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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Institutionalized Racism In Sports, Media & Life
False Narrative Of Racism As A Sometimey Thing
Unity Consciousness #899


While racism continues to plague, the true narrative about racism in every phase is avoided like the plague.
It is likely I could put the key to a treasure inside one of these messages about racism and most people would never find it because they avoid messages about racism, which is proof enough of being infected with racism and affected by racism. It is one thing to be the source of a disease and the same thing to be the transmitter of a disease. It is equally the same to be the denier of having a disease while displaying the symptoms and having the symptoms without recognition of the disease from which it stems.

Many people, aided by the teachings of daily media, are unchanging maintaining a false narrative of racism as a sometimey thing.
This is evident every time someone or the media asks, “Do you think it was racism/racist?”
This is not a proactive question. It is reactive.
It is not a question in search of complete truth. It is a question seeking to support upside down truth. The truth of the criminally insane.
The question, “Do you think it was racist/racism,” is usually in response to a black person hinting at racism but hesitant and/or afraid to call it racism.
The other person, usually a member of the racism collective, then begins their usual method of making the racism seem improbable and merely an excuse black people use even though racism is an excuse murder cultures use to justify their behavior.

White people don't call their behavior racism, they have all kinds of nice sounding words for it, so when black people call it racism, white people get all uncomfortable, nervous, indignant, passive aggressive and active aggressive. One of the first things they do is try to outsmart you with their weak reasoning. Denial is happiness. They don't want to hear they are racist sick so they try to make the person who is calling racism by its true name, sound and look bad. Laughing at someone else is the best medicine they got. Then they also try to make the black person who suffered a racist act also responsible (for instance, their belief that every black person killed by white people in uniform was due to their being wrong and the white murderer racist being right; therefore they sleep with guns under their pillows at night).

Answering By Way Of Same Is Same

“Do you think it was racism/racist?”
When an event takes place, a situation, an experience, that involves a female claiming unfair treatment and the offending party is male, do you think it was genderism/sexist?
Nobody asks this question with incredulity. Genderism is a fact of life. It is institutionalized and supported by the institution of media in the representations of women.
How is it then, in a global system of racism and in societies based on racism and in societies still maintained based on racism, that racism, as an explanation for events, situations and experiences that unfavorably impact the targeted group, is the last consideration and least likely possibility?
How in the hocus pocus refocus locus?

In a pervasively racism infected society, shouldn't racism be the first question rather than the avoided question?
Isn't genderism/sexism the first or second thing that comes to mind when a male and female are involved?
Then why isn't racism the first or second thing spoken of when white and black are involved?

Because racism keeps repeat programming the false narrative that racism is a sometimey thing.
This false narrative is being carried out by the molder, maintainer and mouthpiece of racism – the media.

Repeating Points Said Elsewhere

1. Racism is a collective thing that expresses itself through individuals. You cannot properly assess a situation without assessing both the person as an individual and also in terms of the collective. Clarity comes quicker this way as to the nature of the situation.
We automatically go through the thought process at least twice when male and female are involved. It is a good thing to consider more than one collective associated with the people involved. Consider collectives both people are a part of and collectives only one is a part of. This allows contradictions to stand out.

2. A person cannot be racist as an individual. An individual merely carries out the will of the collective.

Collective perspective forms collective behavior which is carried out by individuals, even when in a group of individuals.
What is racist a little (as in one person) is racist a lot (as in the collective).
There is no such thing as a little racism or an isolated act of racism.
Racism is global, not local.
In other words foolish black people, if you think you are finding less racism in America, look around in Haiti, Brazil, Africa and India, etcetera and you will find where the racism shifted to. On top of that, if you really think racism is not damn near impossible to avoid, all you are doing is playing non-stop racism roulette with reasoning.

Don't be fooled because the media you choose to tune into is not telling you somebody is dying or suffering. The job of the media is to deform you by informing you to mislead you.
The media is the enemy's tool and weapon.

3. Racism doesn't change because it puts on clothes and leaves the house. Racism is very much naked beneath the exterior veneer of racists. Don't let the covering they use to fool you, fool you. In other words, just because a person puts on clothes does not mean they stop being naked racists. Racists keep it real. They stay true to racism reality while pretending not to. When racists talk about truth, honesty and keeping it real, they don't mean the same thing as the people they're attacking.

4. Sports, media, religion and other areas are just as racist as the external military called military law enforcement of racist laws and just as racist as the internal military called police law enforcement of racist laws.
Racists try to shift hide their intentions behind what is legal and criminal and religious, which favors them, because they determine what is legal and criminal and we are following what they think is religious. Racists are the same ones who also enforce and adjudicate legal laws slanted toward their version of rightness which means black is left out. Of course then black people are criminals even though whites commit the same or worse crimes impacting more victims. Do not have a discussion about racism using the context, worldview and definitions used by racists. It's a trap. You better mix in a whole lot of optimal theory and African Utamawazo.

