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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Agreeing & Disagreeing | Definition & Example
Unity Consciousness #734


(Part 1 of 6)


To agree is to be continuously seeking many understandings in order to reconcile those understandings in the process of becoming One Understanding.
Thus, a human being, is agreeing.
Being and agreeing are just like breathing. These three cannot be reached once and that's good enough for the rest of your life. No, rather each of these three require continuously repeating and adjusting the logic that brought them into this dimension.

”Agree” matches the word “aggregate,” which means to bring together and connect parts into a whole so the parts function as one.

The process of becoming One, connects Many understandings into their proper position and balance. This brings you into agreeing more and more with Ecosystem logic. This causes you to understand how and why logic you agree with and disagree with fits into the whole of consciousness that is the Ecosystem, The Natural World, the Universe, The Creator.

People In Societies Tend To Have Longer-Lasting Disagreeings & Shorter-Lived Agreeings

Because societies teach people to rely mostly on information and instructions from the human portion of the natural world, imbalanced thinking (logic) and behavior is the result more often than not. This must be so because the source of information and instructions is very small and narrow and incomplete despite its many media forms.

The title of this section is anciently, recently and currently proven.***

People In Civilizations Tend To Have Shorter-Lived Disagreeings & Longer-Lasting Agreeings

Because civilizations teach people to rely mostly on a process that verifies information and instructions against the non-human portion of the natural world, balanced thinking (logic) and behavior is the result more often than not. This must be so because the source of information and instructions is larger and broader and more complete.

The title of this section is anciently, recently and currently proven.***

Agreeing and disagreeing is not between two people or groups of people but between contexts, utamawazos, worldviews, asili's, ideologies, philosophies, values, definitions, meanings, educations and experiences. All of these things exist in two categories: (1) as installed/instilled bits, bytes, pieces, packets, software, programs, education and other media which contain information data and (2) as algorithms, scripts, macros, apps, applications, other executable files, education and other media which contain instructions.
Both of these categories provide everything you use to process logic, to think, to function. In these two categories are an extremely huge number of logic entries which are stored in layers in the genetic information of every cell. This genetic library of information and instructions is automatically and rapidly scanned continuously during most of your waking hours. The first and most frequently accessed logic is used as points of reference when you are performing tasks and encountering information (which is all the time), trying to understand something, reach conclusions and make a decision.

For example, Person #1, thinks balance is centered on all humans and the rest of the natural world. Thus when information is encountered, it must fit into logic to maintain this broader balance. Information different from what is already in logic that seeks to improve balance is integrated into logic. Information not yet understood is studied and integrated as mirror images are used and learning takes place. Information that seeks to diminish balance is analyzed to gain multiple understandings such as exactly where the information is out of balance. Also assessed is the nature and type of sources. Also assessed is how the information is harmful when unaware of the combination of its surface intent and below the surface intent.* Thus patterns of thinking and behavior are continuously changing for the better over multiple generations of days and years and critical thinking is improving.

Person #2,, thinks balance is centered on a very small portion of humans.**** Thus when information is encountered, it must fit into logic to maintain this very limited range of balance. Information different from what is already in logic that seeks to improve balance is discarded. Thus patterns of thinking and behavior do not change over multiple generations of days and years.

