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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Khefa or Kefa | Great Mother Basis of Understanding
Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #941


Part 1 - ”SA | Spirit-Soul Basis of Understanding & Contextual Healing, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #938”

Part 2 - ”Ankh | Mother Creator Basis of Understanding, Sankofa Life By Expanding Definitions & Meanings, Unity Consciousness #940”

This message expands understandings of Kofa through its earlier form of Khefa, but is not an exhaustive study.

Khefa – Expanded Definition & Meanings Of The Third Part Of Sankofa

Forms of Khefa are: Apt, Kheb, Kheft, Khef, Kef, Khept, Khep, Kep, Kefa, Kof, Kofa, Kufa, Ua, Uat, Uati. [keep and kept are a few of the numerous words derived]

Kep or Kef was the Mother of Beginnings. (NG1 193/211)
Kefa means force, puissance, potency. Khefti or Khepti, is a reduplicated Kef equivalent to Kev-Kev, and Kep-Kep is a name of Nubia. Kefa is modified into Zaba, a name of Ethiopia, the first, the ancestral land. [Nubia is the reduplicated Aethiopia just as Khemet is the reduplicated Nubia] (BB 35/47)

Apt (Kep, Khefa or Kefa), the most ancient form of the Great Mother of all living things and her son, Sut, were the first primal pair of female and male.* Not Adam & Eve.
The Great Mother & Sut were symbolized as the Greater Bear and Lesser Bear. They were also represented as large animals such as Hippopotami, Behemoths and Leviathans before being symbolized as humans. The Mother is the circle-maker and the son is the first to plant the tree (the solstice pole, pillar, or mound within the circle.) (AE2 588/52)
*The very first pair of any kind was female & female, Great Mother & Daughter, Mother & Mother, Sister & Sister, Virgin & Virgin. Thus the first virgin was not human. The first virgin was the Great Mother Creator unduplicated (zero and one) and the Second Virgin was her twin, the Mother Creator duplicated (one and two). (BB 35/47)

Kefa is the Goddess of the Hind Quarter. [Lower Egypt is the hinder part to Phoenicia; Upper Egypt is hinder to Lower Egypt; Nubia is hinder to Egypt; Aethiopia is hinder to Nubia; Africa is hinder to all other continents and islands] Kefa indicates location. Kefa also indicates Cave-dwellers. [Let us be certain to understand that every child ever born and still being born is a cave-dweller in the cave of womb and in the cave of whatever type of house they live in. A cave takes many forms other than a hole in a mountain. Living in mountain caves was naturally the first human home and still is for some people. The cave is a womb and we crave caves so much we have “man caves” and “woman caves” and think we are being something better than those who live in mountain caves.] (BB 35/47) (BB125/137)

Womb, Woman & Man

The names for womb or belly, thigh and rib, show clear kinship to the Mother as the old Typhon* Kep or Kefa. [“Rib” as representing Mother is why the story was changed to say Eve came out of Adam's rib, because man does not have a womb. Adam's rib is an attempt to replace Eve's womb. The story of Eve coming out of Adam is the story of males who were second, trying to usurp the authority of the female who was first]

Kefa became Juhu (from root Hve), the wife of Brahma and the Chavvach or Eve of the Hebrew Genesis. The name of Adam occurs often enough in Inner Africa, to show whence came the primal pair of Adam & Eve who were personified as the typical parents in Egypt, before any religion existed and was continued in the sacred writings brought out of Egypt by the black African Hebrew Israelite Chaldean Kushite Ethiopian Puntites who had the religion they copied, stolen by those who now call themselves Jews (Hebrew Semites). The pattern continues where the latecomers claim authorship of that which they have no basis or ability to create except their own claims. Nothing else in the Universe supports their claims except belief. Thank goodness the Universe is a knowing Universe that is about to reverse the stagnating deteriorating weakness of belief. [In this passage we see how Chavvach becomes havva becomes Hava, the Eve of East Indian mythology] (NG2 15-6/23-4)
The hermaphrodite Venus is identified as the Inner African First Woman who is called Iye, or life. Iye is the earlier Ife, Eve, Heva or Kefa, the Mother of Life, or life personified. (NG2 8/16)
*[Thus Setifan is Sut-Typhon is “the Devil” of the Jackalian/Piscean Age]

Kefa is also a form of the son of the Great Mother, thus Kepheus or Cepheus (or Cephas as Simon Peter also called Kefa).

