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Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Is Time? – Evolving Understanding & Definition
Unity Consciousness #624


(Part 1 of 12)

Fundamental Definition Of Time

Time begins with motion.
Motion is expressed through process.
A process is a sequence of events.

Sequences established by the Creator follow a series of equations that are fixed and variable (flexible within harmony). These equations are self-equalizing formulas, which allow consistencies and patterns to develop as the ecosystem is maintained within a range of balance/imbalance.
This allows for degrees of variability, yet still repetition.
We call this repetition - cycles.

Life, in all forms, takes place in cycles, at the macro level and micro level of every dimension of Creation (the Creator). This we know.
These cycles represent cycles of time.

So, in summary, time is the repetition of motion.

Examples Of Repetition Of Motion

Breathing, heartbeats, cellular processes, waking/sleep, Sunrise/Sunset, birth and death transitions, seasons, germination-fruiting-seeding, waves, high/low tides, wind, planetary revolutions, comet movement...

Is there any activity by any aspect of creation that consists of a single motion that happens once and never repeats?

See also the earlier definition of time at Expanded Definitions: What Is Time – Money? Keeping Track of Time & Climate Change.

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