5. If your society denies and detests its Africanness of origin and culture and genetics, it is racist.
If your society practices evil discrimination against darker-skinned people, it is racist.
For instance, Canada is racist, Cuba is racist, China is racist, Australia is racist, the Hutus were racist against their other half, the Tutsi.

6. In societies based on the genderism logic of male superiority and female inferiority, of course genderism is involved.
In societies based on the racism logic of superiority of lighter skin and inferiority of darker-skin, of course racism is involved?

Racists Don't Want To Get Rid Of Racism, So They Create The Illusion In Words That Racism Is A Sometimey Thing Even Though Not A Second Goes By Without Racism Being Obviously Present

The only way to get rid of racism is exactly the opposite of what is taking place in societies worldwide.
Racism is eradicated by recognition, acknowledgment and continuous major significant commitment to replace racist logic with accurate information while simultaneously ceasing and desisting all racist actions coupled with reparations. When school textbooks are fixed, then perhaps racism is on the way out. When religious books are fixed, then perhaps, when media stops promoting pretend analysis over critical analysis, then perhaps racism might switch from being 24/7 full throttle to 24/7 throttle up because there are still the other major areas of racism and there is still the need for the full range of nutrition before racism takes one step back. Malnutrition is the reason for all conditions, just as all sickness is mutation is cancer. Understanding the fundamental nature of a problem is solution answer.
Racism is a terminal disease that requires significant treatment and surgery to cure. It doesn't just go away. It must be forced out with something stronger.
As long as racism is the major context and major content, racism is the norm, not the exception. Sports, media, religion and education are some of the tools of racist deception.
The existence of racism is not validated by racists or subject to debate, discussion or conversation with racists. What are the chances a criminal is going to admit to a crime by self and those like-minded? This doesn't even happen when criminals are caught in the process of committing the crime and in possession of stolen goods. What are the chances, when you are smelling gas all the time, and some people are getting sick and something blows up, that the cause is not related to gas? Racism is just like that.
Racism is not colorless and odorless so don't doubt your senses because you are constantly smelling racism.
Note: It is impossible to have a conversation with a dishonest person. So what kind of relationship can you have with them?
Strangely enough, a lot of us are in trusting relationships with racists and their ideologies.

The Buddy Buddy Racism of Sports & Media

Sports media likes to say referees are human when they make mistakes or judgment calls. However the human aspect of those same referees is said not to be a factor when they enforce rules differently for black quarterbacks versus white quarterbacks. In those instances, the referees are being professional, unaffected by their human nature.

Do You Think it Was Racism/Racist Is A Ridiculous Redundant Question In Societies Based On Racism

Racism doesn't sleep, take vacation or ease up. Racism is a devourer. It is never satisfied. It actively and aggressively seeks prey by way of direct and indirect sneak attacks. It is a stalker and parasite of life. If racism does not inflict harm it cannot feel good about being sick. I don't feel good about myself but at least I'm not black. Look at those black people, don't look at me being ugly, don't look at what I'm doing to black people. Look at the effect not the cause.
Racism does not have an on and off switch it flips.
Racism does not apply sometimes and sometimes not.
Racism always expresses sickness.
Racism fights to live, breed and exist. It is a deadly virus.
Racism is constant, continuous, non-stop.
Racism has two truths: alive and well or dead as hell.
The current status of racism is easy to tell.
Those claiming to can't tell racism by its smell
Their sensing abilities are maladjusted
Their spirit and intentions can't be trusted
Except as the kind working hoping blackness fails
Doubling down then and now because blackness prevails
Troubling global square at final corner coming back round
Apt original down under quaking making up over ground
Actions evasive entrap in secure hiding in plastic cases
Strong smell of death creeps from pores like sieves
Racism is so pervasive, breathe, and there it is
Hanging out every place health is trying to live
No place where there's air, racism has not impacted
Culture clubs called societies ensure racism is normative
Such that rights of creation are summarily rejected
Dismissed without notice by what's commonly accepted
All decencies evil assails
All you need is one good sense
Racists exhale and we inhale, forced to take a swig
Having to deal with their waste thought behavior products
So we can survive by moments and afterwards try to live
Lord gnosis only those with perfumed noses
Keep preaching believing the false narrative
Hoping the foul source of racism is concealed by clothes
Think they are well with funky brained pale tall tails
Corruption inside boxed in dem outfoxed cells
Misdirected defective perspective of themselves
Decayed gratification based on miseducation
Ideologies grow tumors strong until event horizon
Then slowly and all at once shutdown begins
Something for which there is no stopping
Unless plug is pulled on racism, reboot system
Restore to last known good configuration
That would be pre-European dilution
That would be pre-African migration
Sickness bred is always self-destructive
Can't seem to get that through their heads
So the entry point is the other end instead
Mutations always mutate and bite the hand that fed
Racism, now called terrorism, is no different

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