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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

What Is A Star? Expanded Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #980


(Part 2 of 7)

Reconnecting Dots & Colors Of Consciousness, Unity Consciousness #968 (Part 1 of 7)

Words Derived: star, start, spark, ark, arc, art, mustard, spurt, star disk (asterisk), Ra, Ar, Ire, fire

Related Concepts: illumination, light, ignite, ignition, igneous, inspire, kart, hot, heat, spicy, car, care, karest, Christ, har, harmony, Sa, Sa-Fire, sapphire, photosynthesis, hydrolysis, mister, master, ester, esther, easter

The “S” in Star

“S” expresses both the oldest birth-place and the eldest born (first born), thus mother and child. (BB 5/17)

The Birth-place in time would be the beginning of a Cycle, to which the number 666 related.
666 is the number of the Second Beast (the eldest born) S S S, or Su Su Su, is also the “name of a Man” as a Pharaoh... (NG1 366-7/384-5)

The Greek “S,” like the Coptic, has the numerical value of six. As an ideograph, this is Ses (in Egyptian), whence the phonetic “S” retained that value. (NG1 366/384)

Some of the symbology of “S” is the seat, the deep and the snake serpent. (BB 96/108) (BB491/503)

In the hieroglyphics , the goose and jackal supply a form of the “S.” (NG1 45-6/63-4)

The “T” in Star

The “t” in star is one of the symbols representing technology.

One of the symbols for a star is an asterisk. The aster-isk is the star disk. The star disk is the Sun. The star disk is any star. An asterisk *, is a combination of the double Cross ( “t” and “x”).

The Tau cross T, our letter “T,” is connected with the number 9. The “T” is also a numerical three, a cross of three-quarters instead of four, and so becomes a figure of nine months, or nine divisions of the twelve which were completed by the three water signs, or the abyss in the north, represented by the 0 of the ankh-cross.

In the hieroglyphics, the jackal and perch are found as forms of the “T.” “T” symbols in the hieroglyphics include the snake, bird, and beetIe. (NG1 45-6/63-4)

The “S” & “T” in Star

“S” and “T” are forms of each other and represent duplication, duality, twinness. This is why the snake wraps around the pole and tree. The 'T” is double in the hieroglyphs in the hand and female breast. This duality is figured in the Cross Tau, or “T” which is equivalent to Tta, i.e. Theta in Greek, and by the “T” being a plural terminal. It is the same with the “x” or “K.” This was the principle of our letter formation, visible in the “V” and “Y,” and continued even in the double-looped cursive lower-case “f,” the cursive capital “L”and in “S” or “Z.” (NG1 283-4/301-2)

The “AR” in Star

First we must review what a Nuter is.
1. A nuter is a representation of power and the unlimited.
2. A nuter is a representation of a repeating period, phase, stage or cycle of time in a continuous process.
3. A nuter is an aspect of the non-human or human natural world.
4. A nuter is considered divine and can also be a divinity or deity.
5. A nuter can be a person.
6. A nuter has a foundational meaning of being of water, from water, by water and [return]to water.
7. A Nutr must convey the two truths – that which is and that which is not, the Preexisting state and the Existing state, the After and Before, Origin & Now, Beginning & End...

The eyeball or pupil of the eye is a Nuter because it is a mirror in which an image was reproduced. (BB 94/106)
The eye (Ar) is synonymous with conception, making the likeness, repeating, thus in Egypt, the eye was a symbol of the Child and the Year as the Eye of Horus, and of the repeating period as the Uta, the symbolic Eye of Taht which indicated resurrection and renewal, like that of the new moon. For this reason, “UTA” means salvation, going-out, to be whole for ever. AR is an earlier name of the child and the mother as the total which is the nuter which became the Kar and Har. The earliest name of both is Khept. (BB 248/260)

The companion to Uta is Uat. Uat means both heat and wet, both elements being represented by the Genitrix Great Mother Uati; they are the Two Truths of the Water of Life. The water was converted into breathing life by the Mother when in heat, or gestating, i.e. life-making.

Uati, is the fiery serpent of the Sun, thus, Uati is the spark who gives birth to sparks such as souls, stars, moon, etc.

The Great Mother, as Uati, divides in the two characters of Tefn and Sekhet, who represent the two elements of wet and heat; the dewy red of dawn, and burning white of day.

The star is the ankh and from a distance is a round smooth circle and a pointed object because it is both a circle and also a combination the cross of “T” and “X” (the asterisk, the sun disk, the solar disk).
The star is both 6 and 9 in duality and also 3, 6 and 9 in trinity. The 6 and 9 form the circle and has been represented as the yen and yang.
A star is the embodiment of the Two Truths in multiple forms. This is why the star is an ankh. A star and ankh are primary forms that contain multiple dimensions of the two truths.
A star is an all-seeing eye.
A star signifies a period of time and a cycle. We already use stars for this purpose. We must expand and use stars to help us understand what is going on in Earth and Heaven. We must use stars to help us understand spiritual energy waves as we transition from one Age to the next.
Yes, stars have everything to do with who we are and our daily lives, but so much more than current day grade school explanations of the zodiacs and horriblescopes.

A star is the All in All, thus a star is a symbol of salvation. This we already know based on our own star, the Sun. Thus once again we can see how very appropriate it is to worship the Sun because the Sun is a symbol of the Creator. A symbol that no human has created or messed with. Remember, a star is the mirror image of mother and child or more specifically Mother of the Universe and Child of the Universe or more specifically Mother who created the Universe and Child who created the Universe.

In the hieroglyphics the Ibis which cries “Aah-Aah” and supplies the type of “Aah-ti,” became finally a phonetic “A.” Additional signs of the letter “A” are the eagle and a bird of the goose kind, thus a star is the golden egg laid by the goose. Additional signs of the letter “A” are the fish, frog and beetle. The “R” is a. lion; later this was the phonetic sign for “L.” (NG1 45-6/63-4)

Stars Start Sparks Because A Star Is A Spark

Stars are the start, thus stars are the spark. Not just the spark of heat and fire but also of wet and water.

Stars sparkle because they are sparking, arcing, arking.
Stars sparkle because they are generating and releasing energies in the creative process, thus stars are the epitome and embodiment of all creative processes.
Sparking is twinkling. Sparkle sparkle little star, how I wonder what you are.

A twinkling sparking star is always arking up the right tree of genealogy.

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