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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Guaranteed Cycles Of Truths, Years, Seasons, Ages & Reasons
Unity Consciousness #933


The current series is a microcosm of the continuous spiritual journey that provides opportunity for improved health. Topics such as technology, science, identity, self-esteem, human beingness, two truths, okie doke, DNA testing, genetics, epigenetics, world history, worldview, utamawazo, belief, information, process, metaphor, understandings, the within, origin, Africa, spirituality, religion, resurrection, Christ Anti-Christ, racism, wave progression, climate change, First & Last, psychological warfare, logic, virus, politics, cravings, nutrition, natural world, rights of creation, spontaneous, evolution, dimensions and many others are essential to becoming One then Zero with the Creator.

All of these things have been experienced before in similar and different forms and in similar and different degrees. They will continue to take place in cycles.

Cycles Are Guaranteed

Continuous life takes place in cycles spiritually and physically, within which, is the emotional and mental. This cannot be changed by any human.
Cycles will always occur. Cycles are repetitive. What once happened, no longer happens, then what is currently happening no longer happens, then what once happened returns in a different form.
A cycle is described by many words, some of which are Year, Season, Age, Great Year, Reason.
There are quadrillions of cycles taking place inside you right now.
None of these cycles inside you and outside you take place separate from each other; therefore, where there is one, the others are also taking place, some slower, some faster.
For instance, as the cycle of a year takes place, the cycles of Season, Age, Great Year & Reason are also taking place. At the same time, humans are experiencing cycles of birth, life, death and rebirth.

When Winter Season exists, Summer Season is on the opposite end. Summer is the farthest thing away from what is currently happening. The script has been flipped in order to accomplish this change of seasons and ensure the cycle continues spontaneously, automatically. So, even when it's cold as hell in Winter, it is still guaranteed, that every passing day is moving us towards the opposite side, towards hot as Heaven and the re-flipping of the script. The script will flip again and again and again... First will become Last and Last will become First again and again and again...

The bigger, more powerful cycle we are living in, is not controllable by America or any other racism collective or by Africans or by any human ideology. Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe have the greater say-so of what goes up and what comes down.
The Creator and Creation are continuous cycles. Continuous cycles are an essential principle of Ecosystems and Eternal Life, thus Salvation. The Preexisting Uncreated Creator, cannot be overruled in the implementation of cycle after cycle after cycle...
The Creator runs this, not humans.
Humans participate. Humans do not make natural laws. Everyone and everything will always change. Even if humans do nothing and the human status quo remains, the human status quo will still change slowly, and then all at once, because the human status quo is subject to the changing cycles of the Year, the Season, the Age, the Great Year, the Reason.

At this point, some might be wondering what “Reason' has to do with it all.
Reason is reasoning is logic is information in motion is process is repetitive is cycle.
Every time a human “has a reason” they have just gone through a thought process cycle of information that is boiled down and summarized and called a reason.
Every time a season exists, Earth has just gone through a thought process of information that is boiled down and summarized and called a season.
Likewise then, just because we humans boil down and summarize things into smaller words and phrases such as: 2017 or Spring or the Age of Aquaria or Democracy doesn't mean the fundamental cyclical nature of these things is altered because we call these cycles by different names. No! No! No! The cycle is guaranteed; therefore a change in these things is guaranteed.

It has been predetermined, that smaller cycles such as human goings on are inseparably unchangeably tied to the larger cycles of Earth. Likewise, Earth is a small cycle which is subject and subordinate to the larger cycle of Solar System, of which the Sun is ruler. The Sun is changing; therefore all things subject to the rulership of the Sun must and will change. Humans are subject to the cycles of Earth, Sun and so on. We know this. Suffice it so say, humans are also subject to an enormity of smaller cycles; therefore, humans are caught betwixt and between and are in no ways as powerful as they seem. Humans with the greatest level of knowledge of self had to yield to cycles. Those with the least self-esteem are not an exception to the rule of cycles.
It has been predetermined that celestial living beings, called stars, will rule every moment of existence. Living stars influence all cycles. Do not allow Second Truth astrologers and astronomers to mislead you. Stars are one of the signs of changing cycles of all things and the nature of the changes.

