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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing
Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #938


A summary of what Sankofa means is “go back and fetch it.” The importance of going back and fetching was explained in ”Sankofa Definition & Pronunciation | Continuity For All Time.” Now we shall go back farther and further beyond the general importance, so we can fetch more understanding of what it is we must go back and fetch, and where we must go, to fetch it.

Sankofa Has Multiple Definitions & Meanings

Like most words, Sankofa is a combination of multiple letters. All letters are combinations of multiple meanings because letters are metaphors that have been condensed into symbols (into a zip file). Most of us do not understand how many levels of meaning are contained in the letters of the language we speak, thus, we also have limited understandings of words. This is a fundamental problem causing us to operate based on partial and surface understandings of letters, words, phrases, sentences, philosophies and anything else transferred via spoken or written language.

This message expands our understanding of “Sankofa” but is not an exhaustive discussion of all possible understandings.
One of the ways Sankofa can be broken down is into three parts: Sa + ank + kofa.

SA – Expanded Definition & Meanings Of The First Part Of Sankofa

Forms of SA are: Kha & Ka are earlier forms, Sha, Sah, Sa, Su, Sau, San. All of these words are interchangeable synonyms and mean the same thing. (AE2 905/369) (AE1 42/52 and 112/122) (BB 239/251)

Sa means spirit, soul, soil and basis. (AE1 89-90/99-100) (AE1 131/141) (AE1 135/145)

Sa means son, daughter, child. (BB 109/121) (AE1 516/526) (BB 120/132)

Sa means the hinder part which denotes birthplace, origin, female. Thus Sa means mother. (NG1 x/12)

Sa means to return, come back again. (BB109-11/121-3)

Sa means aid, backing, defense and soul. Each of these have different symbols. (AE1 112/122)

Sa means touch. “Go back and touch it.” “Stay in touch.” (AE1 112/122)

Sa means to heal. (BB 83/91)

Sa means rank, kind of officer, virtue, efficacy, protection, amulet (fetish),* wisdom, judgeship and of an order. This is symbolized by (1) the collar or tie and by (2) an ornament with ten loops. This ten-looped Sa is associated with a royal court of rank or Court of Justice of law. The collar or tie is worn by judges. The S-collar. (BB 120/132) (AE1 112/122)

Sa is symbolized by the letter “S.” (BB 120/132) (AE1 112/122)

Sa is symbolized by the Jackal and the Goose. (AE1 43/53) (BB109-11/121-3)

Sa is symbolized by the tail of the crocodile. The tail of the crocodile is Kam.
The earliest form of Kam is Ma, mother, thus Sa is mother.
The later form of Kam is the compound word Khebma (Ma + Kheb). Kheb is Khebt is Ta-urt is Apt is goddess, hippopotamus (Earth), crocodile (Water), lioness (Air) and kaf ape (Fire). Thus Sa is goddess, great mother, mother, daughter, sister, child, son, husband, father, god. Sa is all forms of all things. Sa is the spirit-soul soil that forms the basis of all things and permeates all things. (BB147/154)

*More About Fetishes We All Have & Use, Especially In Religions

Fetish is a sign (symbol) of fidelity or faith. A fetish is the same thing as an amulet or magical charm. A fetish is a symbol of Sa. There was a divinity named Sau, or Ka, who was the author and creator god of fetish-figures which are identifiable as amulets, charms, knots, skins, and other things that were worn as types of protective power.
Since Sa means touch, the protecting power appealed to as the god of the fetish was the god of touch. The amulet brought the power nearer to be laid hold of, and made its presence veritable to this sense. Thus, Fetishism was a mode of Sign-language which supplied a tangible means of laying hold of the nature powers that were to some extent apprehended as superhuman without being comprehended. Hence the talisman, the amulet, or magical charm is worn as something tangible, a thing to touch or clutch hold of, on purpose to keep in touch with the power represented by the fetish. This god of touch still exists in Christianity, as amulets, charms, the cross, the rosary, and other fetish figures that are yet worn for protection, and are touched in time of need, to establish the physical link with the invisible Power with which it may be thought desirable to “keep in touch.” Not everything could serve as a fetish. There was no fetish without some special symbolic value known to those who read these natural hieroglyphics. (AE1 112/122) (NG1 72/90)

With the prefix attached, Ka becomes Teka and Sa becomes Tesa which means to touch, attach, join together. Ka, Teka, Sa, Tesa or Touch is the name of the deity of emblems (fetishes); the Ka image being the spiritual likeness in the future life; the double of one’s self in this. These types include the mummy image, the Karast [Sahu], the tie-type of reproduction, the beetle scarab, the sun, moon and many other forms of symbols used as amulets, protective charms and to help humans maintain a sense of being in touch with a power, presence or deity or spirit-soul. (BB 193/205)

Sa is the magical fluid imparted from one body to another by the laying on of hands or making passes as in hypnotizing. The Sa was a sort of ichor [liquor, fire water] that circulated in the veins of the gods and the glorified. This they could communicate to mortals, and thus give health, vigor, and new life. [This is why liquor as alcohol is called spirits because it warms and makes one feel vibrant in a deceptive way.]
By transmitting their Sa of life to mortals, the gods continually needed a fresh supply, and there was a Lake of Life in the northern celestial heaven, called the Lake of Sa, a place of healing where the gods went to refresh their magical fluid. (AE1 175/185)

Lake Of Sa Is The Lake Of Fire

The Lake of Sa is a lake in Paradise containing the water of life for rejuvenation, healing and birth of spirits as germs (seeds.) Thus, the Lake of Sa as water, is the soil of spirit. (AE1 131/141) (AE1 378/388)

The Lake of Sa is a lake of spirit, magical fluid, baptism, purification and immortality. The Lake of Sa exists in heaven above and heaven below. (AE2 795/259)

These two Lakes of Sa-Fire are not places of eternal damnation in Hell. The Lakes of Sa-Fire that are places of spirit-soul birth, rebirth, rejuvenation and eternal life. Since the Lake of Sa-Fire, is a womb and a cocoon, it is also a tomb. The temporary nature of the Lake of Sa-Fire as tomb might be the place where the Second Death and Damnation take place. (AE2 795/259)

Go Back Where & Fetch What?

Go back to the spirit-soul basis of life, existence and understanding. Go back and fetch more of the fullness of knowledge of self as spirit-soul. Go back over the roads spirit-soul has traveled and revisit the places you have lived over the Ages to bring you to where you now live. Go back to beginnings, go back to origins as human and spirit. Go back to your birthing places and fetch understandings of yourself from a child up till now so you can know who you are by knowing where you came from. Go back and fetch a healthier sense of connection so you can understand the optimal way to apply free will to a healthier sense of direction to completion and perfection. Go back and get some healing by understanding the stronger First Truth of self.

Get interconnected and interrelated and travel the Spirit web throughout the Spiritsphere as various shades, degrees and angles of light. Go back over the paths, the past, world history, memories, Ancestors, genetic libraries, back through false firewalls, back through portals, gateways, doors and fetch all of the key that brought you from the full understanding of Sa to your partial, fragmented, unhealthy present identity. Go back to soil food as soul food. Go back and fetch some re-germination to restore like Nnu, your self-estimations. Go back to the Sap of Strength to replenish what has sapped your strength. Go back and fetch nutrition to healthyself with what is missing. Go back through the water fire and fetch the hidden spirit-soul to balance physical vision. Go back and fetch Sa, Ka, Ma, Kam & Khebma. Go back and fetch everything and correct everything.

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