The first Khep or Koff, or Khepr, where the transformation occurred, was the womb; next the cave or Cefn, then the caer, then final form is the chapel. [this can be extended to church, sanctuary, synagogue, temple] [thus “coffin” if derived from Koff as a womb, cocoon and tomb. Another likely word derived is “cough” as a means of bringing forth from within to without. “Coffer” is a holding storage place of value, resource, treasure.] (BB 420/432)

The Mother as womb as Khep or Kheper or Khepera or Kheper-RA is always the transforming place of womb, cocoon, tomb, womb.

The womb is the earliest house of life and is personified as wife, woman and mother. The Cave, Cove, Kof, Combe, Home and Hamlet, are all forms of the dwelling founded on the female womb. (NG1 460/478)


Kepa means “nipple” and refers to the breast of earth (the Interior, the inner land, the equatorial lake country of east Africa), from which there is one vast streaming fount of moisture quick with life. (NG2 162/170)
Nipple and Navel are two forms of the same word. (NG1 126/144)

Living Word

Khefa or Kep, the Ancient Ancient originating Mother is the “Living Word” who is the Goddess of the Seven never-setting Stars (Akhemu-Seku*) and of whom is said, “The whole World is her Seat.” She is also called “The Lady of the Chair.“ [it is likely the game of musical chairs represents the constellations revolving around the southern and northern poles] (NG2 15/23)

*Update; The seven never-setting stars are in Ursa Minor Constellation representing the seven elementals.


The root UA signifies the one, the one alone, the only one, solitary, isolated. This Uâ has the hand for determinative and is probably a worn-down form of Ufa, from Kufa, the hand or fist. (BB 154/166) (NG1 188/206)
The Mother then is our chief type of number One or the first in figures and numbers, as she is in nature and in the mirror of Mythology. (NG1 193 211)
Uâ is written with the barbed hook; a later type of laying hold. Kefa, Shâ, Api, Fa, Uâ, â, are all Egyptian forms of the first one, Number 1, or one hand. Ua or Uat is Number 5, that is the one as a hand. Pairing the two hands would be a primary mode of signifying or reckoning two. (NG1 188/206)

Uau is the Egyptian word for the letter “ O ” used as a prefix to represent the mother-circle. Uaua is the name for Nubia, the mother of Egypt Khemet. [Uaua is same as Kep-Kep (See Kefa above)] (BB 22/34) (BB 478/490)

Uâ in the feminine gender is Uat, the genetrix. Uata, the Woman, as Mother, in Hausa. (NG1 193 211)

Khefa Is The Top Of The World

The root UA is equivalent to the top and summit. (BB 154/166)

Uata means “the top of the world.” (NG2 162/170)
Mother as “top of the world” is why the Ark rested on top of the world.
The Mother is the Ark; the Great Mother is the mountaintop; child is again resting in the lap of the mother.


Uat is the oasis. Uat is the water. Uat is wet, fresh, evergreen. Uat is the reed of Egypt, the papyrus reed. (AE1 255/265)

Uat as the papyrus reed, is also used to denote ancestral descent because it had been the primeval food of the most ancient people. (AE1 256/266)

Uat also means distance, the long, long road, and is determined by three roads arranged lengthwise. Uat is both water and way. The water of Hapi Nile was the first road. (BB 371/383)

[Ua is the basis of equal, equation, equator, equinox, aqua, Aquaria, uterus (utiru, uaterus, “rus” means south), water] (BB 34/46)]
Navel, belly and uterus, are synonymous in the most Ancient languages. An Egyptian name of the navel, as Khepa, is also the name of the womb, the concealed place, the secret intimate abode, the sanctuary. (NG1 125/143)

Uat & Uati Of The Two Truths

Uat is One Liquid that exists in two parts. One is purifying blood of female as Pool of Natron and the other is vivifying water of male as Pool of Salt. (NG1 163/181)

Uat means both heat and wet, both elements being represented by the Genitrix Great Mother Uati; they are the Two Truths of the Water of Life. The water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat, or gestating, i.e. life-making. (NG1 148/166) (BB 181/193)

Uati, is the fiery serpent of the Sun, thus, Uati is the spark who gives birth to sparks such as souls, stars, moon, etc. (AE1 809/18-19)

