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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life Is A Continuous Test-Taking Journey Of Logic
Unity Consciousness #912


Life is a test.
A test is a disconnected solution that requires understanding to re-connect.
Understanding consists of logic. All forms and levels of understanding are based on logic.
A significant portion of human logic links are broken, enough to swing us to the weak side. These connections must be fixed through understandings that come from the original double source winged disc.
Logic consists of entries, pieces of information, data and instructions, definitions, contexts, worldviews, utamawazos and understandings on what the information means and how the bits and bytes of information relate and connect to each other.

All Tests Are Common Tests In Different Forms

It is a common experience to have been in a classroom with other students. Test day arrives. Papers are passed out and, for some students, they themselves are trying not to pass out. The test is taken. Time expires and papers are returned to the test maker.

When an instructor tells you there is going to be a test, you should be more excited than nervous or afraid.
The test is an opportunity for you to:
1. use creative genetic potential genius (express yourself) and
2. demonstrate you now understand more than before (manifest yourself).

Living is taking tests in order to acquire and demonstrate greater and greater levels of understanding.
This fulfills the need incentive.

Test-Taking Truths

There are always two test-taking truths: (1) you know and (2) you don't know.
Both are always true. What you already know is the First Truth. What you don't know is the Second Truth.
Knowing something does not mean you always know something immediately or clearly or completely.
Knowing something means: using what you already understand about yourself to help you understand more of what you don't understand about yourself.
For instance, as a baby you understand how to listen. You also understand how to make sounds. You then use those two understandings to help you make specific sounds to express yourself and to get a desired result. You practice a lot. You continue to build on those understandings and that process. You listen and mimic the sounds of others. You understand more and more how to use sound to speak the language you are exposed to. During every stage of this process you are in possession of knowing and are also seeking more knowing. You know and you don't know.

Knowing (understanding) something is just like living. By necessity it must be a continuous process. Just because you have grown into your current age, does not mean you are more alive than you were. Just because you have grown into your current understanding does not mean you understood less than before.
Every stage of life and every test is appropriate and sufficient for the moment, level, circumstances, situation, conditions, potentials and opportunities available.
Life and knowing and living are all based on the level you begin with and what you do with what you have, even as you and everyone and everything continuously changes.
You must use and demonstrate the understandings you already have. This is why you are alive.
Life is a continuous journey that tests the logic of your understanding by making it necessary for you to demonstrate that understanding in order to pass the overall test of this stage of life and its mini-tests. When you do not, your next stage of life will be at the same or lesser level. This must be so. You cannot skip the stage of learning how to handle your “terrible” toddler two-behavior and then expect to behave maturely for the rest of your life. A whole lot of adults are still in the stage of their terrible twos. Likewise then, you cannot skip spiritual growth and then get promoted to the next level in the next life.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

The real test of a test is to use what you already know in order to demonstrate you are a good steward of the understanding you already possess so that you might develop more understanding.

In the form of metaphors, you have experienced and witnessed understandings that allow you to know:
Moving from level to level of physical growth requires you to take in nutrition, process it, integrate some of it, and eliminate some of it. Each birth of a new developmental stage requires the death of the previous stage.
It is also exactly this way spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
Every test is specifically designed to test specific logic – not just one piece of logic at a time, but multiple pieces of logic simultaneously. Your body, mind, spirit and emotions exist simultaneously and are integrated and inseparable; therefore, so must be their understandings and so must be their tests.
In other words, what you might perceive as a test of one aspect of self, is actually and always, a test of all four aspects of self. This is a reason why many people struggle with being overweight or underweight.
Also, your unhealthy relationship with candy bar religions is due to the overall health of your spiritual-physical-mental-emotional being. You do not remain in a bad relationship because of weak mental logic. It is also due to the logic of the other parts of self and how you have ordered, prioritized and integrated all the logic you possess.

If any test was simply a mental test, then people would not get emotional when taking, failing or passing a test.
It is not ever never enough to possess understanding mentally.
You will fail the test.
Because inattention to the other three aspects of self will prevent you from demonstrating the understanding you mentally possess. You will stick with logic you know you need to change because you are unable to overcome self.

Your tests exist in their present form because your logic exists in its present form.*
Your tests exist to help you bring your physical-spiritual-mental-emotional understandings into balance and agreement so you may live as intended.
Your living as intended is necessary to fulfill the need incentive.
This is why you are continuously being prepared for the next stage of understanding and living.
Life is not intended to defeat you.
Life is intended to complete you.
Get understandings, reconnect them, fix broken logic and the test goes away as living and creative genetic potential genius move to the next level.

*You must not forget you are part of a collective and are not an island and are subject to be affected and influenced by all tests taking place. This must be so, otherwise, you will care about one aspect of self to the detriment of other aspects of self. Likewise then, the rights of all creation must be respected so they too may pass their tests in order to positively influence the rest. There are some tests that are mostly for you to take as an individual and some tests that are mostly for you to take as part of different types of collectives. This changes throughout the course of living where at one point the same test fluctuates between being mostly individual and mostly collective.

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