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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

In The Spiritual Sense Of Ongoing Circumstance
Unity Consciousness #856


As we understand more in the spiritual sense, we can comprehend more of what's going on in the physical sense.

Most of us have some sense of the following:
There is a Supreme Spirit who is in a struggle for power over the Universe with some sort of Great Evil Spirit.
The Supreme Spirit created everything in harmony and the Great Evil Spirit came along and caused disharmony and is trying to destroy everything.
All of this is taking place spiritually first, in the spiritual dimension.
Take your mind to the spiritual level and leave the physical behind during this message.
In the spiritual dimension, a significant portion of what the Supreme Spirit created and established has been under the influence of the Great Evil Spirit.
How did this happen in Heaven?

The Supreme Spirit Allowed This To Happen

If the Supreme Spirit is Supreme, then the only way for the Great Evil Spirit to be in control is if the Supreme Spirit allowed it to happen.
Why would the Supreme Spirit allow the Great Evil Spirit to destroy harmony?
The evolution and the need incentive explains it. Eternity depends on evolution which depends on enhanced use of creative genetic potential genius which depends on maturing knowledge of self which depends on a challenge to the current level of understanding that activates a seeking and striving for more understanding.

All of this is spiritual. It exists spiritually. It also takes place spiritually,o before it takes place physically.

In other words, eternity must be a spiritual thing first before it can be a physical thing.
In the same spiritual sense, evolution is a spiritual thing first. The Supreme Spirit must evolve spiritually first in the Heavens before evolution can take place on Earth, in humans and in other creatures.
In the same spiritual sense, the use of creative genetic potential genius is a spiritual thing. The Supreme Spirit has spiritual genetics in addition to physical genetics, just like you and me and all else.
In the same spiritual sense, the Supreme Spirit must continuously gain more knowledge of the spiritual self in order to understand the optimal way to use spiritual genetics and continue growing optimally.

Now we come to the part we humans struggle with. We struggle with the struggle of the Supreme Spirit. We do not have sufficient understanding to realize the spiritual struggle (challenge, battle, war) is a necessity. Struggle is part of the fulfillment of the requirement of the need incentive. Eventually there must be a resistance to energy (force, power) if that energy is to become stronger. Since energy is spirit, there must be spiritual resistance to the Supreme Spirit if the Supreme Spirit is to become stronger.

Now you say, the Supreme Spirit is all-powerful, which is true; however, just as power concedes nothing without a struggle, so also power does not get any stronger without a struggle.* Power that does not get any stronger, eventually gets weaker, unless self-correction becomes stronger, otherwise the Being will not be around much longer. Life is motion and cycles and also dimensions of motion and cycles.
If the spiritual energy of the Supreme Spirit did not grow, even though it is in motion, that would still be the same as stagnation. Since life is motion, stagnation is death. Spiritual stagnation of the Supreme Spirit is eternal death.

The Supreme Spirit understands all of this and has plenty of experience living before through many similar cycles.
Therefore, if we think the Supreme Spirit is all-powerful and created everything and is Supreme above all things, then we must conclude that the Supreme Spirit has allowed the Great Evil Spirit to be the necessary challenge.
Not only that, but we must also conclude the Supreme Spirit created the Great Evil Spirit for that purpose.

Since the Supreme Spirit is still Supreme, the Supreme Spirit can, will and must be able to overcome and take back power given to the Great Evil Spirit. It was necessary to give the Great Evil Spirit great strength in order for there to be a real challenge to the One who is Supreme so there would be no choice but to mature in knowledge of self.** In other words, the significant power of the Great Evil Spirit only exists because it was given by the Supreme Spirit and because the Supreme Spirit has even greater power.***

Now since the Supreme Spirit, remaining Supreme, and having greater power, and being the One who brought the Great Evil Spirit into the spiritual dimension, that same Supreme Spirit can also take the Great Evil Spirit out of the spiritual dimension no matter how much power the Great Evil Spirit has accumulated.
Since the Supreme Spirit gave power to the Great Evil Spirit, the Supreme Spirit, who has always been stronger and has become even stronger, can essentially snatch power away from the Great Evil Spirit despite the resistance of the Great Evil Spirit.
The Supreme Spirit has never been in the business of buying the Great Evil Spirit's wolf tickets.
I repeat: No matter how powerful the Great Evil Spirit has become, the Supreme Spirit remains Supreme in power due to supreme understanding due to continuously making sure knowledge of self is maturing. This reason alone ensures power in the lower spirit will return to the higher spirit.
The truth of the Supreme Spirit's greater power has never changed despite how it may seem. For this reason, the Great Evil Spirit has always been fearful of the Supreme Spirit.

*Likewise, this is why understanding that is going to make you stronger, always requires you to struggle for it, strive for it, push for it, work for it, put forth a greater effort for it, do battle for it, go to war for it as if you were fighting for all your lives, because you are.

**Thus, then, as we work through this understanding, we have been granted additional understanding by metaphor example of the Supreme Spirit. Whenever faced with challenge, the first response to overcoming the challenge is to mature in knowledge of self. Overcome challenges to knowing self and overcome all other challenges.

***In order to understand how the Great Evil Spirit can be a sufficient challenge to a Supreme Spirit who has even greater power than the great power given to the Great Evil Spirit, see UC#753. Simply put, different rules apply.

While maintaining perspective in the spiritual sense of the Supreme Spirit's vision for the Universe (Self), Initiates should read, "Easy Street: Most Dangerous In The World, UC#596,"

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