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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Definition | Consciousness & Communal Family Values And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8i)

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It is time that we become conscious. If we become conscious we will make rapid advance. - - Ancestor Brother Kwame Ture, minute 24:55 (1991)

What Is Consciousness

Consciousness is awareness. Awareness increases through learnderstanding. This is of no surprise since the ongoing process of awareness is the same as the ongoing process of knowledge of self, both of which are the same as the ongoing process of learnderstanding.(See, “African Consciousness Called Me A Stupid Nigga And Thankfully So” and UC#282, “Consciousness, Conscience, Ego, Morality, Immorality Definitions”)

Necessity Of Communal Living & Values

A communal family shares the same worldview and lives in close proximity to each other in order to operate completely or overwhelmingly as a self-contained, self-supported, self-determined and self-governed group. Values are shared. Other resources are also shared. No resources are wasted, especially due to unnecessary duplication.

This is optimal because it is making the most of what everyone has. Making the most of what one has is an individual/group and group/individual thing. Though this is no longer true for many families, moving in this direction must become priority.

Family Definition

The communal family consists of parents, caregivers, siblings, relatives, friends, elders, ancestors, the rest of the natural world and the Divine. It also includes those outside recognized blood lines but considered as family for any reason and those who purposefully contribute to our knowledge of self, thus, showing ME love, even if not recognized as family.

Related Proverbs:

Necessity is the mother of invention that solves problems only if there is awareness of the necessity. It's easy to see how being unaware of necessity feeds problems.

What contributes to awareness does not diminish awareness. In other words, what is good is not simultaneously bad. It has no negative side effects.

What improves our lives does not involve tradeoffs, side effects or create different problems.

It takes shared values to raise a child.

Related Quotes:

This ensures each member teaches another the family values.

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