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Monday, January 5, 2015

Adaptation, Mutation & Cancer | Expanded Definitions
Unity Consciousness #83


The definitions of adaptation, mutation and cancer have been purposefully misused. Once we get fundamental, we no longer have to be confused and psychologically abused.

An adaptation is a change in genetic instructions in a cell that causes a cell to function properly in a new way. An adaptation is a response to normal conditions. An adaptation is always beneficial.

A mutation is a change in genetic instructions in a cell that causes a cell to function improperly (malfunction). This malfunction can either be diminished function, no function or a new improper function. A mutation is a response to abnormal conditions. Mutations are either non-beneficial or partially non-beneficial.
A partially non-beneficial mutation improves survival on one level in the shorter-term but it decreases survival on all levels in the longer-term.

Cancer is a non-beneficial mutation.

It only takes one mutation in one cell for cancer to exist. The good news is that one malfunction in one cell cannot cause large-scale sickness in the body's ecosystem. No bodily function is controlled by one cell. Even if one cell is malfunctioning, the body ecosystem as a whole does not become sick.

The cancer in one cell does not have to spread to other cells in order to be cancer. The cancer does not have to cause noticeable sickness in order to be cancer. A cancer is not defined by whether the cells are multiplying or not (malignant or benign). Cancer is defined by what a mutation is. Even though all mutations are cancers, the word “cancer” has been misused to apply to only certain mutations.

What Else Is Cancer?

Cancer is also a tumor, growth, mass, lump or cyst. When we hear these words, it is the same thing as cancer because these words are mutations. Cells are malfunctioning.

In layman's terms, the word "oncology" is said to be the study of cancer. In more precise terms, oncology is the study of abnormal growths. The word “oncology” itself means “bulk, mass or tumor.”

In order for a mass of cells to be cancer, the first cell that generated the mass had to be cancer. Cancer is one cell or multiple cells. This is exactly the case because a mass is a bunch of malfunctioning cells and malfunctioning cells are mutations and mutations are cancers.

What Other Words Are Also Fundamentally Cancer?

The body ecosystem is composed of cells. Nothing can go wrong in the body unless something goes wrong in the cell. Anything wrong with us is fundamentally the result of cells that are malfunctioning.

Everything we call a sickness, disease, defect, disorder, ailment, affliction or illness is caused by many cells malfunctioning. The cells have changed and are no longer functioning for our benefit.
In a broader sense, “whatever is not functioning for our benefit, will cause sickness, if it represents a significant portion of our thoughts and behavior.”
Malfunctions in cells can be caused by numerous things such as viruses, bacteria, other microbes, toxins and malnutrition. No matter the cause, all the resulting conditions are still mutations, even though some are temporary. Therefore, all of the words used to describe any type of sickness is fundamentally a mutation and fundamentally a cancer.

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