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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Water & Tree Of Life: Ash, Sa, Sap
Unity Consciousness #1039


(Part 3 of 5)

The Persea fig-tree, named the Ash, is one type of tree of life.
Ash means wet, life and water of life. Ash is an emanation, emission and creative substance of life that applies to both principles of life (water and breath).

The sap of the Ash tree is a form of liquid essence of life.
Sap means to spit and evacuate. When Ash wood is heated on one end, sap comes out the other end. (BB 137/149, 205/217, 254/266)

Sap is rooted in Sa. Sa means spirit, soul, basis. birthplace, origin, to return, come back again, heal. In other words, Sa is the soil of spirit-soul that forms the basis of all things, permeates all things, gives birth to all things and heals all things.

Sa is a magnetic fluid that was known to Africans a very long time ago before anyone outside of Africa could even begin to consider themselves ancient. This magical fluid of Sa was able to be imparted from one mortal to another by the laying on of hands or making passes with the hands.
The Sa was also a sort of “ichor” that circulated in gods and glorified souls of perfected humans. These spirit-souls could transfer their SA to mortals, and thus give health, vigor and new life. The gods themselves were not equally charged with Sa. So they shared SA with each other. The transfer of SA from immortals to mortals was most easily accomplished in the temples. Any person could squat at the feet of the statue of the god with their back to the statue. The statue then placed its right hand on the nape of the person's neck, and by making passes caused the fluid transfusion. By transmitting their Sa of life to mortals, gods continually needed a fresh supply. There was a Lake of Life in the northern heaven, called the Lake of Sa, where the immortals went to draw the magical ichor and renew their energies. (AE1 175/185)

Lake Of Sa Is The Lake Of Fire (Kindler & Rekindler Of Sparks)

The Lake of Sa is a lake containing the water of life for rejuvenation, healing and birth of spirits as germs (seeds.) Thus, the Lake of Sa as water, is also the soil of spirit.
The Lake of Sa is a lake of spirit, magical fluid, baptism (wASH away), purification and immortality. The Lake of Sa exists in Heaven of Eternity above and Heaven of Eternity below (Earth of Eternity in the Underworld).

With all we know about Sa and Sap, it is easy to understand words such as tap, taproot and watertap in relation to water and liquid, and in relation to phrases such as “tap into” and “sap strength,” “tap into.” Many other words are related from Ash & SA but are not within the scope of this mes-sa-ge.
Secondly, by extension, trees are like straws that use their venous motives and arterial motives (xylem and phloem) to suction Sap of life (water) from the Underworld Source. Likewise, all plants and all other vehicles that produce other Saps of life (plasma, wine, nectar, honey, light, air, mes, oil, blood, milk, juice, Sa, hesmen, semen, spirit-soul) also use pathways that transport Sap from the source within the giver to the receiver.

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