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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bees Dying: Malnutrition & Colony Collapse Disorder

Food Fight #22

What if a bird that eats worms, insects and fruit eats shrimp, bread and vegetables instead?

What if you take a chicken and feed it the nectar from flowers?

What about a polar bear whose diet is mostly turkey?

The bird, the chicken and the bear will be weaker, more susceptible to disease and not develop the way they should. They will begin to die from unusual causes. Their offspring will be born with deformities. The species will begin to die off.

This should tell us one thing. If you take a living creature's natural food and replace it with something it is not designed to eat, that living creature will be impaired.

When cells do not get the pure ingredients they need to function, something will go wrong if the deficiency lasts for an extended period. Add to that toxins organisms encounter. Genes will mutate. Immune systems will malfunction plus cognitive functioning will be impaired, thus basic abilities will suffer.

Now when it comes to bees, what if you remove their royal jelly, their pollen and their honey and replace these food sources with sugar and such?

Hmmm! You think any of this could help explain why bees are dying?

Food is not what you can eat. Food is what you were created to eat. If you disrupt the natural order, the only possibility is chaos.

Commercially-kept bees are dying because of a lack of food. Lack of food means lack of nutrition. Bees are also dying because of a lack of medicine that is built into the food they are not getting. Look at what is thought to be good about bee pollen and bee honey even for humans. How much more so for the health of bees themselves. Without their own foods in sufficient amounts, bees are unable to fight pathogens they naturally encounter. They are no longer able to fend off man-made toxins.

Bees are experiencing what is called Colony Collapse Disorder. It should be called, Man-Made Malnutrition & Weakened Immunity Due To A Lack Of Food Disorder.

It is not a stretch to see the similarity between many recent human malfunctions such as Alzheimer's in the elderly and the range of pervasive development disorders in the young that are exacerbated by improper diet and toxins. If Queen Bees are weak, how can they produce healthy offspring?

We cannot live without bees because we cannot stay alive without plants. As bees die, plants will have lower reproduction, thus there will be even greater food imbalances. This will lead to population reduction of most species due to starvation.

The crisis started yesterday and the acute stage is today. In a weakened state, it doesn't take much of a blow to be the final blow for a species. Will a food fight over food bees have first right to, be the final misstep to do us all in? Will bees dying, their malnutrition and their society collapsing accelerate mortality for nearly all life on earth?

An article from a beekeeper showing the tug-of-war between conscience and cost. I suspect this particular beekeeper's show-of-consideration-for-the-bee philosophy is in the minority.

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