This is why a person can continue to hold on to logic such as White people were the first civilized humans and were created first by a White male God in Asia because their information comes mainly from White and Semite males. Even though none of this is supported by the larger Ecosystem and larger body of knowledge produced by humans, Person #2 refuses all information that upsets their limited balance. This causes Person #2 to say to me they'd rather go to Hell than admit they are actually a Black African or worship a Black God, despite both of these things being acknowledged for the majority of the extremely small White & Semite portion of human history. Person #2 wants me to believe in a 6,000 year timeframe for human existence and that you can get Black and other colors out of White. Person #2 maintains an anti-African, anti-scientific, anti-historical and anti-Ancestral position while claiming to “love” me as themselves (which is clearly a self-hating mutated form of love) and wanting me to abandon balance for imbalance, sell out sensibility and buy in to worshiping a White male Jesus as my Lord & Savior when all the major religions are based on African spiritual traditions and deities and humans were anciently and originally created in the heavenly womb of a Black Female. In other words, as below, so above. In other words, Earth mirrors Universe. In other words, on Earth as it is in Heaven.(Mt 6:10)
To someone like Person #2, their mutation-perspective and virus context logic is not abnormal or a contradiction because their suboptimal spirituality favors White African folks and disfavors Black African folks, so to Person #2, they are just doing what their extremely corrupted version of God has done. In this person's mind, logic is further supported by not so ancient, recent and current historical data and school textbooks that have been corrupted, thus, causing the person to again come to conclusions and decisions that are harmful to their self-esteem even to the point of twisting the Golden Rule inside out for the second time, trying to save me from Hell, but admitting to prefer Hell for themselves rather than accept world history, expand their information base and adjust logic into a more comprehensive, balanced, harmonious, peaceful, healthy perspective of self.
This is just one example of how a particular worldview, supported by the toxicity of constant lies encountered since before birth, can entrench the wheels of logic into a deep rut and throw level-headed logic way off and yet still make being tilted feel upright, disoriented seem like clarity and mutation seem like health and evolution, even as the person is dangling and hanging on for dear life to fragments of false notions as precious possessions slip through Grinch-like fingers into what grew into a gully and is now an abyss-mal context to climb out of while holding on to ego. All of this mental-spiritual-emotional imbalance is supported by the physical imbalance of malnutrition.** It is also distorted by insufficient rest and insufficient silence which does not allow time for all logic entries encountered daily, to be perceived and defragmented and placed into their proper sequence in DNA/RNA so that when you wake up you can be well rested and better prepared to be well reasoned and more aware of the levels of information you are encountering.
Understand what education does to you and how nutrition affects your ability to extract levels of understandings.

Culture Explains & Education Teaches Which Lives Matter | Definition
Education The Right Way | African Wholeness Approach
Why Computers & Brains Freeze & The Remedy
Rest & Heal The Mind One Cell At A Time

Do not forget: You do not agree or disagree with a person. You agree or disagree with the information and instructions you are using in relation to the Ecosystem of logic and the other person is using in relation to the Ecosystem of logic. Compare your logic not to each other but to Ecosystem logic. This life is not about you and another person or one group and another group. It is about each person's relationship to the whole which then informs the relationship to the parts. And it is about continuing to offer assistance to those who are ready and willing to return to being a human being...
This is why the need incentive is to get understanding in order for the Creator as Many to reconcile self back into the Creator as One. Again, this means agreeing and disagreeing is not based on another person or their branch of the one and only human family tree, but rather how well your logic as part of the Many matches the logic of Oneness.
This then means agreeing and disagreeing is about where you are in the process of becoming One with the Creator's logic.
Understand your logic and Ecosystem logic and you will know how and why you agree and disagree with other aspects of Creation.

*All forms of media have both surface and below the surface intent and content and meanings. You are always always getting multiple levels of influences from every bit of information you encounter. This is so because everything is part of a mirror image metaphor. All of this influences and shapes your logic sub-consciously.

** Thus it is not surprising a person has difficulty straightening out thinking to the last known good configuration, when faced with ongoing corruption of toxins and low energy due to malnutrition.
We must now adjust the logic from, “you are what you eat,” to “you are either becoming One supported by what you eat or you are succumbing to the distorted of what you eat.”

***Because America and their wannabes are the epitomes of societies, their legacy is their identity – a flash in the pan – that has come nowhere near the longevity and quality of very ancient, ancient, recent and current civilizations.

****This is the same thinking as flat Earth, the Sun revolves around the Earth, Earth is the center of the Universe and junk DNA.
Also the same thinking as meteoroids, asteroids and comets are dirty snowballs, debris, trash, junk and leftover pieces from the formation of the solar system, planets, stars and the Universe. If this is true, then it leads to many other logical conclusions that don't fit such as: (1) there is only so much order than can come out of chaos, (2) The Creator does create things for no reason, (3) The Creator is a poor planner, (4) The Creator is wasteful, creating leftovers and not using them, (5) The Creator is careless with trash and is a litterbug and treats the Universe like a slum lord, the way most cities facilitate the deterioration of certain neighborhoods, (6) the Ecosystem is not self-sustainable since it does not have zero waste, (7) and much more similar faulty logic.
Truth is, since there is no such thing as junk DNA/RNA in the Universe within humans, there is also no such thing as junk in the DNA/RNA of the Universe without. Meteoroids, asteroids and comets are essential to the functioning of the Ecosystem. Without them, Earth would die before its planned replacement.

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