The Great Mother, as Uati, divides in the two characters of Tefn and Sekhet, who represent the two elements of wet and heat; the dewy red of dawn, and burning white of day. (NG1 532/550)

Uati is the Great Mother who brought forth the virgin child on her lap of the papyrus flower; therefore the Great Virgin Mother is the papyrus plant as a symbol of the tree of life. (AE1 97/107) (AE1 255/265)

Uati is the Mother of Life in vegetation as the papyrus. (AE1 179/189)

Goddess Uati is also personified by Hu, as the Sphinx. [the Sphinx is female] (BB 325/337)

Khefti, the North and Goddess of the North, was worn down to Uati or Uti or Uat. (BB 35/47) (NG1 193 211)

Uat and Khebt are names of the North and of Northern Egypt. (AE1 303/313) (BB 424/336)
[as we can see from these entries up to this point, the location of what was considered Khebt and Kheft continued to change as migration moved down the Hapi Nile and beyond, thus at different points in time Nubia and Egypt were both Kheft (north) and Khebt (mother). Together, Egypt and Nubia are a form of the Two Truths and the Two Lands and Child and Mother]

The Hindu Aditi is the Great Mother of the Gods who become twain. She became Diti in the second character, and is identical in both characters with the one original genitrix who opens and divides in all the Ancient mythologies [some much more Ancient than others]. Aditi is, of course, the negative of Diti, the positive. Aditi was the primordial undivided One, the All, who when divided becomes Diti, the divided, the number two. [thus we have the origin of “ditto”]
Aditi produced Diti by a sort of self-splitting self-duplication which may be compared with that of the entozoa, molluscoids and annelids; Aditi or Uati being two-fold in herself as the representative of the Two Truths. (NG1 468/486)

Uat, The Great Blue-Green One

Uat itself was of a bluish-green like the dual tint of water or the holly—green with a bluish reflection. It was the colour of reproduction from the underworld. The Egyptians made the symbolic Eye with the Uat colour, another figure of reproduction. (BB 94/106)

The blue and green were both combined in Uati, whose name indicates the dual one of the Two Truths. (BB 95/107)

Uat is the green stone called Felspar, Jade and other names. It is the symbol of divinity in general and of the god of breath, soul and reproduction.
Shu (breath) is also called Felspar by the mummy awaiting re-erection. Shu is the god in green, the colour of reproduction from the underworld. Shu and the soul are themselves the green stone. (NG1 130/148) (NG1 131/149)

One word, Uat, for water does duty for several colours, for blue and green water, various paints, plants, and stones. [Thus, since blue-green Uat contains all colors, so does chlorophyll (black-green) and melanin (blue-black), twin pigments of two truths of plants and animals.]
In earlier times, perception of different colours did not depend on different words; one word served with several determinatives served the purpose. Early humans thought in things and images but we think in words, which is a limited form of thinking. This is why we must use the symbol image language of metaphor. If we are made in the image of God, we are made in the metaphor of God and thus must re-learn to think in metaphor if we are to understand God, thus ourselves.
Plutarch says, “They that have not learned the true sense of words will mistake also in the nature of things.” So we may say that those who have not learned the true nature of things will mistake the sense of words. (NG1 238/256)

Mother As Opener & Guide Of The Way

The journey through Amenta underworld heaven from western setting sun to eastern rising sun, death to rebirth, was led by the Mother in the form of son, Shu-Anhur (Kepheus), who was guided by the Mother in the form of Anup-Ap-Uat, the guide as dog or jackal. Ap-Uat is also the opener of roads who “makes ready the way of the Lord (Aquaria, Great Mother of the Waters). (AE2 658/122) (AE2 862/326)

Go Back Where & Fetch What?

For full effect of reckoning Karrekh, go back to the sow cow's potbelly stove of wet heat.
Relax the guarding of membranes surrounding starving brains, so you can fetch memories from the nipple of knowledge.
Khefa is the oasis that always has an abundance of all nutrition food medicine.
Go back beyond Mother Khemet. Travel the Uat waterway to Mother Nubia then to Great Mother Aethiopia to the source of full power force.
Be purified and vivified through the double source of double birth of twin virgins.
Fetch some self-respect for your still intact cave-dwelling nature that can help you descend from the terrace to the abyss, from home to Home.
Follow the way, the truth and the light of life to the primitive fountain of good and evil where female is first who conceived and brought forth all things into being, strong and weak to ensure need incentive and destiny, through understandings, meet.

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