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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

18 Ways To Be Better Task Performers & Decision-Makers
Unity Consciousness #675


If you want a person to function to the best of their abilities when performing tasks, that person must have:
1. An understanding of main principles under which the tasks are to be performed (for example when building a house: safety first. structural integrity, finished look, cost, timeframe...)

2. An understanding of the process(es) involved.

3. All necessary resources (includes current and learnable abilities).

4. An understanding how to use tools and other machines.

5. All necessary decision-making ability to complete the task unless the decision-maker is available as needed.
If the decision-maker is not the same person performing the task, the decision-maker must understand, once task performance begins, questions will arise; therefore, the decision-maker must be easily accessible, otherwise task performance will be delayed or may not go as intended.
When task performer and decision-maker are not the same person, there is less of an incentive for the task performer to make improvements to the task. There is more of an incentive to just do as told.

6. At a minimum, decision-makers who are not the task performer must be forward thinkers and expansive thinkers in order to address potential questions and situations in advance. This must be communicated to the task performer and the task performer must repeat the instructions. Under all circumstances when task performer and decision-maker are not the same person, the task performer must feel at ease to ask any and all questions. The decision-maker must be careful when addressing questions that the task performer could have figured out or was already told – unless the information was written down. Each time a question arises, the decision-maker should always seek to understand how to alleviate the need for the same type of question in the future and how to clear up misunderstandings without diminishing the task performer's incentive to function to the best of their abilities.

7. The task performer can never be made to feel like it's not okay to ask a question or that too many questions have been asked or that they have to wait too long to ask the question or get an answer.

8. Decision-makers must understand, if a task performer must have the time available to be a task performer, then the decision-maker must also have the time available to be a decision-maker.

9. The decision-maker should not supervise infrequently and limit availability for questions and then come in and supervise after task performance and point out things not done as expected.

10. Decision-makers must be patient and must be prepared to talk through their decision-making process with the task performer so the task performer can make more decisions using the decision-maker's thought process. This may have to be written out. It will definitely require seveal adjustments and revisions between task performer and decision-maker as task performance unfolds. If a person is capable of being a decision-maker, they should also be conscientious about being an instructor.

11. Task performer and decision-maker must both understand each of them have philosophies and ways of doing things. In many situations, if the task performer has a different way of doing things that still accomplishes the task without violating the main principles necessary to complete the task as intended, then the task performer should be given this leeway.

12. Even if the decision-maker has performed the task before, to the point of perfection or to the point of their own satisfaction, the decision-maker must remain open to a different task performer wanting or needing to do the task at least slightly different. If this leeway is not always available, the decision-maker runs the risk of turning the task performer into an order taker and a rule follower rather than someone learning and growing to become the best they can be.

13. Because the decision-maker has the greater authority and greater responsibility, the decision-maker must also understand this includes the need to have greater understanding of the dynamics involved when task performer and decision-maker are not the same person. The decision-maker must always strive to help the task performer remain a prepared and relaxed task performer. The decision-maker should keep anxieties and worries hidden unless they can be stated non-emotionally and matter-of-factly (don't make a big deal out of things).

14. Over a period of time, the decision-maker should train the task performer to make decisions by not answering questions directly but by asking for suggestions or opinions or what would you do and why. By listening to the responses and filling in missing pieces of the information and considerations necessary to make the best decision, decision-makers can help task performers perform better. Any person whose judgment is not trusted should not be in a task performer/decision-maker relationship with you.

15. Decision-makers must also understand that a general understanding of tasks and experience performing tasks from start to finish are not the same things. So it's one thing to make decisions and assign tasks and it's another thing to be able to perform the tasks based on decisions made and based on all other points made in this message. Every decision has the potential to impact task performance and expected results. The decision-maker must remain keenly aware of this and always ask for feedback from the task performer of how the decision will impact the task.

16. One of the worst responses a task performer can give to another is “it's our policy” or “That's just how we do it.” (Decision-makers are task performers.)

17. At some point, after all these things have taken place, both the task performer and decision-maker should be able to tell whether or not the task, task performer and decision-maker are the best combination.

18. For those seeking to optimize task performance rather than maximize something else, these points will help facilitate dynamic offering and handling of suggestions which will mercifully eliminate the need for the insulting “false concern for what you think could be better” suggestion boxes.

Cultural Harmony & Disharmony
Unity Consciousness #674


(Part 5 of 5)

First of all, before we reached this point in our spiritual journey, we experienced living in a culture that was in harmony with the natural world. We experienced this in the heavens above and in the heaven below. This is the only way humans were able to use their spirits to bring forth understanding necessary to create civilizations (harmonious living).
Knowledge of how to live this way is stored in every person's genetic memory library because we are those same spirits, though now unbalanced.

Second of all, no matter which aspect of spirit we are following, and no matter which variation of culture we are a member of, the culture must satisfy our basic needs, otherwise we will abandon it – unless the information our logic uses tells us there is no better way.

Now, since many of us choose to remain members of cultures that do not seek to live in harmony with the natural world, our logic must be telling us that living in harmony with the natural world IS NOT BETTER than the way we are currently living.

Most of us continue to seek a better life by following the ways of the culture even though the non-harmonious culture has no chance of helping us achieve our goal. This creates many abnormalities as we seek to fulfill our needs.
One of the ways we know this is by what happens to people when they retire.
Anyone expecting to delay living as intended now and then retire, no matter how much money they have, and expect retirement to be some sort of near-Utopian golden year period full of satisfaction and contentment is currently living in a culture that has merely seduced them into a delayed awakening to reality. All of this in exchange for your resources for which you can never get back the value and for which you have no recourse once you give them up to such a cult.

We intuitively know our current anti-harmony culture is not the way, yet we choose to stick with it because individuals and small groups can achieve small portions of what they need at the expense of other individuals, groups and the non-human natural world. Part of the illusion and confusion is the culture makes the small portions seem like the main thing and everything.

We refuse to critically assess the culture of the lower-self (single species human society based).
If we did, we would quickly understand that such a culture, because its human systems do not function in harmony with the ecosystem, must then, continuously find ways to account for its inadequacies, because it will always be out of balance.
Be sure to understand that such a culture does not attempt to correct inadequacies or bring itself into balance. No, instead, such a culture always attempts to avoid, deny, delay, shape-shift the form, bandage and mask inadequacies in self and the inadequacies it helps foster in other people, other cultures and in the rest of the natural world. For example, exercise is marketed as a highly intelligent thing to do but it is a suboptimal attempt to hide the fact that our lifestyles are inadequate to keep us healthy. Exercise as a separate activity is a substitute for healthy living. Exercise for the body is not supposed to be a separate activity from what it takes to live each day. However, as long as a person lives a suboptimal lifestyle, they should exercise. For another example, walking your dog is viewed as a caring thing to do when in fact, it is not. Dogs should have sufficient room that allows them to be dogs and take care of their activity and waste removal needs without having to wait for us.

Truth-seekers (truth-in-self-seekers) (not necessarily the same as holy book believers) won't have to go into deep analysis in order to recognize these cultures.

Are you in a cult where the people think truth comes from the natural world?
Or does your cult believe truth comes from a holy book?
How about truth comes from the government. Is that your cult?
Whichever place your context of truth comes from is the basis of your cult-ure, for sure.

Note: It is not possible for a culture not in harmony with the non-human natural world to live in harmony with other human cultures or to be in harmony within its own culture. It is not possible. From where would such internal harmony come? What would it be based on? Just because internally, all are members of the same culture does not mean there is harmony. It can't be because the cultural philosophies, values, ideas, practices and traditions do not teach what is essential to harmony. In other words, you can't be disharmonious without and be harmonious within and the other way around.

Cultural Choice, Clarity & Flow
Unity Consciousness #673


(Part 4 of 5)

Since it is possible to live in one culture and be a member of another culture, you must be well-prepared to understand many of the institutions of the culture you live in and many of the people will think differently than you.
This is not a problem and is easily manageable when the culture you live in and the culture you are a member of are variations of the same thing, i.e., China and America and Israel and....
However, when the culture you are a member of comes from the other side of spirit, than the culture you are living in, ALL of the institutions and most of the people will think and move in ways counter to the way you are thinking and trying to move.
If this is not happening, then you are going with the flow of the culture you live in.
Thus you have set aside your membership in your chosen culture, at least publicly.

Do not self-deceive and believe, just because you show some of your cultural signs publicly, and/or privately, that you are maintaining your cultural flow.
When one spirit moves counter to another spirit, it is felt and known at every level of awareness. It does not go unnoticed. It can't. It does not blend in. It can't because each culture is “messing up” the other flow – creating friction, resistance and a rougher experience than if would be if everyone was flowing in the same direction.
Again, do not be deceived into thinking, a flow that moves off to the side of the main flow or comes in from the side, is a different cultural flow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Culture Clubs Decide For You What Is Crazy
Changing The Mental Health Conversation
Unity Consciousness #672


(Part 3 of 5)

Just because we've normalized imbalance doesn't turn imbalance into balance or make us any less imbalanced.

