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Friday, October 30, 2015

John The Baptist, Johanan The Immerser
Unity Consciousness #530


In the Hebrew/Jewish bible, the word “Yochanan' is translated into “John” in the New Testament and into “Johanan” in the Old Testament. Yochanan is the same word being treated differently. This does not allow for consistency of meaning or consistency of understanding. It is not accurate or truthful. See section at bottom for more word translations and more word interpretations.

John Is Actually Johanan

1. In the days of Herod, King Of Judah, before Pontius Pilate, Angel Gabriel appeared to old Zacharias in the temple in Jerusalem to tell him his old and childless wife, Elizabeth, would have a son and to name him Johanan. (Luke 1)

2. Since Zacharias didn't believe Gabriel, Zacharias was made mute until his child was born. (Luke 1)

3. Elisabeth became pregnant and after 6 months, Gabriel spoke to Mary in Nazareth in Galilee. Mary was not yet pregnant with Jeshua (Jesus). (Luke 1)

4. Mary was told Elisabeth was pregnant and that she also would have a child and to name him Jeshua (Jesus). Mary then went to Jerusalem in Judah and spent 3 months with her relative, Elisabeth. Mary then returned home. (Luke 1)

5. Johanan was born and Zacharias got his voice back and then baby Johanan went to live in the wilderness. (Luke 1)

6. The word of God comes to Johanan who is older but still in the desert/wilderness. Johanan goes to the country around the Jordan River and begins preaching and immersing people in the Jordan River. (Luke 3)

7. Pontius Pilate is now King of Judah and Herod is ruler over Galilee. (Luke 3)

8. See UC528 for more information concerning Johanan (John) The Immerser.

Johanan (John) Knows Who Jeshua (Jesus) Is

When Jeshua (Jesus) came to be immersed by Johanan, Johanan tried to stop him and said Jeshua (Jesus) should baptize him. (Matthew 3:13

When Johanan saw Jeshua (Jesus) approaching he called Jeshua (Jesus), “God's Lamb” come to take away the sins of the world and that God has already given Johanan a sign in order to know who Jeshua (Jesus) was. Johanan saw the spirit coming down like a dove and remaining on Jeshua (Jesus). This happened before Jeshua (Jesus) was immersed in the Jordan River. (John 1:29-34)

Johanan is not yet in prison and is now immersing people on the west side of Jordan near Jerusalem and again confirms he knows Jeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. (John 3:24-30)

Johanan (John) Does Not Know Who Jeshua (Jesus) Is

Then Johanan is put in prison and sends a message to Jeshua (Jesus) asking if Jeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. (Matthew 11:2-3)

The Dove Descends Twice

The first time as shown above, before Johanan immersed Jeshua (Jesus).
The second time: As soon as Yeshua had been immersed, he came up out of the water. At that moment heaven was opened, he saw the Spirit of God coming down upon him like a dove, and a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; I am well pleased with him.” (Matthew 3:16-17, Mark 1:9-11)

Some Understanding

It is important to recognize John is Johanan in order to make proper connections with the Old Testament and with the Hebrew use of the word Yochanan.

Johanan's parents must have died over on the east side of Jordan. They are not even mentioned when Johanan was in prison or when he was beheaded, instead one of Johanan's disciples came to claim his body.

How is it that Matthew contradicts himself as to whether or not Johanan knew who Jeshua (Jesus) was and then also contradicts the book of Johanan (John)?

It seems unlikely Mary traveled by herself from Nazareth in Galilee to Jerusalem in Judah and then back again.

CJB Words Become KJV Words:
H:Elisheva becomes Elisheba and Elisabeth
H:Z’kharyah becomes Zachariah and Zechariah OT and Zacharias NT
H:Yochanan becomes Johanan OT and John NT and Jona NT
H:Yochanah becomes Joanna
H:Immerser becomes Baptist
H:Immerse becomes dip OT and baptize NT
H:Immersion becomes baptism

OT = Old Testament and NT = New Testament

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