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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Definition | Racism Is Defined As White Supremacy
Unity Consciousness #24

Racism Means White Supremacy

Racism is a global system of behavior organized by persons who classify themselves as White whether consciously or subconsciously determined. The goal objective is for White genetic survival on planet Earth and to prevent White genetic annihilation. Because on this planet, the vast majority of people have melanin in their skin and they are Black, Brown, Red and Yellow. All of those people are genetically-dominant compared to people who classify themselves as White.

Racism is a system. It is not institutional, it is a system. A system encompasses institutions. Racism is a system. The system is global. It is global as well as local. There is no place on planet Earth where Racism defined as White Supremacy does not exist. It is everywhere.

The system of White Supremacy establishes specific patterns of behavior in all areas of people activity:

1. Economics (includes all industries not listed below such as food, medical, clothing, personal products, housing, television, news media, weather media, internet, social media, search engines, email providers, automobiles, phone makers, phone companies, etc.)
2. Education (is the same thing as Science)
3. Entertainment (Sports)
4. Labor
5. Law
6. Politics
7. Religion
8. Sex
9. War - internal military (police)and external police (military)
10. Non-profits [my addition]

All of this can be summarized as culture. Everything that is done 24 hours a day by this collective is for the purpose of establishing, maintaining, expanding and refining White Supremacy.

Understanding Human Racism White Supremacy Still Exists

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