Though we can call something whatever we want to and color it any way we choose, calling imbalance “culture” doesn't change a thing except the perception and reality of those whose core choices are still tied to that culture's core context.*

Reviewing Culture

What culture is, has been discussed at length. At this point another angle of approach to understand the same thing is attempted.
Culture is simply what one or more people decide is acceptable and unacceptable.
As more people join and cosign each other's thinking (behavior), culture functions just like a cult-ure.
Everybody has a culture and everybody belongs to a culture.
We use the word culture as if the word itself means something unique, when, in fact, the word culture is a generic word. To say my culture or our culture, is not to say anything different than anyone else who has a culture.
The difference between and among cultures is different information, logic, understanding and different choice of which spirit to follow.**

What Your Culture Decides

After you decide what culture to stay subscribed to, you are done deciding anything else for yourself.*** Your cult-ure decides everything else for you, including what is crazy.

Some examples of what your cult-ure decides...
How much psychological warfare is necessary to keep you as a member.
Who to enslave.
The nature of all your relationships.
Whether or not you can defeat nature.
Whether or not growing your own food is a ridiculous backwards caveman notion relegated to the pitiful moneyless. Despite the fact that the agri-cult-ure keeps you alive, your society will still decide for you if farming is labelled as an alternative lifestyle rather than mainstream. This despite the fact that cult, culture, agriculture and cultivate are a communal group of words.
Which Rights of Creation you are entitled to.
That a male only God has a womb from which he gave birth to the Universe and that you were born of this male. “I'm a child of God!” No creature is born except through a female and no Creation is born except through a female Creator, as above, so below. The only way you can be a child of a male only God is through adoption – the male only God adopting you and you adopting the cult that thinks this way despite no natural world examples to support such logic.
Cults take who you are and guide you into who you become.
Without an understanding of the natural world, mental bearings, thus mental orientation is thrown off the way. Therefore mental imbalance, instability and illness (the conditions for being crazy) exist.

How many gnats you strain at and how many camels you swallow.
Look at anything you do (think) or don't do (don't think) and tell me how it has not developed out of your cult-ure.
Once you get old enough and you renew your membership in a cult-ure, you pawn your soul for a ready-made already thought-out list of philosophies, values, ideas, practices and traditions. Crazy, huh?

If your cult-ure is a higher context than the Creator's cult-ure (the natural world context), you can't help but be crazy.
If your cult-ure is a higher context than the historical context, you can't help but be crazy.
If your patriotism, nationalism or religiousness is a higher context than your human beingness, you can't help but be crazy.
For those of us whose culture is on the lower-self side of the divine dividing line, welcome to the club, the cult and culture of craziness where everything is decided for you and so you are taught to hate critical thinking.

*Be not deceived by the many variations of culture. Societies have cultures and within the overall culture there are variations but all of them are still part of the overall culture. So don't think just because your logic varies in some areas of the culture, that you are not in the same culture. You don't get a significantly different culture until you shift the balance of your core context.
As such, even cultures of different named societies are still the same culture such as the culture of America and Russia or any of their look-alikes and wannabes no matter the ethnicity and sovereignty.
This is of no surprise, because Africa, in its pre-colonial days, was one culture with variations in both the intra-continental and inter-continental Diasporas.
Most societies call themselves civilizations but they are not.

**It is this difference that creates different references. These references are used in logic processes. In other words, difference in cults creates different references which makes things diffi-cult. What is diffi-cult is due to the difference in cult-ural choices. The logic of cult A does not match the logic of cult B. What is diffi-cult is each cult-ure decides what is truth.
Under these circumstances of conflicting cults and conflicting definitions of what truth is, if you really want to find out truth, you must look to the non-human portion of the natural world for examples, explanation and verification. Some cults decide truth is not in the natural world, instead it is in their holy book and/or in their government. Some cults even go so far as to claim there is separation between their holy book and their government (church and state). And the cult members believe it. The open prayer, "God Bless America" is clear evidence church and state are not separate. How many times does a government representative have to repeat that statement before the people's punch-drunkenness wears off?
What this tells us is most people who live in societies have co-dependent cultures – sometimes religion is the truth and sometimes government is the truth. Both of them support and defend each other.

***First, your parents decide for you what is acceptable. Your parents are your culture. After you get old enough, whatever culture you decide to subscribe to becomes just like your parents because that culture decides what is acceptable. You only have one decision you can make and you make that decision constantly – which spirit you will follow – the cult of the lower-self (single species human society based) or higher-self (multiple species natural world civilization based).
The exception to this is if you choose a higher-self culture, then you are encouraged to also critically think for yourself to ensure communal health.

Are People Who Talk To Themselves Crazy?
Changing The Mental Health Conversation
Unity Consciousness #671


(Part 2 of 5)

Talking is simply the verbal expression of reading.

You talk to yourself continuously internally. (UC#667 – 669)

You Are Encouraged To Talk To Yourself All The Time Early In Life

You are told to work out a problem by yourself by talking it out to yourself.
You are told to visualize thoughts so why are you crazy if you verbalize thoughts?
You are told to verbalize emotions (instead of keeping them inside) so why can't you also verbalize thoughts (instead of keeping them inside)?
Why is it not okay to verbalize inner dialogue?
When you have conversations with others you are verbalizing a summary of your inner dialogue. Everything you say is that way. You have to first talk to yourself before you can talk to anyone else.
Not being able to hear yourself think means you can't listen to yourself talking to yourself.
You talk to yourself all the time as you are thinking about anything and everything.
Logic is the same thing as talking to yourself.

You talk to animals, plants and machines. Yet, you are not considered crazy.
You will often talk out loud certain interjections such as, shoot, darn, yes and wow.
You talk to people you know can't hear you such as people on television, in other vehicles, on sports teams...
You talk to yourself when you say “Come on!”
At some point, you will mumble, grumble and talk under your breath to yourself.

In order for you to say, do or think anything, you must talk to yourself in multiple ways.
If you stop talking to yourself, you will die instantly. That would be crazy.

To bounce something around, toss something around, chew on it and think about it is the same thing as talking to yourself.
When you think about something, who else are you talking to, but yourself? Why can't you talk it out to sort it out especially if you can write it out and not be considered crazy?

If talking to yourself is hearing voices in your head, then you better not listen to conscience, ego, intuition or the sixth sense.

You talk to yourself all the time by asking yourself questions and answering them.
What time or day is it?
What am I going to eat, wear or do.
You are talking to yourself right now as you are reading this.
You are continuing the conversation with yourself by deciding what to do with this information.

Yeshua (Jesus), talked to himself on the execution stake. He talked out loud to someone no one else could see or hear – God. Everyone who prays talks to someone not physically present.
According to post-modern thinking, this is crazy.

As you regain balance, you will talk to your Ancestors.

If the way you talk to yourself is not crazy, then who else, just because they talk to themselves, is talking crazy?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Who Is Crazy And Who Is Not?
Changing The Mental Health Conversation
Unity Consciousness #670


(Part 1 of 5)

What are we really saying when we say someone or something is crazy?
We're saying it doesn't match our logic.
(In other words, it does not compute.)
Our logic (A) does not match another person's logic (B).
This is not enough of a basis for either A or B to be considered crazy.*
This is a basis upon which more understanding can be sought. This information will result in knowing more about the differences between logic A and logic B.

Some Reasons For Being Crazy

Just as all of us have some degree of physical illness, all of us have some degree of mental illness.

The information our mental logic uses has been tampered with by mis-education. This is one reason.
Malnutrition is another reason.
We do not always choose to follow the spirit of the higher self. This is the third reason and enough for now.

Until we correct our mis-education, get the nutrition we need and choose conscience over ego, our minds will continue to operate using corrupted data and instructions, low energy and less than the best guidance.
These conditions foster cellular imbalance, thus mental imbalance, thus mental illness, thus, enough reason for all us being crazy to some degree.

Yes, Mental Can Stem From Physical And/Or Spiritual Imbalance

All illness is the result of imbalance.
”Physical and mental illness is viewed primarily as a form of disorder or imbalance resulting from disunity between mind and body, the individual and society, or humans and spirits. A proper diagnosis of the root causes of disease requires an investigation of social relations and spiritual transgressions.”
Asante, Molefi Kete and Mazama, Ama Editors, "Encyclopedia Of African Religion," (2009) pp. 448-449.
Mind-centeredness and closed-mindedness are twin dysfunctions that will lead some to conclude they have no part in craziness and that craziness is not part of their being. The extent of their thought process is to tell themselves, “I'm not crazy because crazy people talk to themselves.”
In doing so, they have both proven and disproven their own conclusion.

