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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Animal & Plant Digestion Uses Many Stomachs
Lysosomes & Vacuoles
Unity Consciousness #623


For the same reason humans have more than one CPU (central processing unit called a brain), humans also have more than one stomach.
Humans have one overall stomach and then also many other stomachs.
These stomachs are located in the same places as the many other brains humans have – inside each cell.

In animals, such as humans, these stomachs are called lysosomes.
In plants, these stomachs are called vacuoles.

What is a stomach?
An organ that digests food (breaks down nutrients into smaller nutrients).
Lysosomes and vacuoles do the same thing.
These stomachs are multipurpose so they also serve other functions within cells, other than digestion.
Thus the digestive system of humans and other animals extends beyond the GI tract. Just as the brain is everywhere in the body, so also the digestive system is everywhere in the body. So also is the digestive system of plants.

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