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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Other People, Everyone Else & Eco-sensibility
Unity Consciousness #527


One of the most significant considerations humans face is other people and everyone else. On one hand we should ignore other people and everyone else. On the other hand, we must not. In many circumstances, Eco-sensibility helps us understand which hand applies and when.


Understanding Eco-sensibility begins before humans existed.
We must peel back understandings until we reach the level of understanding where it's just humans and the environment to consider.
What is this? Why does it exist? Who am I? Why? How did we come to this place of being together? What are the causes of the motions of other things? What are the effects? What are the causes of my movements (actions, abilities, thoughts, hunger, etc.)? What are the effects? Why and how do all these things seem to have an effect upon me and respond to my motions? Why is it that I need what I don't understand? This list of inquiry and other thoughts goes on and is not countable by humans.

Physical hunger alone and the satisfaction of that hunger (stomach-wise) from the environment is enough to inform the sensibilities of the importance of the human-environment relationship.

Humans who live optimally with that which sustains humans cannot help but transfer that thinking, thus behavior, into human-human relationships.

In Other Words

In other words, humans who are at odds and/or are dominion seekers over the environment, rather than partnership keepers cannot perceive any other human as truly equal and will be reapers of the worst of the best they don't know.
Humans at odds with the rhythms of the ecosystem, cannot live in harmony with humans, not even in their own immediate families and not even with those to whom humans say “I do” and “I love you” to.

In other words, the problems humans experience today are not about other humans though it involves other humans. The problems humans face today are about the human relationship with the ecosystem. We must not be deceived by what we've been able to achieve, if, as we proceed, we leave the Eco-sensibility we need.

In other words, humans cannot act like we got some sense with each other when we lack Eco-sense with the Mother – the nurturing essence of the ecosystem.

Getting Close

Many humans recognize the balancing effects of feminine and masculine energies. We express levels of this understanding in statements such as “my other half” or even “my better half?” Why do we not speak likewise in regards to our relationship with the environment? Isn't the environment more than half of us? Just as affectionately, we should be referring to the environment as “my/our better whole” and “my/our complete self.”

This understanding does not seem too far to fetch as we begin to recognize the environment is more than physical formations of matter. The environment has emotion, mind and spirit.

Environment Of Spirit: Whoever says a Higher Power exists, yet does not see this Supreme Being must make reference to the ecosystem in order to reach this understanding. Even when saying I can feel it in my heart is to make reference to the internal ecosystem. To know the whole exists while yet being unable to see the whole is to know there is more than meets the basic 5 senses. This awareness is an acknowledgment spirit exists. So is the acknowledgment of thought.
Environment Of Mind: Whoever says there is such a thing as creation and understands, at all, the degree of integration of creation must concede a mind is at work that is not chaotic. Ordered thought took place and must continue to take place to maintain the ecosystem and place it back in order. To simply understand the bonding and unbinding of elements such as H and O tells us the environment has a mind whereby it performs its functions.
Environment of Emotion: Whoever considers there are consequences, karma and a caring God, admits to universal emotion. Anyone who prays acknowledges that their Higher Power is able to be empathetic with their emotions, thereby in possession of emotions also. These emotions being everywhere God is and God being everywhere, also tells us emotions are everywhere the ecosystem is and can't help but be infused in the ecosystem itself. To deny this is to deny God's loving caring presence in the ecosystem.

Mirror Mirror Images

The environment is the Creator, a Supreme Being of emotion, mind, spirit and matter.
The environment is a broader form of a human. A human is a more succinct form of the environment.

Some humans say humans are made in the image of God. I say, what image did God use to create all the other umpteen gazillion things? If you say, out of imagination, isn't that the same as the image of God if God was the only One to exist and is preeminent to all existence then and now?
If you simply say, God used images, where did all those images come from? Google?