*Crazy is a suboptimal term used to refer to a person's mental state overall or to a specific behavior or thought. I am using the term “crazy” in that same context.
The term is suboptimal because it is designed to be inconsistently applied – and it is.
The term is also suboptimal because it merely serves as a label for that which is not understood and/or is feared.
The term is inappropriate because there is not a mirror image metaphor by which the term may be confirmed. (For example, if it is true some people are crazy in their minds because they talk to themselves, then there must be a mirror image elsewhere in the natural world such that another aspect of creation is also crazy for the same reason.)

Crazy | Basic Mental Health Resources & Issues And So Continues The Meaning Of Life & Existence (Part 8l)

”Are People Who Talk To Themselves Crazy?, Changing The Mental Health Conversation, Unity Consciousness #671”

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Reading For Eternal Life, Unity & Destiny
Unity Consciousness #669


(Part 3 of 3)

Ultimately, Creation (you, me and all else) is about the understanding of the Creator, thus the consciousness of the Creator. Since Creation is the Creator as One who transformed self into the Creator as Many, there is separation of consciousness. Part of what is necessary for the Creator to again become as One is to restore conscious connection of the One to the Many aspects of self and among each other and to reconcile and unite all understandings in the Universe. This is the process of the Creator again becoming as One and the process of the Many (you, me and all else) becoming one with the Creator. This is our destiny mutually beneficially simultaneously.

Dissecting The Definition Of Reading Further

To read is to re-ad (re-add).
To read is to re-add information to consciousness.
Reading is Readding.
You are readding information to both your individual consciousness even as the same information is being simultaneously shared with other portions of the consciousness of the Creator.

This is significant because it reminds us that no matter what conditions exist, the Creator will find a way to solve the equation that allows self to again become the Creator As One. Your resistance is futile. Your assistance is fertile.
This means no matter what a spirit is readding or not readding with their physical eyes, this will not prevent the Creator from eventually finding a way to get that aspect of Creation and that portion of understanding to again gain the necessary understanding to unify and become One, even if it is necessary to push the reset button for that spirit and start that aspect over at previous form of existence.

Reading [with physical eyes] is one of the sources of nutrients for the thinking mind [thought processes], thus, readding is one of the ways to get information, get understandings and unify portions of consciousness.

Becoming More Literate In Multiple Ways Of Reading
Unity Consciousness #668


(Part 2 of 3)

In Part 1, we are reminded of the purpose of reading.
Now, in Part 2, we begin by clearly stating what is NOT the purpose of reading.
Reading is not for the purpose of showing how intelligent you are.
As discussed before, there are multiple ways of reading. Each way of reading is an ability. Each ability is an intelligence.

Multiple Ways of Reading

1. All sensing ability functions by reading. Eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue read. We have far more sensing abilities than these in our bodies. To aid understanding of each of these senses, ask: What do my eyes sense? What information do I get from my eyes? What form does this information come in? What would I not know without the use of my eyes? What other way could I know?

2. All particles, elements, atoms, molecules, nutrients and cells read.

3. Based on #1 and #2 above, we know all creatures and all beings and all organisms read.

4. Rocks read.

5. Water, Air, Earth and Sun read.

6. Spirit, mind, emotion and body read.

7. Some senses can read more than one form of information. For example eyes can read written information and movement (non-verbal reading). This then means, observing is reading. In addition to letter symbols, eyes can read other forms of symbols.

8. Hands and skin using the sense of touch can read written words called Braille.

9. DNA and RNA read and are read. There is a ton of reading taking place inside and outside cells by every item present.

10. Writing is reading. Writing is the process of transferring information from thoughts onto paper or another form. The process that controls my hand movements must read my thoughts in order to transfer the information to the page. Writing is reading.

11. Reading is writing. Information must be transferred from the page to the mind so the mind can process it. In order to process the information, the information must be written in a form that processes can use, thus the information must be written. Reading is writing.

12. Talking is reading. Talking is the verbal form of writing. Reading, writing and talking are forms of the same thing. We are just using different abilities to express the same thing in a different way.
Therefore, since every person can read in multiple ways and every person has thoughts, then every person can write. All you have to do is transfer the information you read from your thoughts into another form. Do not allow your Creator-given abilities to be limited by human opinion of the correct way to speak or write, especially from humans who have an extremely limited comprehension of reading.

13. Machines read.

14. There are even more ways of reading.

Reading Is Fundamentally More Than Meets The Eye
Expanded Definition
Unity Consciousness #667


(Part 1 of 3)

Reading is much more than just humans using physical eyes to process written words.

Beginning Definition Of Reading

Reading is the logic process of transferring information from one dimension to another dimension for the purpose of making the information available for another logic process.

Everything we do or don't do is based on the processing of information.
Everything we do or don't do involves reading.

This means then, that reading, is taking place, continuously, in multiple ways.

The process of transferring the words on this blog page to your eyes and then to your nerves and then to your brain is reading. The words, the page, your eyes and your brain are dimensions.
Your eyes read the information. Your nerves read the information. Your brain read the information.

In order for you to read words on this page, you must read at least three times in three different ways in order to read once.

Increasing Understanding & Expanding Definition

Oh how we humans have mucked up a lot of understanding in the process of trying to become individuals with ourselves rather than become one with the Creator!

The act of reading is much more expansive than reading words on a page.
Therefore, the ability to read must also be much more expansive – much more than we have unbecomingly come to think.

We already knew this because we know: action is the result of ability – the use or non-use of ability.
We know the act of reading is the result of multiple abilities.
Now, today, we are reminded of what we already knew.
Since there are multiple ways the act of reading takes place, there is a multitude of multiple abilities that make reading possible.
We know this intuitively because we know there are multiple dimensions that must communicate, therefore we know reading must be constantly taking place simultaneously all over the place in a multitude of ways within and without.
All these ways are necessary because we have multiple sensing abilities and multiple processes constantly taking place.
If reading, was limited to human eyes processing written words, then humans could not exist because our existence depends on the processing of information across multiple dimensions.
If reading was limited to the way humans narrowly think of reading, then the Universe of Creation could not exist for the same reason humans could not exist.
Not only could Creation not exist, the Creator's understanding would be limited.

This then, brings us full circle to the need incentive: Creation was created for the purpose of returning understanding to the Creator. Creation is the way the Creator gains understanding of self. We (Creation) are the know yourself of the Creator.

Creation is the Creator as Many. This is why the Universe** has multiple dimensions, including us – because all the dimensions in the Universe and in us are- the existence of the Creator in multiple dimensions.
This is why understanding these dimensions is needed.
This is why the ability to transfer information between dimensions (reading) is necessary.
We know multiple ways of reading are continuously taking place in you, me, the Universe and in every aspect of Creation.

Reading is the process of the Creator transferring information between different dimensions of self in order to communicate with self and understand self in order to evolve in order to ensure everlasting life.

Yes, reading is fundamental. Reading is universally fundamental.
Reading is taking place continuously throughout every single aspect of creation, to the largest and smallest.

Take time to contemplate different ways, reading is taking place. Expand your understanding of reading, beyond words on a page. The Initiate will write these things down in their notebook for reading and updating as needed.

**The word Universe is just another way to say Body of the Creator. The word Body is just another way to say Universe. Thus, bodies are Universes. For example, the human body is a Universe. Earth is a Universe. A Cell is a Universe. This is why the within, without, above and below are the same. Understand any of these and understand all of these. From this core context, we know. We know self and all else.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Medication: The Drug & Weapon Of Choice
Unity Consciousness #666


Who doesn't know the goal of the society they live in is to dominate them? Because societies are fueled by the lower spiritual nature, societies can only maintain their existence primarily through domination of their own citizens. This is generally accomplished by keeping people distracted, weak and high.

Due to the already mentioned suboptimal disposition of societies, one of the ways people are dominated is by keeping people distracted, weakened and high on legal drugs, prescription and over-the-counter.*

More people in societies are harmed by legal drugs than illegal drugs and more people in societies are taking legal drugs than illegal drugs.

In America (the current ring leader of loss leaders), various reports state anywhere from 70% to 50% of Americans are on legal drugs. This data is limited to prescription medication and is several years old. If you add to this data, the number of people taking over-the-counter legal drugs, the number rises significantly. Over-the-counter drugs are prescription drugs because Americans have been issued a blanket prescription for these drugs (Just go get whatever you think you need based on what we keep teaching you, you need.)
When you add in all the other ways toxins enter our bodies, the number of people under the influence of prescription medication reaches 100% most likely.
This means every American is on drugs and medication because every American encounters toxins daily that enter the system and has the same negative effects as if we were taking straight up medication.

