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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Finding Female Creator Through God's Male Sperm
Unity Consciousness #518


Jeshua (Jesus) is the Son of Woman, Mary, The Mother and Jeshua (Jesus) is the Son of God, The Father. No human man was involved, only a male God who evidently has human sperm in order to join with Mary's human egg.

1. For Jeshua (Jesus) to exist in the flesh, a woman was needed. For Adam to exist in the flesh, a woman must have been needed. If both God and Jeshua (Jesus), who are both God, cannot bring Jeshua (Jesus) into the world without the need for woman, then certainly they could not have created Adam, who is not God, without a woman. A female must have existed in heaven from the beginning.

2. Not only are humans made in the likeness of the Creator but creation is created in the likeness of creation. Humans giving birth to humans and the Creator giving birth to creation comes through the female's watery womb.

3. Creation is a metaphor for creation. As above, so below.

4. The very idea that God, The Father & Son exists, tell us that God, The Mother must also exist. If God The Mother did not exist, then the word, “Father” would have no meaning as referring to a male. The notion of male would also not exist. The word Father would be generic and refer to only one type of creation. There would be only one type of creation, no males, females, sons or daughters.

5. Mother exists when a female conceives. A female must come first and be the foundation that gives identity to the father and the child.

6. Adam had XY chromosomes. Somehow, Eve got XX chromosomes from the genetics in Adam's rib bone. Setting all else aside, this is still impossible genetically.

7. If a male God has an X chromosome in order to put that chromosome into Adam and then also double the X to create Eve, then the X is the female chromosome. If God had an X chromosome to use, the X chromosome must have existed in the beginning, therefore the female existed in heaven in the beginning.

8. God is both female and male, at a minimum.

9. In order for creation live outside, creation must first live inside.

10. If God, the male, was the first and primary essence of God, then instead of XY being male, YY would be male and XY would be female.

11. To remain unaware is to not take stairs because they aren't there.

12. The universe came out of the womb of Nun. Her living waters gave rise to Ptah the moundtain peak. This transformation of female spirit energy into matter produced waves of motion, thus the sonic boom called the Big Bang.

13. Mother Power gave birth to Father Sound. Together they gave birth to Son Word.

Onword homeward Atumites sunword.

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