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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Genetics Remixed | Unreliable DNA Testing Ancestry
Unity Consciousness #910


Regarding the use of DNA Testing to identify Ancestral genetics, these tests are reliable in the sense they will re-lie bull to you each time you rely full on them.

In the previous message, it clearly shows why the above statements are true.

Humans today are different in form, function and flavor to the tune of 0.1% (one tenth of 1 percent which is same as one dollar out of one thousand dollars. Humans have a one dollar variation difference and a 999 dollar alikeness.)

Humans today are 99.9% genetically the same in backbone, infrastructure, substance, stem cells, blood, organs and as generations of siblings coming from the same single originating set of egg and sperm.

Humans Are Exactly Like Friendship Dough

Humans came from one place, one source.
Humans have been divided and varied and mixed and passed on.

No matter what changes take place in Friendship Dough throughout the Ages, all of the dough is still 100% genetically what it started out to be, even though form, function and flavor have changed.
Same is same for human genetics.

The reason we might not understand this is because we learn things in relation to a partial distorted self in relation to a partial distorted all else. Our self-esteem is disfigured, thus, so are our reckonings. More nicely put, we do not understand science.
Those who understand the science and metaphor of self or friendship dough, will be able to understand why their genetics are 100% fundamentally the same as everybody else's even if not appearing the same or functioning 100% the same.

DNA Testing Is About Lying As A Way Of Survival

DNA testing in regards to ancestry, is being used to play people for the fools they've been ”good” educated to be. The extreme majority of people are being lied to in goo-gobs of ways. DNA Testing in regards to ancestry, is continuing the traditional cultural commitment to lying that has made societies “great.”

Listen African black people around the world, if white people are using DNA Testing to lie to white people about who they are, then they are most certainly lying to you and everybody else.
Those who are doing the DNA Testing are well beyond Stage 5 of the progressive aggressive cancer of lying.
They are not going to lie about money and tell the truth about power.
Knowledge of self is power that cannot be controlled by others. DNA Testing is not about to give you your power back that the society continues to take away in multiple other ways keeping you schooled, clueless and foolish about who you really are.

Your society needs you to NOT know who you are, in order for the society to survive.
Your society needs you to believe who you are, in order for the current money and power structure to remain.

Yes, DNA Testing Is About Money & Power

Understanding why DNA Testing is about money is easy enough. If people were told the truth about their Ancestry, a whole lot of people would not get the test because of self-hatred due to hating one's own parentage and people would not get the test because everyone's test would come back significantly almost identical. The only difference would be a listing of what is contained in that 0.1% variation among humans. This lie will be revisited in the next message.

Understanding why DNA Testing is about power requires you to ask “how does lying to people about their Ancestry help maintain or increase the current power structure? “How does telling people the truth about who they are weaken the current power structure?”

Money and power are two sides of the same coin the Destroyer uses. The coin is made of stolen resources held together by lies and all other forms of mayhem.

For further understanding about money and power, see “the destroyer's white collective” or the “problem with white and all other people.”

What Makes DNA Testing Possible?

The whole reason DNA Testing to determine ancestry is feasibly and reasonably possible is that all human genetics have been traced to blue-black, deep-black, beautiful-black, perfect-black African parentage.

What Makes DNA Testing Easy To Be Lied About?

When humans don't understand world history. There are multiple areas of science that already prove all humans came from one source in Africa. The Human Genome Project is just another way of knowing the same thing that is already known.

I'll repeat this several more times: World history and multiples sciences prove the origin of humans as purely African. The Human Genome Project proves the same thing. However, DNA Testing, which is based on the Human Genome Project, takes a 180 degree detour and tells you people are not purely 100% African. You are a believer, thus a self-deceiver.

As it stands, the African black female is the 100% pure genetic seed of all humans and so also is her black male African mate.

It doesn't matter what changes take place in later versions of their children, all those versions are still 100% genetically produced out of the genetics of the first seed. Even if those original genetics have been altered via adaptation and mutation, those genetics all still came from the same originating place.

How do we come to believe the foolishness of DNA Tests to the point we are willing to pay money to be lied to? Two reasons:
1. Miseducation and other forms of malnutrition, fear, distractions and hatred for critical analysis, all of which keep us in steady weak-minded decline and decay in a new and improved modern feel good way.
2. Our thought process consists of paying someone else to think for us.

Genetic Family Tree

Who cuts down a tree, makes a boat, then a table out of the boat, a bed out of the table, a cabinet out of the bed, a fence out of the cabinet, a fire out of the fence, a garden out of the ashes and then thinks they have fundamentally changed the genetics of the tree?

If there is only One who is Supreme, then there is only one Genetic Tree of Life that reigns supreme.
Each person has been fashioned from one human seed planted within Earth that grew into the human family tree. These genetics reign supreme still today. Of course people have changed. Earth has changed. Is Earth now genetically no longer 100% the same as its originating source? By virtue of the changes Earth has undergone for billions of years, that has made it look and function differently, is Earth now no longer 100% from the Milky Way Galaxy?
Likewise then, same is same for human genetics, changes do not disallow sameness.

Both are true.
Yes, humans have changed (a teeny-weeny bit).
Yes, humans are still the same (100%).
All humans started out 100% genetically connected to the same African Mother Tree and are still 100% genetically connected to the same Ancient Ancient African Mother Tree.
Current-day humans, us, arrogantly calling ourselves modern, are silly, stupid and stagnant. We are blinded by what we see. We allow superficial vision to block our ability to see with our other sensing abilities.
Believers in DNA Testing deceivers, have fallen for the trick of mistaking the remix of genetics as being greater than the original version of genetics, thus those believers believe their identity to be more different than alike when all evidence tells you that your genetics are more the same than varied. If believers were not in the habit of believing and were more into the habit of knowing, this would be far less of a problem and DNA Testing companies would be out of business.

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