Here's What We Should Have Learned By Now

Medicine, in its one and only form, as food, should be the primary means to maintain and restore health. The mirror images for how all other creatures maintain health teach us this. (If you want to find understanding on any subject, just look in the mirrors).

Medicine (food) should be primary.
Medication should be secondary and temporary. Medication should be a last resort, not the first resort. This brings us to another understanding. We are sick because our logic has been trained to prefer the quick fix as evidence of high intelligence.
We know that conclusion is wrong when we look in the mirror image of the Creator. If a quick fix was evidence of high intelligence, the Creator would have fixed Creation lickety-split.

Ranking The Things We Ingest For Success Most Often

1. Gunk Food (food that contains toxins. In other words, medicine mixed with medication)
2. Junk Food (toxins that contain food. In other words, medication mixed with medicine)
3. Medication (vitamins & minerals)
4. Medication (pain)
5. Medication (non-infection)
6. Medicine (food)
7. Medication (for infections)

Yes, indeed! We pick our poisons several times each day.

The suboptimal way of societies is the way of progressive regressive diminishing returns. Societies convince their citizens they are living better healthier lives and it's due to the ideologies of the societies. Both of these notions are false and we know it. Despite the umpteen signs exposing this falseness, societies use many methods to distract attention away from obvious quality of life failures of societies. One such method is the use of medication to continue to create the illusion that societies have the solutions to meet our healthcare needs. Medication is the drug and weapon of choice that supports the illusion that an anti-ecosystem based approach is healthy and sustainable. This logic leads to being dominated because it leads away from where greater power resides.
The Initiate will discover and connect this understanding to other forms of medication (discussed elsewhere) designed specifically to help dominate body, spirit, mind and emotion. This must be so because we know there is also nutrition designed specifically to help liberate body, spirit, mind and emotion.

*This includes alcohol, tobacco, and chemicals in food/water, other products sold for ingestion such as personal care products and other sources of toxins discussed multiple times elsewhere.

”Trump, RFK Jr,, and Vaccines”

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Medication Malaise: Prescription & Over The Counter
Another Major-Mini Self-Health Assessment
Unity Consciousness #665


What kind of information are we relying on when logic tells us medication is the best we can do for our health over the long run?
We are relying on incomplete, mixed-up information.

Medication is a human-made secondary creation.
Medicine is a Creator-made primary creation.
Medication is a drug.
Medicine is food.
Medication is not nutrition.
Medicine is nutrition.
Most medication “works” by interfering with cellular processes (It makes us feel sorta okay about continuously using broken logic. We know something ain't right but we choose not to use what is free to willingly put up a fight).
Medicine repairs and restores balance to cellular processes. (It fixes logic)
Medication has direct negative effects that we are taught are on the “side,” thus we think side effects are not the main thing we should consider when it comes to taking medication.
Medicine has no negative effects because food has no negative side effects.
You gotta eat medicine.
You don't gotta eat medication.

At best, medication is useful in the short-run, sometimes.
Medicine is always healthful, short term and long term.

How many medications actually address the cause of sickness? The answer is: relatively few.
We know we must be in a medication malaise if we expect something that does not address the cause of sickness to produce the effect of health (overcoming the sickness).

Most medications and medical treatments wreak holy health havoc by causing more fundamental cellular imbalances.

The medication malaise has us afraid to think for ourselves without a doctor's approval. Humans are probably the only creature who outsource basic needs, especially the information we put into our logic. Secondly, we also choose to use our sensing abilities in a subservient manner to the sensing abilities of others of the same species.

We must consider a radically old approach:
If what is out of balance in our body is not immediately life threatening, then the logically healthier choice is to adjust habits to bring the body back into balance, rather than take medication to hide symptoms.
Medication, as a health necessity and imperative, is preached more often than medicine as food as nutrition as health is taught. Thus we have bought a lot of what we've heard a lot.
We repeat the short list of supposed benefits of medication without repeating the mega list of known side effects. Test yourself or any person taking prescription or over the counter medication and you will find they can tell you the benefits but not the side effects, even though some are listed on the package.

Consider this radically old approach:
Nutrition less toxins improves health outcomes and helps us live better lives.
Since food is nutrition and nutrition is medicine, food helps us live better, healthier lives, not medication. Food is healthcare insurance.
The general malaise we're in, in societies, apart from that caused by medications, has us following suboptimal thinking trying to get to optimal living.
We think we're doing good when we come away from the doctor's office with a prescription and our health insurance covers it.
Believe it or not, there is always a huge co-pay to pay when we think this way.

The prescription for all our needs is: more nutrition less toxins.
This is true no matter what symptoms our imbalances are manifesting themselves as. Call it what you want, all sickness has the same cause.

The Water & The Medication

Continue to consider what is happening to us.
Taking medication is like drinking dirty water and expecting to get healthier. Though the body is able to extract the water molecules, the body still has to deal with and process the dirty toxic stuff through the cells of the body. How much dirty toxic stuff can our cells tolerate and for how long, just so we can get the benefits of the water?
Most of us who are not officially taking prescription or over the counter medications are still drinking dirty water daily because we have the ”civilized” convenient luxury of medicated water – on tap. The chemicals in tap water that should not be there have the same negative effects as straight up medication.
The medication malaise allows us to overlook this because we are told it ain't so and are issued clean water quality reports.
These reports rely on not-so-sophisticated, not-so-scientific lies. Here's why.
Parts per million or billion are not okay when you have trillions of cells in your body.
It only takes one cell to malfunction to get health moving in the wrong direction.

Taking medication is like taking one part help and 11 parts harm.
Study the medication you are taking** – unless the malaise says otherwise.
Otherwise all of us must take clean water (food) and clean medication (food) in order to be healed and healthy.
This is the logic we must self-assess with whatever we intend to ingest.

No matter if we convince ourselves the benefits of medication outweigh the side effects, that relationship, though it “might” start out in our favor, always deteriorates towards the negative. Understand this. A person on medication is unlikely to also address nutrition. Then, as an already weakened body is continuously beat down by the toxic side effects of medication, the body needs more medication, because nutrition has not improved sufficiently enough. The body also needs medication to offset medication. This is a predictable slippery sickening slide downhill towards graver consequences. Let us not confuse the benefits of medication that fights infections as equal to non-infection medication. An infection is an external pathogen that found its way inside. Most health problems begin internally as cellular imbalance, cellular malfunction. This is the main area where medication falls way short. We must not extend the same positive conclusion we see from infection medication to non-infection medication.
This is why infection medication is advised for short term use only and prescribed that way, as it should be. Short term should also be the length of use for other medications – otherwise we are simply feeding the profit pig of others while depleting our resources, especially health.

The second thing we must not do is mistake the absence of pain, when we take pain-killers as an improvement to health. Just because medication stops us from feeling pain, doesn't mean the cause of the pain has been corrected, even if the pain is not felt after we stop taking the medication. We must not falsely conclude the absence of pain or the medicating away of pain is always a good thing. We must not falsely conclude pain medication works for us in a healthy way and therefore, other medication is also healthy for us.

Let us be certain to understand an over-the-counter or prescription vitamin is medication. A vitamin in non-food form is not nutrition. These vitamins are medication (put together by humans) and ARE NOT EQUAL to vitamins in medicine (put together by the Creator). The main reason is because of all the other ingredients included for various reasons. Most vitamins contain toxins, thus are medications. The secondary reason vitamins are not nutrition, even if the vitamin does not contain a toxin, is because nutrients we need for cellular healthcare do not come in isolated form. Try to find any vitamin by itself in the natural world intended for us to eat. Thus, when it comes to human-made or human-extracted or human-put-together vitamins, since the associated nutrients are missing or are not in their natural state and form, prescription and over-the-counter vitamins can have less than the desired intended healthy effect, thus should only be considered as medication. Thus vitamins should only be used short-term unless there is just no way to get food into the body.

Vitamins and minerals sold separately from food to be ingested in a non-food form walks the line in terms of being beneficial.
The universal ecosystem and our body ecosystem are based on balance. Life is based on balance. Vitamins and minerals must exist and function in balance. Separating vitamins and minerals from their food source removes the balance that exists with other elements in food designed to work in conjunction with the vitamins and minerals we need. It also disrupts the digestive process. There are steps in the process that must take place before the nutrients in food are made available to our cells. When this does not happen, because the nutrient has been pre-processed, other living portions of our body suffer.

