, can also be imperfect. Anything that locks, can unlock. Anything that can compose, can decompose. Anything that can bring into existence, can take out of existence. Anything that can evolve, can devolve. Anything that can be a tool, can be a weapon. Anything that can move forward can move backward. If an atom can be composed and split, then all that is based on the atom can be composed and split. Anything that comes from Earth must return to Earth. Anything that comes from the Primordials must return to the Primordials. In fact, all of these things are guaranteed to occur in order for the cycle to continue and complete in Zeroness: yes, what goes up must come down because two truths are the vantage point, points of view go round and round.

Now we use this same principle of duality to help us understand understanding.
In order for one thing to exist to any degree and be understood to any degree, the opposite must exist and be understood to the same degree.
If you don't understand hate, you don't understand love. You don't have to do something to understand it; however you must be able to use metaphor to understand it in relation to self and all else. If you don't understand losing, you don't understand winning. If you don't understanding altruism, you don't understand greed. If there was no such thing as the pervasiveness of war in many forms, there would be no such thing as the pervasiveness of peace (harmony) in many forms. You cannot understand how we can all get along unless you understand how it all went wrong.
This must be properly understood. The reason some people are still taking and diminishing life rampantly worldwide is because they do not understand the beautiful side of life to an appreciable degree, thus they depreciate life because they have no corresponding comparison. There is no having a conversation that will help. The knowledge of truth must come from someplace else and some other set of processes. Be certain it is coming.
Dynamic balance explains why duality cannot manifest in the same proportion forever. The two truths only reach equilibrium twice per cycle at the twinlight of Sunrise and twinlight of Sunset and at Equinoxes of Year and Great Year.

Expanding Energy Further

All energy in any form is spirit-soul going through progressions of different manifestations. Unlimited potential, power and understanding can only be stopped by self. This is why the need incentive is do everything possible in physical form to strengthen the spiritual self so as to avoid the Second Death of the spiritual form of energy.

It is the same for us as it is for the Creator. Know yourself and know all else.

”Something Wicked This Way Came – PartT II”
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