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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Playing Black African Race Card To The Fullest Extent
Unity Consciousness #520


What has been happening for a long time now can sorta be likened to a card game called War but there's much more at stake.
For those of us who might not have noticed, this is a for real deadly game of life.
This war never goes on hiatus. It is being fought in many ways in many places. The attackers only regroup in groups against their greatest threat – recognition, acceptance and full employment of blackness by Africans – the stem seeds of humanity.

“I declare war,” is the context by which other players define and decide their behaviors.
Whether we believe it or not, accept it or not, or want it to be this way or not, we still must respond offensively and defensively and offensively to the ongoing behaviors of others. When we don't, the cards become stacked against us. The other players behave willy-nilly because we are trying to “behave” and are thus being silly. There is no nice way to respond to being attacked or respond in self-defense.

No matter how we got to today and this very moment, we must play from whatever position we're in and with whatever we have. Everybody else is doing exactly this.
Africans, we must learn who we are so we can rebuild our self-esteem so we can then respect our own exhibited intelligence and stop allowing ourselves to be psyched out by other players. Self-esteem comes before self-respect.

Other players are playing every card they have any way they see fit. Nobody in their right minds asks opponents to approve their strategy.
We are sheepishly allowing wolves to play our cards when we start caring about them saying, “Oh, there they go playing the race card again. Is everything about race? Well, let's see.
Racism is about race.

Everything is about racism.

Yes, everything is about race. Any more goofy questions?
When racism is their main weapon they can claim they're not using race because racism is everywhere so it is normalized. For instance, ”their governments” uses racism on behalf of certain people. Another example is being led to believe we Africans have no history, except slavery and that we were the first and only slaves, that's racism and it helps everybody else and harms us. Playing the race card is being done automatically on everyone else's behalf except ours by all major institutions and workplaces. It's built into the entire system. Yes, they are playing the race card when they accept and take advantage of the benefits of racism. Yes they are responsible for being in possession of stolen goods and for perpetuating racism.

Everyone is playing the race card to help themselves. Far too many sick Africans are playing the race card to hurt each other.
If other groups of people were not playing the race card, they wouldn't align themselves by race in communities, in business, in politics, etc. What part of paying attention are we missing? We gotta stop being stupid by falling for the okie doke of doublespeak and triplespeak. Everything being said and done is not meant to help us. For instance, they want us to survive by working hard honestly while their means of survival is working hard dishonestly against everybody, including each other. This is basic history that is still being written every day.

In addition, all other players, except us, are playing many other cards. They're making up cards.
Caring about what the enemy thinks or their feelings or their belly-aching is being big, bent over fools.

It's war. Everything is ammunition.
When we listen to other players, we are allowing them to play our hand by accepting their thoughts as ours.

In the meantime, we're asking them to play their cards and permission for us to play ours. We ask them to stop doing this, change that and give us some of what they stole back.

We will continue to die fast and slowly by fighting a war this way.

We must play the race card to the fullest extend and play it hard.
We must turn what we have allowed and permitted to become a disadvantage back into the best card of all the cards.

Our blackness, that is to say, our created greatness, that is to say our Africanness is the card most feared because it is most in alignment with the Creator. Know yourself and know yourself.
Any race card is a game changer. This is clear. Our race card is even more of a game changer. If they want to play based on race and that's their rules and they're in charge for the minute, then by all means let's play.
Everything we do we always take it to new levels of dimension anyway. Once we stop seeking harmony with haters and the heinous we'll make greater progress.

Africans, playing the race card can never ever be reverse racism but it can reverse racism forever.

The only way Africans can ever be racists is when we control everything and then use our power as a group to harm others based on their race.

I'm not talking about race in terms of African-American, Brazilian, Jamaican, South Carolinian or Nigerian blackness, etc and so on.
Blackness goes beyond.
This war is against exactly that powerful, unknown, unlimited essence within us and which we represent on the Creator's behalf. Earth is not even our place of birth.

We take a moment now to allow doubters to hurry up and catch up and leave behind divided and conquered minds.
No, everything is not okay just because we can get up and go to work everyday and online bill pay.

Living life with this as our topmost focus is just like playing games while others are playing war.
We feel the pains all over the world but have disproportionately divvied up the blame to ourselves and each other.