When we try to skip or shortcut the process involved in ingesting and digesting food, we are on the wrong path. We know this from the mirror image mistake we've made trying to shortcut the process plants need to get nutrition. When we simply add fertilizer (vitamins and minerals) to the soil, it disrupts and harms the ecosystem, and even though a plant might grow and appear healthy, how can it be healthy if, simultaneously, its ecosystem is being harmed?
Most plants must get nutrition mainly through the decomposition of organic matter just as humans must get nutrition mainly through the digestion of organic matter – decomposition and digestion are two forms of the same process to provide nutrients to two forms of the same creation.

**Side effects are called different names: side effects, warnings, interactions, contraindications, dangers...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Your Thoughts, Your Logic, Your Habits
Unity Consciousness #664


All thoughts are a byproduct of logic.
This is important to understand when it comes to your habits.

The reason “saying” you want to change a habit or “thinking” you want to change a habit is not enough, is because “saying” and “thinking” are in the middle of the process of changing kicking a habit. (UC#663)

Same Process That Creates Habits Is The Same Process That Changes Habits

Instead of trying to change a habit by only saying or thinking you want to change, you must move towards the beginning of the process by understanding you need two things in order to change kick a habit:
1. Information (data and instructions) that is different in some way than the information that helped produce the current habit.
2. Understanding of which spirit is fueling the current habit and which spirit is necessary to fuel the change of habit.

In other words, in order to change kick the behaviors of a habit, you must adjust transform your thinking. Since your thinking is the byproduct of your logic, you must adjust transform logic in order to adjust transform thinking. Since logic consists of information and spirit, you must adjust transform the information you're using and adjust transform your decision as to which spirit you're working with. You can tell the nature of the information you're using by the nature of the fruit your information produces within your natural self and produces without, in the rest of the natural world. Fruit is a byproduct of logic. In the same manner, you can also tell which aspect of your spirit you're working with.

In other words, there is no such thing as changing kicking a habit. There is only adjusting transforming one or more habits into one or more different habits. Since information is essential to this process, you need to always be working on getting and awakening to more information from without and within and increasing your understanding of this information. This must be so because there is always a need to adjust transform habits.

Adjust Transform The Habit To Change Kick The Habit
Unity Consciousness #663


First You Must Adjust Transform Context

A habit is the same thing as logic.
Everything is a habit because everything is the result of a sequence of motions and the repetition of those motions.
Improve your understanding of this context and you will improve your ability to change kick many habits.

Kicking Against The Pricks

For some habits, it is not easy to kick the habit for the same reason it is not easy to kick against the pricks.

Pricks are pointed sticks. These sticks were placed behind oxen and leaned towards them to teach ox not to sit while tied to the hitch (because being hitched means it's time to move forward and work). If the ox did try to sit or kick against the pricks, the ox quickly got the painful point.

Pricks are the same thing as logic pointed in one direction that resists logic moving in the opposite direction. There is a type of pain associated with every change of habit.

What Does This Mean For You & Your Habits?

Every habit you have, “good” or “bad”, is already leaning in each of those directions – leaning in a good direction or leaning in a bad direction. You might be trying to change a habit but you know, it ain't easy. It ain't easy because the natural flow of information and energy is already firmly established that created the habit in the first place. Now you must reverse that flow by establishing and sustaining adjusted information. This is a more fundamental understanding of what it takes to change kick a habit. Therefore, in order to change kick a habit, you must change your logic so that your internal motions naturally move in the opposite direction over and over again until your logic produces the thoughts you want in order to produce the behaviors you want in order to change a habit.

Picking Which Habit Pricks To Kick

There are “good” pricks and there are bad “pricks.”
Some pricks are there to remind you to do or not do something bad for you.
Some pricks are there to remind you to do or not do something good for you.
These pricks are determined by the direction they are pointing and encouraging you to move in.

In other words, pricks are logic processes leaning and moving in the opposite direction you are currently leaning or moving.
This is why it is hard to kick habits – good or bad.
This is why, instead, your habits must be adjusted transformed.

This means behavior related to the habit must be adjusted transformed.
Before this can happen, thoughts that produce these behaviors must be adjusted transformed.
Before this can happen, processes which produce thoughts must be adjusted transformed.
Before this can happen, logic must be adjusted transformed.
Before this can happen, information must be adjusted transformed because logic operates based on information.
This information gets its energy, impetus and incentive from spirit. Spirit is energy, impetus and incentive. Spirit is the energy impetus incentive that powers all things. Spirit is the energy impetus incentive that fuels logic. Thus, spirit is the incentive, impetus energy that fuels habits. Thus, spirit is the impetus incentive energy that helps us adjust transform the habit.

When you decide which spirit you are going to follow and add that decision to your free will power, you can adjust transform habits (This sentence is the first step to change kick a habit).

It's not going to be easy, but it is going to be possible. (UC#596)

Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally Say Farewell To A Fool
Make Adjustments To Reasoning
Unity Consciousness #662


The only way I can be a fool is to not understand (know) myself as I am. Understanding is a function of logic. When logic does not function properly, internal processes cannot return proper understanding of information to my senses. As a result, I become a fool because I am fooled by my own logic.
Failure Of Own Logic


Faulty Operation Of Logic


Fragmented Outcome Of Logic
Since thoughts are driven by logic, once logic fails to function in balance, behavior falls out of balance.

I use belief as my main basis for making decisions.

I begin to believe what is not known more than I believe what is known.

In a twist of faith, I also allow what I think I know to be an automatic reason for disbelieving what I think I don't know.

I Am Such A Fool

by Ancestors through Usiku

Even Mr. T doesn't pity me
Keep being told plain as day
“Hey! You're going the wrong freakin' way!”
I nod and keep going further out the way
Heeding not warnings, needing lots of praise
Logically thinking I'm getting to being okay
And that well, includes feeling the imbalance of hell
When logic fails, so does my ability to tell
I can only see the physical surface
Even so I feel nervous
Wondering about value of values, versus
Why it takes so much self-worth to purchase
Dreams and so many stuffin' things
Knowing nothing can pay for higher purpose
Or the process to understand where logic leads
Except the attention of a reforming fool
Getting better at knowing self

I am a fool if I think I must go through the experience of making the same mistake others have already made.
I do this because logic has failed.
I think because I am different and unique that the principles of life somehow make adjustments and allowances for me and don't apply to me in the same way and won't have the same fundamental effects.

Relationships are fooled when each person decides their own set of values and expects unity.
For example, what if hydrogen and oxygen, each had a different set of values? How much water would there be? How much nutrition/food/medicine would there be? (Food Fight #59).
I must not continue living a fool's life by thinking the relationship between any two things or among any three or more things is different than my relationship to any single thing or two or more things.
Mirror image metaphors tell me this is not true. Mama has told me the same thing since before the beginning, UC#1.
Thus, I am a fool if logic tells me my spirit, mind, emotion and body can each have a different set of values and still work together for their greater good and my greater good.
By restoring and repairing original information (data and instructions) of mirror image metaphors into my brain computer, my logic will process it and I will understand.

Even in a faulty fragmented condition, my logic, despite all the ways in which it has failed me, still has its foundation intact. This I understand because I understand a principle of natural law and order: what is out of balance can be brought back into balance.
If logic can fail (function out of balance), logic can also be brought back (repaired and restored) into balance. The process that damaged my logic produces failures and the reverse of that process simultaneously and automatically produces all the successes I need, thus allows me to logically fare well. By this process also, colors are in reverse and the last is becoming first. Health is being repaired and restored in the universe above and without and then to Earth below and within.

Thus, by extension, failure is a function of logic. Success is a function of logic. Both are determined by how my logic functions. Thus, failures and successes are functions of understandings.

7 Explanations: What Happened To Advanced Africans
Unity Consciousness #661


Explanation #1 – By Spiritual & Religious Mirror Image Metaphor

If there is a Higher Spiritual Power who created the Universe and there is also another Spiritual Power who messed things up (the evil one), then we have one possible explanation as to what happened to Africans who were so advanced.

We use fundamental key, “As above, so below,” and we use the extension of that key which tells us energy (motion) begins in the spiritual heavens first and then flows outward, playing itself out in physical dimensions.

Explanation #2 - As Without, So Below

If it is possible for a powerful Earth to be sickened by a tiny component within it, (humans), then a powerful people can also be taken over by that which is less powerful, yet powerful enough to cause imbalance.

Explanation #3 - The Cellular Mirror Image Metaphor

If it is possible for a healthy body (cells) to be invaded and be taken over by a virus, then it is also possible in other dimensions. Sickness does not have to be the result of the failure of the body or its cells. The time period when the virus has the upper hand is limited to the degree the cells and body do the things necessary to overcome the imbalance within.

Explanation #4 – History of Powerful Nations

All powerful nations have risen and fallen. This bodes well for the future of the world.

Explanation #5 – The Need Incentive

There must be challenge, adversity, struggle in life in order to promote mature growth. The period of gaining understand and making the necessary adjustments is the time when power is overtaken.