The Cycle Of Today

2017 is part of much larger, more powerful cycles. Whatever is happening right now, was not happening yesteryear and will not be happening futureyear. What is happening right now cannot be maintained by humans. Humans do not have that kind of power to control the cycle of a Year, A Season, A Star, an Age, A Great Year, A Reason.

Humans can influence human reason, but humans cannot control each other's human reason and neither can humans control the reason of other creations and neither can humans control Greater Reason and Reasonings. Humans can influence other humans but the further away from the human dimension a cycle exists, the less influence humans have on it. All other things are also having an influence on the things humans are influencing; therefore even when humans influence human reasoning, many other humans and non-humans are also influencing human reasoning. In other words, do not underestimate the power of every kind of influence and do not overestimate the influence of destroyer humans by thinking their hold on the world is unbreakable. That is a big ole fashioned lie no matter how impossible you think it might seem.
Who could imagine the geographically thawed Europe of today if they were only aware of the tens of thousands of years of Ice Age frozen Europe? Only those who understood, that before Europe was frozen it was thawed and before that it was frozen and so on. Only those who understood the cycles could understand the guaranteed nature of future change of all things no matter how impenetrable the cold becomes and seems.
Hear me now my African Black people! Climate changed in multiple ways to bring white people into existence; therefore, it is also clearly possible for climate to change in multiple ways to take white people out of existence. Understand the fuller definition of what climate change really is and you will also understand how very possible it is for a deeply entrenched virus to be removed from the body and for health, harmony and happiness to return. Within all this changing is included the changes necessary to deal with the gender issue and with religion issue and with education issue, etc. Nothing and no one and no ideology is immune from the climate change that is taking place right now and has always been.

Therefore, listen carefully so you can begin to stop dancing to demon rhythms. Humans ARE NOT the major cause of climate change and humans can in no way stop climate change.* Climate change is a cycle just as Summer to Winter is climate change. If humans had the power to stop cycles and maintain things the way they are, humans would stop Summer from becoming Winter and would stop aging and physical death. If America was a superpower, America stop the rotation and revolution of both Sun and Earth so as to make it Summertime all the time in America and Winter everywhere else. America is a power but not a superpower. Blackness is a superpower.

The need incentive of the Creator is to understand self in all forms, all combinations and all cycles of First Truth and Second Truth.
We are right now living in the period of time that is also the completion of a larger cycle. This is knowable by many things that are non-human.
For those who only rely on human happenings to try to understand what is going on, all human happenings are indicators of what cycle we are in and what stage of the cycle we are in. But we must learn more about all things, in order to properly understand what is going on based on the similarity (metaphor) of the cycle that keeps going on and on and on.

”Ancient Processes Behind The Scenes Of Current Self-Esteem, Unity Consciousness #925”

”Spirituality Forms The Changing Seasons Of Science, Unity Consciousness #579”

No Cycle Perspective, No Balanced Perspective

Imbalance is a function of:
1. perceiving only part of a cycle and not the entire cycle.
2. perceiving only part of purpose and not the entire purpose of Creation, this Universe.

*Consider this logic. If humans are the initiators and greatest cause of the portion of climate change we call global warming, then humans must have also been the reason and greatest cause for the climate change called Ice Age. If humans are responsible for making it get warmer, then by the same reasoning, humans must also be responsible for making it get colder.

The reason we believe incomplete, distorted logic is because we are not using enough of the logic that existed prior to about 3,000 years ago. Basing our reasonings on only 3,000 years worth of distorted logic is the same as trying to understand what a “day” means by only considering 3 seconds. We would end of thinking that all the other seconds were prehistory and not much happened during that time. Then, in 3 seconds, everything that exists was created. We would also end up thinking that the next second, the fourth second, is a second that has never taken place and we are moving into uncharted territory. When we back up and understand the entire cycle of a Day, Week, Month, Year, etc., then when something happens for 3 seconds, we won't believe it is going to last forever and never change to its opposite manifestation.

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