Meanwhile, others are playing the Hispanic card, the Semite card, the homosexual card, the gender card, the age card, the minimum wage card, the immigrant card and on and on. Each of these cards serving their special interests.

We don't even recognize the multitude of psychological warfare events aimed at keeping us thinking down on ourselves, I.e, the report about the attempted carjacking of Dr. King's relative. It was designed to falsely remind us why we are behind. No, racism is the main reason. How much poison can be ingested before mutations occur?

Turn the weapon back into the tool it used to be. Turn the race card around. We must display the card proudly in our hands, hold it so it's facing outward so all our opponents see it, know we know we have it and know we know how to use it. Watch what happens in this make-believe world of “good” people and false friendships. Africans being African has been done and is being done and is nothing new. We have enough events to know what will happen. These are the determining days before the climate changeover is finalized and the restoration process moves into higher gear.

An immigrant doesn't want to be an immigrant but hey, they've learned to use it to their advantage. It's the card they have. We have many cards besides one. If we don't use all of them to help ourselves, the ones we don't use will be used by others to continue harming us based on race first and foremost. We will get tricked into wasting energy on symbolic racism gestures.

Any single one of us doing things with a solely self-benefit perspective not intertwined with collective benefit is hurting ourselves and others we claim to care about. There can never be going for self. There can never be going for anybody else who is not entirely for us in a long-term proven evidentiary sort of way. If we think the extent of our blackness is anything short of worldwide and universal, we have turned our firepower into sparklers.

I'll say it again. Every day we don't play the race card we are stacking the cards against our Descendants because all other players are setting the table for their Descendants by playing the race card and lots of other types of cards. The reason racism is still being played today is because it was the hand passed on to their Descendants while we keep trying to play equality. It's a war. Our children are defenseless when they don't know it's a war and when they don't know what they must do and instead they think it's simply about working hard in a jacked up game with an over-priced, over-hyped college degree.

This is why the religion card is still being used today. It weakens opponents. Where are all these rainbow coalition churches and Christians of every type as stuff is going down daily against black Africans according to their laws? Where the good ones at? Leave that religious stuff alone. Religion is a powerful card in the game of war used by the enemy against those who are hurting and looking for certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Religion is something we do physically as a mental escapegoat and an emotional halfway house between reality and illusion in an attempt to satisfy spiritual needs of connection and completion. Religion is poison in the water.

Africans, we must go back to the source of the Hapi River to get our spiritual living waters of life.

When we were younger, race cards were being played against us and our parents. Same thing is happening today. For some reason our educated minds don't know how to save our babies' beautiful behinds from getting attacked every which way. This is quite pathetic. We find excuses to cover up our fear of the other players and cover up our miseducated disbelief in our own strengths. Any one of our strengths is enough to change the game. We got the power. Be blackness, be prouder.

Signs indicate continued societal deterioration that mirrors the deterioration of physical health. Societies will die from cancerous philosophies. As a continuation of changes taking place, the next 26 years will be years of tremendous change, then what? What will become of us if we don't make better use of all our resources and abilities and strengths? No mysterious figuring is needed to know the realness of the possibilities as the horizon greets her rising.

When we don't play our best card, it's just like folding the strongest hand while the game is still being played and while we sit on the sidelines still being affected. We allow ourselves to be bluffed out of the game by jokers when we are got the Queen Bee who is the spirit in the matter in every card.
When we fold, we quit on our families and each other. When we quit we surrender the war to thugs, gangs and terrorists who go by trumped of names of false fame. We wear their names to our Ancestor's shame.

We also surrender our Descendants and our Ancestors and all those around us who constantly deal with the effects of other players just doing whatever the hell they want in the world without concern about what we're going to do.

If we were civilized we'd realize this.
The race card is our best card. It is a comprehensive card when we understand what it is.

Again, not race as in the superficiality of color and of being black but in the originality of blackness of our genetics that is the same throughout the universe without and within. Those this confuses are the same whose choices are abuses.

We must play the race card from an integrated perspective and keep playing it. It can't be taken away only hidden to our use while remaining visible for attack. We gotta play the race card far beyond hit 'em up consumption style mentality. We gotta play the race card the way we play Bid Whiz and Spades so by our own quickened collective works and responsibilities we become saved by transforming the game back to the ways of ancient days.

By way of ready scribes of languages skilled in the books and records in the halls of heaven. Amen Ashe. To the Gods be the Glories.

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