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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Backwards Reversed Motion of Time Clocks & Sun Cycles
Unity Consciousness #878


Before there were clocks, humans used sundials, temples and pyramids to "tell" time. Telling what time it is means recognizing what time it is. Recognizing is reckoning. Reckoning is understanding the symbol in one form and transferring that same meaning into another form.
Humans took the concept of the sundial and made "clocks." However, the concept of the sundial as a way to keep track of time, although copied, seems to no longer match the movement of the Sun.

Clocks move from left to right, thus this is clockwise. The Sun moves from right (east) to left (west), thus this is counterclockwise. Also, Earth is said to rotate counterclockwise each day and revolve counterclockwise each year.
How does a clock keep track of time if clock and Sun are moving in opposite directions?

Suppose this is backwards and reversed.

Possibility #1 - Leave the clock as is and change the Sun. If Sun actually rises in the west, it would move left to right just like the clock. Perhaps we should change which side east and west are on.

Possibility #2 - Leave the Sun as is and change the clock. If clock moved from the top, then left, it would move from right to left just like the Sun.

If we use either one of the above possibilities we have only solved part of the problem. Even if clock and Sun are moving in the same direction, clock and Sun still begin and end in different places.

Clock begins a new day at 12 midnight at the top of the clock. Sun begins a new day at 12 midnight at the bottom of earth below the horizon. How is it that a new day begins at the top of the circle on a clock while also beginning at the bottom of the circle of Earth? When it is 12 midnight on a clock, it is at the highest point, yet when it is 12 midnight on Earth, the Sun is at its lowest point. They don't match and we need to fix it.

Possibility #3 - We start with Possibility #1 and also do the following:
Number 12 should be at the bottom of the clock. 6 should be at the top. 3 would be to the left of 12 and 6. Number 9 would be to the right of 12 and 6. Drawing this on a piece of paper will help.

Possibility #4 - We start with Possibility #2 and also do the following:
Number 12 should be at the bottom of the clock. 6 should be at the top. 3 would be to the right of 12 and 6. Number 9 would be to the left of 12 and 6.

Since Sun came before clock, the reckoning of time should conform to the movement of Sun; therefore, Possibility #4 is the best choice so far.

Possibility #5 On a 12-hour clock, time moves down for 6 hours, then up for 6 hours. Then this cycle must be repeated on the clock in order to try to tell what time it is. This is inefficient and contributes to confusion as to what time it is. The use of a.m. and p.m. has always confused people. The meaning of the words themselves are not oppositely balanced. We now do away with ante meridiem and post meridiem since the Sun does not travel in a 12-hour circle and then in another 12-hour circle. The Sun does not move up for six hours, then down for six hours, then up for six hours, then down for six hours. The Sun does not make two circles around the Earth every 24 hours. So we change our reckoning of time as follows:
We start with Possibility #4 and also expand the 12-hour circle into a 24-hour circle.
The day begins at 0 at the bottom, which we call midnight. 12 is now back at the top since this is a 24 hour clock. Number 6 is to the right of 0. Number 18 is to the left of 0. 24 occupies the same position as 0 since the beginning position is the same as the ending position in a circle. This clock would move sunwise with the Sun.
Everything expressed up to this point indicates Possibility #5 is the most optimal.

The following additional understandings, obtained by using Possibility #5 to reckon time, further prove how much easier it is to understand things when humans match their understandings to the Creator's trueprint/blueprint.

a. For the first 6 hours of day, it is early to mid morning, after midnight and before noon. Sun is rising, ascending and springing but it is still Night because Sun is still in the south below the horizon. It reaches 6 o'clock (on the clock). No a.m. or p.m. to worry about or no need to say "6 in the morning" because 6 is 6 and always means morning because there is only one 6 on the clock. It is dawn, sunrise, twilight and sunbreak. It is mid-morning.

b. For the next 6 hours of the day it is mid to late morning, after midnight and before noon. Sun is still rising, ascending and springing, but now it is Light because the Sun is in the north above the horizon. The Sun then reaches 12 noon at midday after rising for 12 hours. Everything matches. The numbers add up. It is 12 o'clock. No a.m. or p.m. to worry about. Please note that noon, high noon, midday and mid-light all mean the same thing.

c. For the next 6 hours of the day it is early to mid evening, early to mid-afternoon and before midnight. Sun is falling, descending and bottoming, but it is still Light because the Sun is in the north above the horizon. It reaches 18 at sunset, dusk, twilight and sunbreak. It is mid-evening and mid-afternoon.

d. For the next 6 hours of the day, it is mid to late evening, mid to late afternoon and before midnight. Sun is falling, descending and bottoming, but it is Night because the Sun is in the south below the horizon. The Sun then reaches 24 o'clock at the end of the day after falling for 12 hours. Everything matches. The numbers add up to 24 hours in a day. It is 24 and 0. Midnight, daybreak, beginning of the day, end of the day and low noon all mean the same thing.

Note: This is a general example: The amount of hours of Night and Light vary for several reasons. Some of which are (1) human clocks are static creations while Sun and Earth are constantly moving and changing, thus this creates variations in the amount of Night and Light experienced at different locations; (2) Sun's equator and Earth's equator are not always on the same plane; (3) Earth is tilted; (4) Earth and Sun have different orbits which changes their positions relative to each other.