Explanation #6 – Inherent Weakness

Being powerful does not mean there is the absence of weakness.
Sooner or later there will always be a logic response to exploit that weakness.

Explanation #7 – Prophecy

Africans are the firstborn, and by birthright, heirs to the throne of power. The first had to become last because the evil one had to have a period of reign upon Earth in order for greatness to mature in understanding, evolve and make its inevitable comeback.
It is inevitable because, if the Creator can overcome Ogo/Yurugu/Devil and restore balance and Earth can overcome humans and cells can overcome mutations, then most certainly Africans can overcome all challengers and the challenges they present and restore civilization.

The Initiate will continue to explore each metaphor and understand more.

China's & Thailand's African Origin & Ancestry
Unity Consciousness #660


Welcome African!
As we know, Africa is the originating birthplace of all human ancestry.
The following article speaks to all people, and in some ways, specifically to the Chinese. Thai people, Indonesians, Native Americans and many others are also mentioned.

The First Chinese Were Black

What I found especially interesting:
1. What should not be overlooked is this person started out with one understanding and ended up with another understanding. His desire to know truth led him to make self-correction of his understanding, despite what he had been taught to believe for years.

2. He stated that through the education process, he always believed there was something special about Chinese [that they evolved independently of other humans from homo erectus and developed in China. None of this teaching is true, yet most groups of people have been taught similar things about how they came into existence. These people also believe there is something special about their origins and their group of people that makes them unique in a superior sort of way.]

China's Native American Connection

It is the Chinese, after they had transformed and transitioned from their original Africoid types and into their Semite and Yellow Race types, who crossed the frozen land bridge of the Bering Strait and became one of several groups of people who made up what is called Native Americans. Other African variations came into North America from South America. Original Africans also came directly from Africa and are also part of the multi-skin-toned, multi-featured group of people called Native Americans. Native Americans were not a totally homogeneous group of “red” people. By the time Spanish and other Europeans set foot in North America, there were several tens of millions of people already there.

Let me be clear, in brief, about the Native Americans. Native Americans were not the only Native Americans. There were other groups of Africans, who are not considered Native Americans who came before and during the period of the so-called Native Americans and left their mark. Three of these groups are the Olmecs, Clovis and Folsom. Africans were on the move, travelling all over the world, even by sea. Of course, the various groups of people intermixed as has always been the case historically. Some of the new mixtures also became part of the group now called Native Americans. One of those groups are the Seminoles (Semi-noles) who are Semites and Native American and Asian and African.


The first Chinese Emperor, Fu-Hsi ( 2953-2838 B.C.), was a black African who invented the oracle of " I Ching" or "The Book of Change."

Martial arts and acupuncture were brought from Kemet to China. Proof is painted on the walls of the Temple of Ptah in Kemet.

[The reverence held for Chinese medicine should be shared with the African foundation it stands on and stems from. The supposed Asian acumen for math, if there is one, is an African advantage. This surely accounts for all the pyramids in China, Asia and even in North America and other parts of the world that have been torn down, hidden or not talked about.]

Per Kenneth R. H. Mackenzie

A study of the images of ancient deities of both the Old and New Worlds reveal their Ethiopic origin. This is noted by Kenneth R. H. Mackezie in T. A. Buckley's Cities of the Ancient World, p. 180: "From the wooly texture of the hair, I am inclined to assign to the Buddha of India, the Fuhi of China, the Sommonacom of the Siamese [Thailand], the Zaha of the Japanese, and the Quetzalcoatl of the Mexicans, the same, and indeed an African, or rather Nubian, origin." (See UC#455)

Origins Of Chinese & Other Asians

The Black Headed People of China: Li Min- Zhou Dynasty

Asian & Arab Origins Per Cheikh Anta Diop

The Yellow and Semites appeared only around the Mesolithic Age (around 10,000 years ago), probably following great migratory currents and inter­breeding.
Race And History: Origin Of Humanity And Racial Differentiation by Cheikh Anta Diop

Agriculture did not originate in China, the Indus Valley, the Fertile Crescent, between the Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers, in South or Central America or North America. (UC#372)

Asian-Chinese Dynasty

The Destruction Of Black Civilization - Dr. Chancellor Williams & Dr. John G. Jackson

It is quite ridiculous that many of the things above are still an Ancient Chinese secret among the Chinese and in the world. It is unlikely this information is being taught in Chinese schools. Same is true for most of the world's schools. Though these truths are again becoming self-evident in more people, constant lies are still present for a little while longer.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Definitioning Differences Between Listening & Hearing
Unity Consciousness #659



Listening involves using all sensing ability of the entire self to recognize and take in messages (data and instructions) from all sources for the purpose of understanding what those information messages mean. As a result, by default, listening involves processing the information well beyond the moment it is first encountered. Listening involves many things such as questioning, further thought, study, investigation, meditation, nutrition and further listening.


Hearing involves recognizing vibration waves with the ears. Hearing with physical ears is low level stuff just as seeing with physical eyes is low level vision and Giri So is low level consciousness.

Listening's List

1. Listening is part of the communication process. Communication means communing. Communing means tuning in to the spiritual essence and identifying which spiritual nature is speaking to you and which spiritual nature you are speaking back with. Communing is part of the conversation process. Conversation is part of the understanding process.

2. Some listening requires silence and stillness. Some listening requires being very active and making sounds and sensations. At other times, listening falls in between those two extremes.

3. Listening is critical to understanding. Hearing is critical to some forms of listening. We must do both, hear and listen.

4. Any information I swallow whole, will choke and stifle the critical.

5. Listening is a resources that leads to the resource called understanding.

6. Listening is what Initiates do.

7. Listening involves using multiple languages.

8. Sound is a vibration wave. Sensation is also a vibration wave but is not a part of hearing.

9. Many good things don't sound good at first; many bad things do.

10. Listening leads to knowledge of self. You must listen in order to understand who you are. You must understand who you are in order to have healthy self-esteem.

11. The process of becoming one with the Creator is the same as the process listening lays forth which is the same as “the way.”

12. Once we have restored the willingness to listen we have found the way to wisdom.

13. Once we have found the way to wisdom we have found the way to understand the Wheel of Heaven which is the Wheel of Fortune.

14. It is not possible to outgrow the need to listen.

15. When we listen, we are listening to the higher spiritual nature of self. When we are not listening, we are listening to the lower spiritual nature of self. The higher spiritual nature is open-minded.

16. We are always listening, no matter what. No matter what we think or try to do.

17. Because listening is so much more comprehensive than hearing alone, listening helps move us towards closer contact with context. Listening moves us closer to the heart of the matter by helping us understand the heart within matter which is spirit. Listening helps us understand the spirit of the information we are encountering and processing through our logic processes, thought processes and decision-making processes – which are three ways to say the same thing.

18. Listening involves the tenacity to test the veracity of our current selections (settings) (mindset).

19. Listening is not something we're supposed to decide to do. Listening is like breathing. It is a basic need we must do continuously. Listening and breathing are the default settings we are born with. To decide to only listen sometimes is like deciding to only breathe sometimes. In order to do this, our default settings must become corrupted. A person who decides to try to only breathe sometimes is unhealthy because they do not understand what they need in order to be healthy. This metaphor must not be ignored.

20. Listening is a survival ability and a thrival ability. Listening is a necessary part of the process to learn, get better, improve, mature and evolve.

21. Listening hones abilities for the next transition and opens consciousness to more dimensions.

22. Listening is self-respect because, by listening, I give myself an opportunity to learn, thus improve in understanding myself. Listening is part of the respect I deserve to give myself the best opportunities to be the best, all of me can be.

23. Overcoming challenges (adversity) requires listening.

24. Why should something I don't understand or agree with once I understand it, offend me? Why is being offended my reaction, my response? Do I not understand that my reaction is based on the logic inside me? My logic processed information and gave me the response and I decided to be offended. My understanding is based on the logic inside me. My agreement or disagreement is based on the logic inside me.

25. All conflicts are internal conflicts.

26. All internal conflicts are conflicts of understanding due to things such as incompleteness, fragmentation and mutation. These things can be summarized as imbalance. Imbalance can be summarized as being in a suboptimal state or condition.

27. All conflicts are due to the suboptimal condition within.

28. Move that information out of the sections marked “conclusion” and “decision” in your brain computer and reprocess it.

29. See #9 of Ten Cardinal Principles Of Ancient African Deep Thought (UC#45)

30. Relearn to listen, listen to remember.

31. Listening helps us adjust the current directions of our movements along the way of this spiritual journey to become one with the Creator.

32. Of course this means listening helps us correct our course.

33. Listening helps us work through fear because understanding is more powerful than fear. In other words, in areas we are fearful, we lack sufficient understanding.