We must conclude all things created by God were made in the image of God. Both humans and the ecosystem are made in the image of God. Humans and the environment are mirror images of God, therefore, they are mirror mirror images of each other.
We must stop looking at the environment in the plainness of eyesight as though we're looking at something else. We are looking into a living mirror. This must be so since everyone and everything is changing. The mirror must be dynamic because the images are dynamic. The mirror must be dynamic to preserve the meaning of metaphors taught to us by the ecosystem. Even so, many metaphors are dynamic as well. All these things are squared away by the fixed and flexible neter (nature) of Maat.

From this point we can better relate to understanding how a lack of Eco-sensible thinking contributes to behaviors equivalent to piecemeal suicide.

Why Are Humans Suicidal?

Misunderstandings about how the ecosystem operates, interrelates and interconnects with us and across multiple dimensions today, tomorrow and yesterday leads to shortsighted behaviors that kill slowly and softly. A lack of understanding of our spiritual continuity causes us to rob the spirits of our ancestors and descendants in order to pay for what our spirits want to do today.

Developing Eco-sense is simply a process as is all else. Eco-sensibility does not mean understanding everything. It does mean understanding the ecosystem is everything and knowing self is also everything. From this comes the mirror understanding: everything is everything.

Different explanations of all aspects of the environment, ecosystem and natural world have been provided by the Creator everywhere via metaphor for all degrees of understanding. Many of these explanations have been translated into human languages.

Another Approach

Everything humans do is an attempt to emulate and duplicate one or more aspects of the ecosystem.
Humans do not have to be aware of this or agree with this in order for this to be true. As an example, consider basic family structures, absent cultural differences, and we will be looking at some form of what is taking place in the environment.
The ecosystem's essence is our essence. This is the only way we can live in the ecosystem without the ecosystem killing us outright because it perceives us as incompatible. System means compatible.

The ecosystem as our essence is the only way humans can take the ecosystem into ourselves and become healthier. Nutrients and nutrition helps explain this.

Humans are seeking to reunite essence within and essence without – essence below with essence above. From this we now know, Eco-sensibility is the way to go back home to the Creator.
In relation to the four inseparable aspects of self, humans are seeking to pair up these genetics and intertwine them with the four primordials of the ecosystem. This is a mirror image of the four pairs created by Atum, the Word.
Because we need to embrace our essence and because we need to feel the vibrations of the responding unconditional caress, humans seek to live in love with the environment but don't understand how. We don't know how to love the environment when we have not sought to understand the differences we have in common and their essentialness to our existence and eventual evolution. This is because we have yet to reach awareness that all understanding we obtain is processed through an understanding of self; therefore, knowledge of self and Eco-sensibility must occur simultaneously because they are one and the same. Since this rarely occurs in the educational process of post-modern societies, the environment is not understood, self is not understood; and therefore, most of everything else is misunderstood. Does this not point closer to the common cause of our misbehaviors?


To lack Eco-sensibility is to lack knowledge of self - to not know who we are as humans or as a person. Far too many humans bluff self-esteem when they mistakenly and proudly say to themselves and others, “I know who I am,” yet, lack Eco-sensibility. An insufficient amount of Eco-sensibility automatically places a person at odds with other people and everyone else because the person is at odds with self. This is true even though the person might be in legion and agreement with other people and everyone else.

Humans cannot be fundamentally beneficial to themselves and each other while being fundamentally disconnected from that which provides the highest benefit to us all.

When thinking is not obscured by human ideas that leave out the environment through which we became human and remain human, this freedom allows us to return to the purest state of human existence on Earth. It is in this place we have a clean palette of perception. We can then place understandings about self and environment into our collective consciousness. The images of how humans should relate will emerge.

Through the living mirror of the ecosystem we are able to understand the living God. Eco-sensibility is spirituality.

Eco-sensibility is the foundation of human understandings. Wherever humans reach the end of inquiry into understanding (having acquired understanding), inquiry begins. Eco-sensibility begins again and again. Likewise, so must our considerations become reconsiderations and new considerations of other people and everyone else.
The tree reaches out above in the same manner it seeks out below.
So must the family tree, Eco-sensibly.

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