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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Beingness, Opiates, Essential Goodness & Natural High
Expanded Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1079


(Part 2 of 2)

Essence Of The Human Conundrum & Challenge

How to maintain beingness not of Earth, but present at birth? How to maintain beingness throughout our continuous course as we move farther and further from the Source? How to maintain beingness as we deal with mixtures of principles and force? How to maintain beingness when individual choice repeats the collective cultural voice? How to maintain beingness when difference, sameness, individuality and collectiveness are necessary to complete the course?


Beingness is remaining in full consciousness with ourselves as spirit-soul life force energy continuously transforming through dimensions of experience understandings, thus only temporarily human and of Earth, thus of a different form and place prior to and after the human phase.
As part of the process of transitioning between one form of life & existence and into another form of life & existence, beingness can be described as spirit-soul unfolding, awakening, coming out of hiding, interacting, revealing, being born again moment by moment,. becoming, uninhibited and in touch with being Nature (genetic potential) in the re-making, remixing with other rhythms also in their new forms.
Maintaining this essential goodness requires continuously maturing in knowledge of self in relation to all else, not just to the unchosen human culture we're born into. Spirit-soul is energy that feeds mind-body-emotion. The process of maintaining beingness returns eternal energy to spirit-soul.
Beingness unifies knowledge that has been fragmented across dimensions without and within in many variations of Sign-language. As this occurs, we are regaining our eco-sense, fulfilling stronger destinies (purposes) which includes helping others do the same. In the significant absence of beingness, we fulfill weaker destinies (purposes) and help others do the same.
Beingness is the essential goodness that breeds and maintains the sense of euphoria and utopia.

Beingness is not human beingness. Beingness is universal because it applies to spirit-soul and genetic potential and knowledge of self. All creation has beingness. Human beingness is simply beingness in human form. Human beingness is part of the larger concept of beingness. Human beingness is to beingness as self is to all else. Human beingness is the micro while beingness is the macro. Human beingness is part and partial while beingness is whole and complete.

Beingness Is A Primary Need

Even when a culture is not primarily focused on maintaining beingness, the need for beingness still exists at deeper levels of genetic potential.
As healthy ways submerge, unhealthy way emerge. Numerous examples show how humans attach themselves to things, money, power, other people and belief-based ideologies in order to have a sense of beingness, belonging and becoming. Without a sense of beingness, there is a loss of the euphoric and utopian high that comes along with it.

The balance of our optimal and suboptimal identifiers of self determines the balance of the healthy and unhealthy ways we seek to satisfy our primary need of beingness. These identifiers are culturized into us.

The Stronger Healthy Way - Knowledge Of Self

Babies are born with the strong healthy sense of beingness – the natural high that comes from being grounded in the know.
Over time, the baby being is still able to maintain a natural high as understandings and uses of genetic potential expands. Spirit-soul remains in rhythm with the Universe.
In healthy cultures, knowledge of self in relation to all else is a paramount pursuit that everything in the culture is dedicated to ensuring every person achieves.

The Weaker Unhealthy Way - Opiates

Because beingness is a continuous process like breathing, there is a little bit of the sense of utopia, thus euphoria, in all healthy expressions of genetic potential. We call this sense of utopia and euphoria by other names such as pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, contentment, joy, delight, happiness, goodness, elation, accomplishment, validation, cheers, applause, approval, acceptance, fun, delicious, decadent, excitement, romance, orgasmic, thrill, inspiration, appreciation, praise, accolades, encouragement, acknowledgment, respect, success and so on.

One way the natural high of beingness is replaced is through the use of opiates as substitutes for the natural high of euphoria and utopia.

An opiate has many more forms than just as a pharmaceutical prescription drug. An opiate is anything, anyone and any ideology in any form through which we seek satisfaction that is not breeding or maintaining beingness. An opiate is also anything that is a distraction that is not breeding or maintaining beingness.
This includes, but is not limited to, relationships, food, drink, alcohol, smoking, sex, entertainment, sports teams, popular people, religion, job titles, possessions, stuff, things owned, suboptimal identifiers, the legal but imbalanced and any unhealthy approach to feeling good and satisfying basic needs (including self-esteem).
Truth is, everything we do is an attempt to fulfill the basic needs of beingness, of spirit-soul of genetic potential. We don't understand this because our language, thus culture, has failed to be what beingness needs it to be.

Despite the power, prevalence and promotion of opiates in unhealthy cultures, opiates still provide watered down temporal satisfaction compared to the eternally satisfying sense of euphoria and utopia.
This is why opiate use must be constant and always increased in strength, thus becoming addictive. Thus the being becomes and belongs to the opiate. In contrast, in a healthy culture, the being becomes and belongs to the natural high of knowledge of self expressed through use of genetic potential.

Take A Good Look At Yourself Through Your Culture

When culture is primarily concerned with the “human” aspect of existence, rather than the “being” aspect, baby beings are lead astray from beingness and towards identity crisis. This crisis lasts longer than it has to when we cling to culture as if it's a life raft in a sea of uncertainty. This sense of uncertainty is caused by our over-reliance on contradictory self-destructive human constructions and too little reliance on knowledge of self and the rest of Nature. Why wouldn't there be constant uncertainty in humans-are-dominant-type cultures, when those cults consider to-each-according-to-need and other harmonious ideologies, as threats?

Most, if not all, human unhealthiness is due to varying degrees of loss of beingness.

Culture socializes, teaches, educates, programs and traditionalizes us how to be or not to be in touch with our essential goodness.

“Human” is just a physical form of genetic potential (Nature).
It is the spirit-soul that is the being.
The physical form as human, rock, planet or atom is for the purpose as being a vessel in which spirit-soul can travel and mature in knowledge of self.


1. In most cases, things we do as “hobbies” or “interests” are better indicators of what we should be doing. This is why, in unhealthy cultures, hobbies and interests are valued less than “what we do for a living.” Devoting energy to hobbies and interests is the same behavior we displayed as children when we explored interests freely because we were not handicapped by the unhealthy way of meeting basic needs. Hobbies and interests feed energy to our beingness, becoming and belonging. In healthy cultures, hobbies, interests and earning a living are one because the culture is structured to ensure earning a living and learning being, are the same things.

2. The sense of euphoria and utopia can also be obtained through things that are painful, hurtful, etc. It depends on each person and where their level of health is. For instance, in unhealthy cultures, the overwhelming majority of people take pleasure in harming others in some way. Evil is good and necessary in order to satisfy the need for beingness that is nowhere near being understood to be beingness. America and other such corrosive cultures are prime examples of how the collective currently in military control, sustains themselves on harming others because their perception of the parts and the whole is dysfunctional, thus, their actions circulates and recirculates energy that is miserable.
The satisfaction these people get is an opiate-derived feeling, thus, since bad behavior is rewarded, it is constant, always increased and is addictive. Like addicts, they are in denial. An opiate kills while it thrills – numbs while it dumbs.

3. ”How One Man's Mutant DNA May Help End the Deadly Opioid Crisis”
Though the article provides information regarding the ever-increasing opiate crisis, the title of this article is indicative that nothing has changed except a worsening of the same. Due to culture and the broken Sign-language they are speaking, these people think the problem is DNA at the physical level, when instead, the problem is DNA at the mental, emotional and spirit-soul level that has an aversion to knowledge of self as Africans, Primates, Nature and firstly as Spirit-Souls who have manifested themselves as humans.

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