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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fulfillment By Upheaval Of Faith
How Many Earthquakes Does It Take?
And The Problem of Human Logic
Unity Consciousness #866


Earthquakes are increasing in intensity and occurrence. Earthquakes are happening all over the place.

1. "Everything that happens in the physical world, happens in the spiritual world first."
From, (Did Great Evil Spirit Have Help Overtaking Supreme Spirit, UC#857)

2. "Spiritual energy changes first and then affects physical matter already created.
This pattern repeats continuously in the order of creation, thus spiritual energy moves within from the below to the above, then moves outward into the Galaxy, then Solar System, then Sun, then Earth, then plants, then animals then human animals."
(From, Flow & Ebb of Spiritual Energy Waves & Truth Seekers, UC#863)
3. "The magnetic pole (spiritual energy) of Earth is shifting from the above to the below. This is a symbol and metaphor of an orientation change because the bottom is returning to the top. Physical energy is an after-shadowing of spiritual energy."
From, (Puzzlers: Why & How First Becomes Last & Reverses, UC #844)

4. "Since we know the physical world is changing, we should also know physical genetics are changing.
Since we know physical genetics are changing, we should also know spiritual genetics are changing."
From, (Re-solving Puzzles With Understandings & Symbol Reckoning, UC#841)
5. As stated on 11.09.2016, "the volatility in the natural world environment in the next 13 months will be significant. We know this based on the spiritual tug-of-war implications of a Trump election at the descending edge of Piscean rulership leading the lost ones off the cliff into the pit.
The volatility, in many world societies, that have been teetering, including America, will be significant."
From, (What's Going On Since 1492 CE (AD), UC#859)

What we have witnessed, since the American presidential election, in the form of worldwide earthquakes, can be understood as the physical manifestation of the accumulation of spiritual upheaval that started long ago. Physical environmental changes are a re-presentation of spiritual environmental changes.
This wave of spiritual energy that is causing physical earthquakes is taking place simultaneously as humans are creating more waves and all else is also creating more waves.
Current human behavior is the result of previous spiritual changes. Current human upheaval will give birth to more spiritual upheaval until spiritual fulfillment of the turnaround takes place by first becoming last in the heavens where the stars are. This is the phase we are in that is at its turning point, its transitioning point from one phase to the next. This is the same as the Piscean Age transitioning into the Aquarian Age. Pisces don't wanna give up the throne but gotta go! This is part of the spiritual struggle as energies trade places.*

Even if we don't know it, spiritual energy from previous Ages is still changing Galaxy Genetics (logic), Solar System Genetics (logic) and Earth genetics (logic).
Earthquakes cannot take place unless the logic of Earth changes. Even when humans do things to upset inner Earth, what is taking place is humans are disrupting the logic of Earth, thus the logic is experiencing a change. However, let us be certain to always remember, humans are a small part of the equation of the controlling factors on Earth.
Humans don't run this!
Humans influence this.
It is hardly imaginable how humans who are estranged from understanding their own genetics and unable to self-control those genetics, can somehow both understand and control a more complex being, such as Earth.

What is being conveyed is a greater understanding of spiritual logic and the path it takes before it reaches human logic and becomes human logic.

By the time we clearly and easily see Earth changing, we should also realize plant genetics (logic) are changing. By the same token, animal genetics (logic) are changing. This includes the human animal. If we don't understand, believe, know or accept human logic is changing, despite all other logic changing, therein lies the problem.

The problem is more than in the mind. The human organism is a physical creation of the natural environment. Spiritual energy is changing the natural environment; therefore, spiritual energy is changing human physical genetics (physical logic).
Now, at this point, even if we have not read earlier messages pertaining to logic, all we have to do is remember there is an involuntary logic within humans that is not controlled by the human mind. That logic controls the fundamental way the body functions with self and with all else. There is also a voluntary logic within humans which we call human logic of the mind. Human logic in the human mind is the last bit of logic in the Universe that is way behind keeping up with all else that is changing.
Therein lies the problem - the bigger, more fundamental, more fatal problem.
6. "Thus, since human systems are based on human logic that is going against the changing energy flow, human systems will experience major disruptions and upheaval."
From, (Brief World History & Current Karma Events, UC#834)
Earth quakes, we shudder and shake as the whole world humans have constructed is disrupted.

*The movie, "Trading Places" and many others tell us generally what is happening. This movie and others were created by spirit to tell us in advance, generally what to expect. In other words, one way to get a general feel of the spiritual without "being spiritual" is to study movies. The Matrix is a prime example of what is happening right now. We are becoming hip to the situation of our orientation. The movie, the Fifth Element and others, told us a black man would be president of America. Right now, America and other countries are building machines to try to stop asteroid meteors from destroying Earth and to stop advanced "aliens" from another planet. Watch old movies to understand what is happening now and watch current movies to know what will happen in the near future. All this is to say, movies are more real than we realize. Movies are a way of knowing

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