34. The person who continues to listen, continues to know better and continues to do better.

Note 1: In review of this topic, I realize, in previous messages, I have used the word “listen” in places where words or phrases such as “follow” or “adopt the ways” or “adopt the thinking” or “believe” would have been better choices.
It is necessary to listen to all information. It also necessary not to follow, believe, adopt the ways or adopt the thinking of all information. Being open-minded does not mean doing these things or co-signing on or being okay with anything and everything people do and don't do.

Note 2: Listening is not simply sitting quietly as information is being provided. You must question information in order to properly assess it. It is nearly impossible to be intent on understanding and not any have questions. Questions help you organize and categorize incoming information to relate it to information you already have, compare it, contrast it and know what section of memory to place it in for future reference. This is called file associations. Don't say, “I'm listening” and then don't have any questions. Without questions, you have only heard what has been said. This is silent disrespect that speaks loudly in more ways than one.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Trinity Identity: Spirit, Mind & Emotion Are One
Unity Consciousness #658


Although I have been mis-taught to think of spirit, mind and emotion as being separate aspects of self, they are actually one thing. Spirit, mind and emotion are actually three ways to understand the same thing. They are each a different word for the same thing – spirit.
In other words, emotion is mind and spirit. Mind is emotion and spirit. Spirit is emotion and mind.

They are three in identity, one in trinity.

I begin to understand this in 2012 when I realize:
a. Spirit, mind, emotion and body are the four inseparable aspects of self.
b. What affects one aspect affects the other three.

How Do I Know Spirit Is Actually Spirit, Mind and Emotion?

Because Of Physical Genetics
Spirit, mind and emotion contain and provide information (data and instruction). I know this because each influences logic and thought processes and behavior. Logic, thought process and behavior are controlled by information (data and instructions) in DND/RNA. This means spirit, mind and emotion is in each cell of the body because each cell has DNA/RNA.

Spirit, mind and emotion are constantly processing information (data and instructions) in order to change my physical genetic library database in order to record, store and update information (data and instructions).

This was the first step in knowing spirit is actually spirit, mind and emotion.

Because Of Spiritual Genetics
How does spirit get into the physical and get transferred along with physical as the physical makes transitions and then when the physical's time is up in this dimension?
The short answers must be:
1. Spirit is united with the physical in the heavens when the first of that physical form is born.
2. After that, spirit is transferred through reproduction.
3. After that spirit travels along with the physical as long as the physical is available.
4. After that spirit is transferred by its mobility ability to transcend dimensions. There is no barrier spirit cannot cross.

This was the first part of the second step.

If I am spirit, mind, emotion and body and I believe the body is the only thing left behind in this life, then I must believe in the mobility of spirit. Through the continuation of critical thinking, I must then conclude that contained within that spirit must also be mind and emotion, since they are not left behind with the body.

Besides, what would be the point of having a spirit that lives on and not the memories of mind and emotion?

Another way to come to the same conclusion is that if I am to experience joy in the afterlife, then I must either experience sadness in the afterlife and/or carry with me into the afterlife, the memory of sadness. This means I must have emotion with me in the afterlife along with spirit.
Also, if I am to remember who I am, where I came, who I left behind and other details about life on Earth, then I must have my mind with me in the afterlife. This means spirit, mind and emotion are one because they are all mobile and travel with me on my spiritual journey. This must be so in order for me to accumulate information (data and instructions) and not have to start over each time when I transition.

It is clear then, that spirit, mind and emotion are one thing in this stage of life and are the same one thing in the next stage of life and the next...

This was the second part of the second step in the process of knowing.

Through persistence, then patience as an Initiate, I will come to understand the physical is also one with spirit, mind and emotion in this life and in the next. The physical is merely the form that spirit, mind and emotion needs to assume in order to get the understanding needed.

Spirit, mind and emotion will not float around in the heavens without a physical body. What's the point.
Neither will spirit, mind, emotion and a glorified body lounge around beside rivers of bliss. What's the point
During this iteration of Creation, understanding is only possible through the interconnection and interrelation of spirit, mind, emotion and body as they relate to all else.
If life is a continuous spiritual journey of transitions, then, by default, so also must spirit, mind, emotion and physical go through continuous transitions.

The genetic information (data and instructions) is accumulated throughout the journey in spirit, mind and emotion until the return journey home to oneness with the Creator is completed. And who knows what happens next!?

Unity Consciousness Breaks Glass Ceilings Of Change
Unity Consciousness #657

(Part 4 of 4)

As mentioned before, Earth is a cocoon and a womb – both of which are for the purpose of change.
I am inside the cocoon and womb of Earth. Through the logical use of metaphor, this is another way to know my time within Earth is for the purpose of change, growth, development and maturity for preparation to make the transition to be born into another dimension through the passageway some call death.

Glass Ceiling Of Change

Wombs and cocoons are dimensions.
“A dimension changes how creation functions, thus how creation interacts.”
Understanding is also a dimension.
As understanding changes, so does the ability to do things that could not be done simply because understanding was insufficient.
There are numerous times in life I am unaware I can do something or think I can't do something until I gain understanding and then am able to do it.
Same is true for the “I can't change even if I tried, even if I wanted to” mentality. I can't change because I do not have enough understanding to change but if I want to and I try, I will gain that understanding.
If I am unaware of the cocoon and womb I am in and unaware of the purpose of dimensions and unaware of destiny and need incentive and unaware of the way, then the understanding I have achieved is likely to be perceived as most of what I need to know to get me where I think I need to go. This creates a self-imposed glass ceiling on understanding and thus, also on change.

This speaks to the reason I am discombobulated in this life. My understanding is lacking because context is out of balance. If I want to change and I want to try the optimal way, I must construct my efforts around the context of knowledge of self.

One reason for the media campaign telling me I can't change is to try to weaken my knowledge of self by weakening my understanding about the female aspect of self. The female aspect of self is the first and foremost and strongest aspect of self that is missing in universal consciousness.

The current media campaign targets how females relate to females to males and to children, thus fosters confusion on many levels of relationships, thus disunity, thus, the media slows down the ability to overcome the ideologies we need to. The media campaign is another form of the me mentality and the individual mentality and the “to each his own” mentality and the “if it feels good, do it” mentality and the “it's your thang, do what you want to do” mentality.

Because the female was the first to be separated from, in the above, the female was the first to be discriminated against. in the below. The male lost awareness of the need for the full integration of female with self in all aspects of life. The female aspect of creation, especially the original forms of each aspect, are the greatest threats to the status quo of the world we know. If I only think this is about females who are in human form, I am missing most of the point, yet, even so, I have made progress.

Spiritual change is taking place, thus also mental change, emotional change and physical change are taking place. This covers everything in this world in every aspect of life. This means the lower self is now coming force to force with High Nun. And if the Heat is not enough, then Water, Wind, Earth and the rest will surely push the lower self back into its recessive aggressive place.
Despite the circus-like, vaudeville-like and sideshow-like goings on in societies, there is still reason to pay attention because within the maddening sickness are messages to help us maneuver through this last stage of this Dark Age and steer clear of the Hell that must be paid. The Creator, via the female aspect, is helping us know what to do because the Creator has figured out how to deal with the fundamental problem. The motion of logic continues to flow this way. All female aspects of Creation within and without, above and below, that are obedient to the optimal, are regaining balancing power in relationships and releasing nutrition in all forms to help us regain unity consciousness as we prepare for the final transition from lower self control to higher self control, thus from societies back to civilizations. This means the glass ceiling used as a floor by those who would lord over us must break and all held in place by it must fall. We must move from under such ceilings of awareness. War in the body causes sickness and restores health.

All these things are said to help us and our descendants break the glass ceiling that has us thinking Giri So is the top level of awareness and that our genetics are one dimensional.

Dying Doesn't Change A Thing About Understanding
Unity Consciousness #656


(Part 3 of 4)

Since I, in the physical form, am the result of spiritual change, change I experience in this stage of life is not so much about the physical as it is about the spiritual.
In accordance with the need incentive and destiny, spiritual change is about changing in understanding. This spiritual journey is about changing in understanding. This life is about the process of continuously changing in understanding.
Knowing this, I understand, if I do not employ process in order to gain understanding to change my thinking and my behavior on Earth, based on what logic should I expect to gain understanding in the next life? What has changed? Won't I still be the same spirit that simply left the body behind?

There Will Be No Automatic Character Adjustment To Enlighten Me

I don't get an automatic character and attitude adjustment just by virtue of transitioning from one dimension to the next. If this is what is happening to everyone who makes their transition, then the afterlife would be filled with fully knowledgeable spirits, who now know and understand everything there is just the same as the Creator. Their journey would be over because they would be as one with the Creator. The completion of Creation would only require one cycle of transition into this life and transition out of this life. Upon the second transition, the fullness of understanding would be received even though the spirit did not learn, grow, mature or change in understanding as a result of living.