Five Other Points To Consider

First Point: Each day the Sun rises and falls. Each day consists of Night and Light. Each day the Sun rises during Night and rises during Light. Each day the Sun falls during Light and falls during Night. The Sun rises black and red then transforms to white and golden. The Sun then falls white and golden and transforms to black and red. Just as Sun existed before clocks, Sun existed before humans. To understand the meaning of the colors of the Sun, the elementals must be understood. To try to make the Sun match human understandings about colors is what causes clocks to be made that don't match the Sun's movement and causes constant confusion every day when people try to understand and communicate what time it is. The rest will be understood by Initiates as to how this applies to many areas of the human condition, the physical condition, the spiritual condition and the various combinations of these across all dimensions.

Second Point: One or more of the 5 Possibilities above could be correct depending on which of the Two Truths we are oriented to and the degree of orientation. We could be oriented to both. This is likely which is why we are confused about a simple matter of telling what time it is. If we were not confused we would not refer to Light as Daytime and Night as Nighttime when both are parts of the same Day. We have 6 hours Daynight then 12 hours Daylight then 6 hours Daynight. Light is encased in Night and is born out of Night's Egg. Out of marvelous Darkness, into marvelous Light. The Universe, though lit up, is still encased in black matter and black energy. Light is the more easily visible contrasting form of Night and Night Energy. Night transformed itself into Light. The Black Hole is a Dark Hole to some, to others it is a Night Hole of the Abyss and Source through which energies originate and terminate. Therefore, Light does enter and escape from the Night Hole Black Source otherwise the cycle could not be completed or continuous or eternal. Understand what is known about a black hole, dark energy and dark matter and you will better understand what time it is.

We are currently under the Second Truth, but this is changing to the First Truth.
Second Truth means it is of the Weaker Spirit. This Weaker Spirit, when allowed to have power over the Universe, manifests all things in the Weaker Spirit image. This means all understandings are perversed. Under this Second Truth, not only are understandings out of whack (messed up, confused and misconstrued), they are mostly reversed (last is first) and out of sync (alignment), thus, so are our allegiances. This is exactly what has been discussed in this message and all other messages. This is why it is very likely our reckoning of time is backwards, reversed and upside down which causes our energies to more easily be matched with things that are also backwards, reversed and upside down. We have been programmed, calibrated and suboptimized to the Weaker Truth. This then, to us, seems right, logically, because it matches our nutrition and orientation - not just our mental nutrition and orientation, but also our emotional nutrition and orientation and spiritual nutrition and orientation and physical nutrition and orientation. If most of our nutrition and orientation in these four inseparable aspects of self, was on the side of the Stronger Spirit's First Truth, then this would override the Weaker Spirit and we would then be able to start changing the rest of our logic to add to the energy momentum that matches our free will, orientation and nutrition.

Third Point: The current backwards reversed reckoning of time explains why, according to calendars, the procession of the Zodiac through the signs each month moves in one direction and at the same time, the same Zodiac based on Spring Equinox moves in the opposite direction. This opposite direction is called the Precession of the Equinoxes and is used to reckon the timing of each Age in the Great Year. The monthly Zodiac signs are static, tied and fixed to a calendar which is also static. We attempt to reckon calendar dates and monthly Zodiac signs using Zodiac star constellations that are always moving and yet we make no adjustments to calendars or to when the constellations change position at the Spring Equinox. Currently Pisces is actually the first sign of the Zodiac because it rises at the Spring Equinox but we think its Aries which used be true over 2,100 years ago. Therefore, in the northern hemisphere, the Zodiac dates for Pisces should be moved forward to begin in March and end in April OR the first day of Spring should be moved back to begin in February in order to align with Pisces.

Fourth Point: It is unlikely "equinox" means "equal nights." Are there two nights?
It is more likely, equinox means equal noons. Equalnoon. Noon is Nun is Nu is No. Nun is the waters of Nun. At the equinox, the waters of Nun are equally divided between the below and the above. There are celestial waters in the below and celestial waters in the above. In the coded truth (mythology) of Egypt, the Sun travels around the world in a boat/bark/ark/ship on the celestial waters of Nun. The Latin language is a form of Egyptian. The words were copied but the meaning did not get transferred correctly by current-day dictionarians. At 12 noon (midlight), the Sun reaches High Nun. At 24 noon (midnight), the Sun reaches Low Nun.

Fifth Point: It is unlikely 'meridiem" means "noon" as in ante meridiem "before noon/midday" and post meridiem "after noon/midday."
Mer means water and circle. As just described in the Fourth Point above, the Sun travels/orbits in a circle on celestial waters. "Diem" most likely has something to do with "two." Since "noon" is referring to the meridian and since a.m. and p.m. are dividing the day into two parts, I am now certain that meridiem means to divide the celestial waters into two parts according to the meridian, thus dividing the day into parts. The meridian or pole divides the day into east and west hemisphere half circles. The horizon or equinox, divides the day into south and north hemisphere half circles. Thus, during each day, the four quarters, the four corners and cardinal points the Sun travels through are accounted for - southeast, northeast, northwest, southwest.

BTW: A mermaid is a water maiden is a mermaiden (meridian). The female of the waters is the dividing line, thus also the Nun. The Great Mother of the Waters is the beginning and end of all things and that's what time it is.

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