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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, January 22, 2017

What Is Fake News, Anti-Christ & Aquaria | Definition
Unity Consciousness #928


The term “fake news” is preparing you for another form of okie doke programming.
The program is a simple script that gets your mind to say, yes there is such as thing as fake news.
Then the second script refers you to the definition of fake news as defined by those who brought you the term “fake news.”
By default, what is not tagged “fake news” in your logic, becomes “real news” to you.
This is important because it gets you to accept as real, what is not called fake without analyzing either.

Long Example

For instance, the Christian holy book speaks of the Anti-Christ, the deceiver, the false prophet. This is the so-called wolf in sheep's clothing.
Truth is, the Christian holy book is the Anti-Christ along with other holy books of religions.

This is the basic okie doke: First, describe yourself and put someone else's face and name to it. Then describe someone else and put your face and name to it.

As explained recently, Christ is karest is sahu is mummified soul.
The Anti-Christ is described as ruling for a season before the second coming of Christ.
That season is right now before the resurrection of the sahu into the second life. Look around you at the world right now and for the past few thousand years and you must know this is the season of the Anti-Christ.
Look at those in charge who have been given the powers of deception in order to fulfill their destinies as destroyer deceivers.

Likewise, when America and other countries talk about fake news, they are describing what they themselves are doing but are putting someone else's name on it.
They are also creating fake news as they always have, and calling it truth.

They are right now creating fake news in order to convince you fake news is the kind they say it is.


”12 Monkeys & The Unraveling of Fabric & Time, Unity Consciousness #676”**

So many more seemingly “incredible” things are about to happen, that “fake news” is being programmed into your logic to keep you unbalanced and confused about what's happening, who you are and who to listen to.

The term “fake news” is being installed in your brain computer so you will not rely on your own sensing ability.
Why is it necessary to create the term “fake news” when most people already do not rely on their own sensing abilities?

Because information and events and going to become so much more plainly obvious, you need to be programmed to not believe your eyes, ears, your intuition, your dreams, history, experience, or any of your senses.
This is to confuse you about what humans are doing and what is happening inside Earth, within Earth and outside Earth. Right now you are being faked out about why and how Trump became president.
You are also being faked out by Women's Marches and anything else the racism collective is doing pretending to want what's best for everyone.

Fake news is a necessary setup because science fiction is once again becoming science non-fiction.
First there was science (non-fiction), then there was science fiction.
This is currently switched around. Science non-fiction is now called science fiction (fake) AND science fiction is now called science (real).
America, for example, uses science fiction and wants you to believe real science is fake.
I absolutely know this is true using one example. These same people have most people thinking it's a good idea to make some plants illegal. The logic of people tells them its okay to make illegal what the Creator provided . Based on this logic they judge other people by what has been made illegal. Now the deceivers are getting you ready to accept any explanation they give you for the events that are about to happen with increasing frequency and magnitude and in forms that make it seem like it came right out of a science fiction movie.

Science of second truth is going out and science of first truth is coming back. This first truth is going to scare the heck out of a lot of folks because we have been programmed to be afraid of the real thing in so many other areas.
Understand science and technology and you will know what is fake and what is real.

Closing In On The Antichrist

Christ is not one person. Christ is many people. Christ is the spirit-soul of all people who have avoided the second death and are awaiting their resurrection to help bring about the switching around of the first and last. The resurrection of these Christs is part of the upheaval and fulfillment of putting the Anti-Christs in their place.
Understand clearly, people had to be killed physically in order for the Anti-Christ to take over earth and maintain power. That is why those currently in charge are non-stop murderers of all four aspects of self.
The reversal of this current season is for millions of spirit-souls to be resurrected, brought back to life in order for the Christs on Earth to retake their throne and for the Christ in heaven above to retake her throne.
Aquaria is The Celestial Christ, The Sahu, The Savior Of The World directing the warriors on several fronts. In human form, she is the African Black Female. She also exists in many other forms. Christ exists in many forms and so does the Anti-Christ. Christ exists in many dimensions and so does the Anti-Christ.
The Anti-Christ and all of its evils did not manifest in one moment.
Likewise then, the second coming of Christ is taking place in stages just like any other process. Do not expect one event or one big event except as the result of the culmination of a long series of steps.
The second coming of some Christs has already taken place from below, above, without and within.

Most Information Provided By Societies Is Fake News

Dr. John Henrik Clarke told us the biggest problem we've encountered is the European colonization of information and their colonization of the image of God.

They have been providing fake news in schools and in all other forms of media to tell you the story of the Anti-Christ but they have made Africans the Anti-Christ when the opposite is true.

Sooner or later, those who can be saved through their own efforts of repairing their logic, will be saved by their free will.

Christ Is Karest

Since Christ is Karest, the Anti-Christ is actually Anti-Karest.
Anti-Karest is Anti-Sahu.
Anti-Sahu is Anti-Resurrection.
Anti-Resurrection is destined for the Second Death.
Those of the Anti-Christ spirit will die physically and spiritually, never to rise again, but to have their spirit-souls decomposed into elementals and then reformulated in a new mixture.

**What the Anti-Christs call “unraveling” is actually the process of raveling. Most of the leadership of countries who are part of the UN are right now trying to unravel all that is good. This can be understood in many ways. Via the rights of creation, basic needs and becoming an Initiate are three approaches. Everything these people do to unravel what is good is going to facilitate the unraveling of what is bad because spiritual energy wave momentum has shifted significantly. Meanwhile, as said many times before, these countries are preparing to fight “aliens” from outer space and asteroids (near Earth Objects) that are headed towards Earth. Why? Because an understanding of science and technology explains how infrequent events allows a virus to become established and cause sickness and infrequent events allow the immune system to dislodge the virus and restore health.
Once you get some understandings from an African Utamawazo worldview perspective context, some real definitions, some real history, some real spiritual teachings and some fundamental understanding of metaphors, then you can switch a lot of things back around to the way they have been for the extreme majority of human history

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