If I were to get an automatic character adjustment (full enlightenment) just because I “died” then there is no incentive to learn right now in this life. All I would need to do is just die and then all knowledge and understanding would be given to me. This would be like passing me on to the next higher grade even though I have not learned what is necessary to pass the test, have not done my homework in this classroom and have not made corrections.

What seems more likely, since this is a continuous spiritual journey, is that my spirit will have the same understanding in the next stage as it did in this stage.

Holding Back? What's Up With That

If my thousands of Ancestors now possess full knowledge that was handed to them easily and completely, why wouldn't they, in full knowledge, thus full power, hand it to me easily and completely, especially since, I am them? Why wouldn't at least one of them do so? Come on now, don't they love me as themselves? They would if they were fully enlightened.
No, what is more likely is that spirit is limited in the next life due to understanding. To the degree spirit changes in the next life by gaining understanding and to the degree I change in this life by gaining understanding and to the degree we communicate, is the degree to which we can help each other cross dimensions of understanding and cross physical dimensions.

Make That Change Based On General Principle
Unity Consciousness #655


(Part 2 of 4)

General Principle A

The awareness of truth has changed in the world. The truth about the female has changed from what it was originally. I know this. The truth about who is family has changed. The truth about the first has become last and about the last has become first. The truth about the Creator has changed even to the point of there is no such thing as a Supreme Being. I know these truths have changed in human understanding. Many other truths have also changed. Knowing this, I must then consider the possibility that one of the truths that has changed is the truth of what love is and how love should be carried out.

General Principle B

I can't change the principle that my cells need nutrition in order to be healthy, but I can change my understanding of what healthy means and what nutrition means. I can take into myself everything I like and love and feel good about it and be satisfied, but that does not mean I am doing what's best for self.
Same is true about love. I can't change the fact that I need love, but I can change my understanding about love so that I understand I need self-love. Love for others is the result of self-love. Self-love is the result of knowledge of self.
It makes non-sense for me to spend time getting to know someone else in order to love them when I have not spent sufficient time getting to know myself in order to know what love is.

If I am not fully invested in an ongoing investigation of myself, I cannot be fully vested in love for someone else.

General Principle C

If I can't change my understanding of self (something that is within me), then how can I try and achieve the change of something outside of self?
I continuously prove, I can change that which is outside of self.
My ability to do this is the result of changes within self. Motion flows from the within to the without and from the above to the below and then returns. My understanding of love must start from within and from above, not from without or below. My understanding cannot be based on the within if I merely use understanding I get from without and I don't use the information (data and instructions) already within me and that comes from many places as discussed elsewhere. I do not work on love or work at being in a relationship. I work on getting to know myself and as the result of that, I learn what love is, what forms it takes and who I should love.

General Principle D

Now I will shift gears slightly to a broader perspective.
If I think that I can somehow have an effect on climate change (something outside of self), then surely I can have an effect on making changes within self, if I try. I can cause change to happen within self. I am the cause, change is the effect. I can change, if I try, if I want to.
However, if I am looking for an excuse, a way out, a justification or an escape route from responsible thinking, then I will always find one each and every time, because, where there's a will, there a way.

General Principle E

Obviously, I can change my behavior if I try, if I want to.
I can do this because I can change my thought. I can change my thoughts because I can change my understanding.

General Principle S

If I can't change, if I want to and if I try, then I cannot become one with Creator because the Creator is the Spirit Of Change. This Spirit Of Change, wanted to change and tried and created this Universe and all within it, including me. I am a child of the Spirit of Change. I have the abilities of my Creator Parent. These abilities have been passed onto me genetically and spiritually. Change is what I'm supposed to do because change is what I am – in essence.

If I am spirit, I can change if I want to and if I try.

If I stick to my belief that I can't change, then I have denied my Creator-given essence and ability to change. I foolishly maintain this belief while thinking my spirit is going to somehow change from this life to the next, and in doing so, change my knowledge and understanding of the meaning of life and existence. I believe this is going to happen once I get to the other side, but yet, that same spirit can't help me change my knowledge and understanding on this side about life and existence. I have to die first in order to understand how to live now. This is the ill-logical way I think if I think I can't change even If I tried, even if I wanted to.

Knowing How To Change: Reminding, Redefining, Realigning
I Can't Change Even If I Tried - Is Not True
Unity Consciousness #654


(Part 1 of 4)

Before I can understand why the statement, “I can't change even if I tried, even if I wanted to” is not true, I must first review my understandings about change. See keyword labelled, “change” to expand understandings and get the most out of this series.

Change is the result and byproduct of actions and inactions. Other things must occur before the majority of change happens.
Change is the result of process(es). Change flows out of process. Changes goes with the flow.
What is that flow?
That flow is the type of energy that is in the process. Change merely follows the prevailing current.
What is the prevailing current of energy that is the force that flows and creates change?
1. Willingness or unwillingness to change.
2. Willingness or unwillingness to learn as an Initiate of Learning.
3. Willingness to follow the higher self or lower self.

Each of the above have been discussed elsewhere in various ways. Number 2 above tells me that the energy which dictates change is also composed of what I am learning. The information I am learning is broken down into two parts: the data and the instructions on how to use the data.*

By using 1, 2, 3 above, I CAN change if I try, if I want to.

Let me now get to the heart of this matter as to why I'm even talking about this subject again in this manner.
As usual, there's a national media, lower-self manipulation, psychological warfare campaign taking place that is attempting to program my mind into thinking:**
4. I can't change even if I tried, even if I wanted to.
5. I can't change who I “love” or the way I “love.”
6. Subconsciously, my instructions on how to use my data about “love” is being programmed to think “love” is “love” and that my current understanding about “love” is optimal, rather than suboptimal.

#4 Above

If I can't change as the result of trying, then a whole lot of what I'm taught about trying and succeeding and being the change I want to see in the world, is also not true.
If there is a will, isn't there a way? So if I used 1,2, 3 above, what stops me from being able to change?

#5 Above

If can change who I hate, through effort (energy) that I put into the process of learning and understanding, then I can certainly change who I love by using the same process. Can't I?

If I can't change who I love even if I tried, then others can't change who they hate, even if they tried, even if they wanted to. This means, if I allow myself to think, “I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to,” then I must also think this world is destined to not change from its many imbalances which means we are destined to be chained to a bunch of unchanged maladies.

#6 Above

I know “love” is not “love” because between any two people, the understanding of a word differs. I also know that during different points in my life, my understanding of the same word has changed – even in regards to love.
I also know humans have changed from an optimal context to a suboptimal context. I know this based on human behavior as it relates to each other and human behavior as it relates to the larger non-human portion of the ecosystem. Human behavior in these areas cannot possibly be the way things are supposed to be. I know this without anyone having to tell me, teach me, point it out, explain it, confirm it or agree with it.
Human understanding of truth, right and justice has clearly changed from healthy to unhealthy. So what is the likelihood that human understanding of love has also become not what it should be? I already know the chance is 100% because human behavior regarding what love means, what is loved and in what way this love is carried out, is clearly misplaced, to put it nicely. Even though “love” seems right and feels right and more and more people are “loving” in certain ways, I must remember the pit(fall) is large enough for everyone to fit (fall into to).

If I can't change, even If I tried, then I should ask myself:
On what side am I on regarding 1, 2, 3 above?
Do I also understand 4, 5, 6?

*The mind, brain and computer mirror image metaphor has been discussed several times. Also thought processes, decisions, logic, process and self-improvement.
**Life is like constantly being in a classroom being schooled. This makes sense because the need incentive for us during this spiritual journey is to mature in understanding, thus we are constantly being taught by the twin powers of the higher and lower spiritual nature that rules the universe above and within. I cannot change the fact that I am a student 24/7. I can change my awareness and choice of which spirit I listen to for information (data and instructions). I can review everything I've learned in this life to make sure I know which spirit provided the information (data and instructions). If I don't I can be fooled by having good intentions yet information (data and instructions) from the lower suboptimal spirit that causes me to seek strength in ways that weaken and seek completeness through that which depletes.
I already know for sure there are kinds (forms) of “love” that do just that.

Friday, April 1, 2016

1:2:1 Relationship | Poem
Unity Consciousness #653


1:2:1 Relationship

by Ancestors through Usiku

Moving through time and place
He forms into a stack of grace
I continue to pulsate and vibrate
Abundance of release I anticipate
Understanding worth the wait
Imaginings play back tapes
Expressing what connects fates
Hearing his name is pancake
Ancestral logic doesn't hesitate
Helps me adapt and translate
Causing new motions to stir up
Destinies unite and flourish
Mirror images nourish
So I change my name to syrup