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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dancer Jessie Peralez | Spirit Motion

Jessie Peralez got his wish. He danced on Soul Train.

This wish exemplified the purity of this young man. He didn't want to go to an amusement park or meet a celebrity. Why? His spirit needed to dance. And for several minutes he did. Watching Jessie dance you knew he loved Soul Train, music, dancing, life and himself. You forgot he had a terminal illness.

As “I Want To Break Free” by Queen continued playing, Jessie's beauty and passion reminded me that the greatest freedom is in the simplest pleasures. Though there are many wishes, some wishes are what wishes were made for.

Update 1-24-12
According to the Soul Train episode that aired June 16, 1984*, Jessie (correct spelling) was 9 years old. This makes his possible birthdate range January 1-June 15, 1975 or June 17-December 31, 1974.
According to a comment on the internet, Jessie returned home/transcended on June 5, 1985.
An online search, excluding paid or trial sites, revealed one match that fits his birth parameters. The US Social Security Death Index lists a Jessie Peralez born January 5, 1975, death June 1985.

Therefore, Jessie Peralez, born January 5, 1975, Death June 5, 1985. He was 10 years and 5 months old. He is still dancing but no longer for himself but for us, to get up and out there on life's dance floor that is so full of soooooul!

Update 11-01-14
Jessie Peralez's appearance on Soul Train continues to receive a high degree of attention on the internet. This is as it should be. The Spirit is in motion. This article is the most read on this blog. published an article in August 2014 without any obvious attribution as to the source of the facts in the article.

The video of Jessie dancing, I previously linked to on YouTube, has been removed from the internet. This is likely linked to cable networks now showing Soul Train episodes. If anyone finds an online link to watch the video please provide it in the comments.

*Assumes show as a live broadcast. Season 13, Episode 27.

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Whatever change you seek or hope for, it doesn't matter what that change is. It matters what you put into motion.

Life is about making associations, adjusting, staying in motion and becoming eternal expansion - infinite possibilities.

Pictures of Jessie Dancing and Article from Soul Train Website.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Poetry Discussion & Analysis #2


Across the room
Across the street
Across the water where the two big blues meet
Across the widest space 'til you reach infinity
My love will still be

Beyond the sorrow
Beyond regret
Beyond the tremors of a quake you can't forget
Beyond the hardest times man you ain't seen nothing yet
My love will still be
My love will still be

In your present and future
Over and under
Inside and outside
Close and asunder
From the moment you awake
Til' the moonlight adorns your face
When your memory begins to fade
Never will my love

Above the sunset
Above the trees
Above the highs and lows that make up reality
Above the resting place of the body that I leave
My love will still be

Form is achieved by using one word to tie each verse. Each verse contains an inner progression. By repeating “My love will still be” and using an intermittent and irregular rhyme pattern, form, continuity and consistency are enhanced. These elements also create pacing, i.e., rhythm.

Lines 3 and 4 of the first, second and fourth verses along with lines 4-7 of the third verse, i.e., the bridge, represent the fusion of emotion, language and creativity. The description takes familiar things and elevates them with individual style which balances the straightforwardness in the remaining sentences.

This is a partial analysis but illustrates how poetry and prose form the basis of many songs. It seems the title should be “My love will still be,” yet, “Beyond” was chosen. This caused me to consider the overall message: the lasting truth that true love transcends all things great and small.

*Amel Larrieux (Bravebird, 2004, Bliss Life)

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Poem - Motherly

Motherly by Usiku

I’ve imagined you holding me,
tenderly, gratefully,
then birthing me,
apprehensively, lovingly.

I’ve pictured you,
pouring your essence into my upbringing,
clothing me in mist-like freshness,
masterfully, continually.

I feel the resilient strength of our bond,
though we are changing, maturing;
Thus, your embrace loosens,
affectionately, prayerfully.

Thank you,
for refining, encouraging.
I value and respect you.
Understanding you reveals the beauty,
of living faithfully, unselfishly.

From Eloquence: Rhythm & Renaissance. Positive poetry for the person and for the planet.

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Sunday, May 4, 2008


Life Sentences #3

Intuition is what occurs before intelligence interferes.

Intuition is a resource that doesn't increase or decrease. Intuition is always at full strength no matter how much we apply it or ignore it. Intuition tells us one of two things: Something ain't right or It's alright.

is the better part of judgment.

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