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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meanings | Defining Love & Ain't No Love Lost

Ain't No Love Lost

“Ain't no love lost,” is one of those phrases that means the opposite of what it seems. It means all love has been lost. In other words, “ain't no love lost” is the opposite of “I love you too.” It is a nice way to say, “I hate you too.”

Sometimes it is used to a lesser degree to indicate not caring about what someone thinks or feels because it has already been established that two people or two groups of people don't like each other.

Finally, sometimes when the phrase, "ain't no love lost" is used, the person means "whatever," "kiss my ass," "go to hell," "I don't give a damn" and other such phrases that mean I ain't got no love for you, thus, ain't no love lost. Ain't no love lost is a wake up call that says there was no love in the first place ever and there can't be love in the second place ever, which is why ain't no love lost because love was never found or around the relationship.

Ain't no love lost does not always have to be verbally said. Just look at the behaviors and actions of self and others and you will know when "ain't no love lost" is the message.

When someone says ain't no love lost or shows it in any other way, this not only means they don't love you but they don't believe you love them, never ever.
It means even if there was sweet love in the first place, that love has been replaced with such a salty sour distaste, that love is not considered to be lost. Instead, it is considered a big mistake that at least one party wishes never did exist because the memories can't be escaped due to ongoing pain and anger that continues to vibrate because there has been no healthy way used to help it dissipate.

Defining Love By Aligning Love

Those who know themselves love themselves. Those who love themselves live. Those who live, live for the greater good of the cosmic community. Without the greater good emanating from the first mind, it is impossible to live, love and know all that has been lost.

Love lost matters, bothers, hurts and affects all beings.

Related Proverbs:

Common sense complements the cosmic good.

Love lost finds us but has no intent to help us find ourselves.

Lost living as human beings will be restored to the overwhelming majority but only after the upheaval & fulfillment. Selah.

Ain't no love lost for an unbalanced worldview.

Related Ideas:

...a uniting and a oneness. That's what love is, ain't it?

Commonality is the bonding agent and love is the active ingredient.

...making ourselves better is the epitome of love making love... involves wanting for someone what we want for ourselves; and wanting it so much, we will give the other person what we have and do without because we'd rather suffer than see that person suffer.

...a relationship with the God who has loved me, forces me to divest myself of my possessions. It universalizes my love for others and makes it gratuitous too.

We cannot bring self-esteem into existence by strongly stating, “I love myself...

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