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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Spiritual Importance Of Genealogy & Ancestors
Unity Consciousness #496


“and, on the first day of the second month, they gathered the whole assembly to state their genealogies by families and clans and recorded the names of all those twenty years old and over, as well as their total numbers.” Numbers 1:18 (CJB)

“So all Isra’el was listed by genealogies, and these were recorded in the book of the kings of Isra’el...” 1 Chronicles 9:1 (CJB)

“Every male three years and older entitled to enter the house of Adonai was given his daily share for performing his duties according to his division, regardless of how he was recorded in the genealogies.” 2 Chronicles 31:16 (CJB)

“When shares were assigned, all their little ones, wives, sons and daughters were also recorded in the genealogies, throughout the entire community; for in their faithfulness to this task they consecrated themselves.” 2 Chronicles 31:18 (CJB)

“...but they could not state which fathers’ clan they and their children belonged to, [so it was not clear] whether they were from Isra’el:” Nehemiah 7:61 (CJB)

“These tried to locate their genealogical records, but they weren’t found. Therefore they were considered defiled and were not allowed to serve as cohanim.” Ezra 2:62 and Nehemiah 7:64 (CJB)

Hebrews 7:3 (CJB), “There is no record of his father, mother, ancestry, birth or death; rather, like the Son of God, he continues as a cohen for all time.”
[this verse seems to contradict the above verse] See possible explanation under, “Eve & Nun Are Creator & Melchizedek (Melchisedec), Unity Consciousness #471”.

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