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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Guiding Lights | Two-Truths Of Self-Esteem Identity
Unity Consciousness #924


There are components of identity that are de-evolutionary. They move consciousness away from knowing the complete self.
There are components of identity that are evolutionary. They move consciousness towards understanding first truth identity and second truth identity.

An enormous amount of strategies, for thousands of years, have been used to disconnect, defragment and de-evolve humans in order to calibrate us to the Second Truth and a truncated mutated thought process that begins and ends with belief.
Souljourn with me for a moment.
We “believe” yes Lord, in the Light, yet we are blinded by sight.
Would it not be better then, if we were all physically blind?
How is it we become more blind with Light than without Light?

Could it be there is something wrong with the Light guiding us?
That Light is dividing us, causing us to collide in many ways.
Shouldn't two people moving towards the same Light, no matter what point each of them start from, move closer to the Light and to each other by virtue of understanding the Light?

Then why are we acting like confused moths running into objects and logical jams rather than being in eco-sync with the Light, thus each other?

Obviously the Light we are orienting to ain't the right Light!
This must be properly understood. If the Light was right, we would be guided right just by virtue of yielding our free will to be guided by that Light. Being on the right track does not require understanding before the fact. It only requires the decision to make the First Truth our primary use of free will. After that, the Light will help us obtain the understandings necessary to move closer and closer to itself.
Now we are unable to wiggle away. If we insist there is nothing wrong with the Light we are following, then the problem must be the primary use of our free will.
Free will, simply put, is guided by logic information that forms our identity, our self-esteem.

So now we go back to the fact that many of us are unable to navigate life right at the level of using physical light and physical sight. We are confused by what we see and don't see, human and non-human.
Since our plain sight discerning ability is not right, what makes us think the things we identify with to tell us who we are, are right?
Okay then, if we say we are not lost due to the Light we are following, then we must be lost due to the compass (self-esteem) we are using. Be certain to investigate the concept of self-esteem. Self-esteem entails more than a feeling. Self-esteem that helps guide you to the First Light of Truth must be re-calibrated to the Spirit Source Of Ultimate Light. You must pull up the right information about that Light within you because you yourself are the compass whose default settings have been altered, corrupted.

Again, we explore the same metaphor. A person who can see physically, but is unable to distinguish what is seen physically, most certainly cannot distinguish who they really are, when who they really are, lies beneath the surface.
In other words, surface appearance is your Second Truth identity. If you are confused by the surface, you are most certainly confused about what lies beneath the surface, because, in order to not to be confused about who you are within requires the correct understanding of who you are based on your surface.
Understandings of what is your surface is preliminary and prerequisite to understandings of what is your inside – which is advanced and primary to the secondary surface.

Until the within and without are properly aligned with each other, self-esteem identity below the surface and above the surface will lead your spirit-soul on a circuitous journey of wandering in destiny-less deserts much longer than necessary.

Human Self-esteem is caught up in the midst of a Second Truth Matrix where multiple forms of the destroyer virus have infected our computer brain logic. The result is foolishness craziness sickness. These varied conditions require multiple strategies to fix. There is not yet, at this point, one human strategy that fixes all. It took numerous strategies to destroy, it takes numerous strategies to restore. For instance both Dr. King and Malcolm X were right as was Booker T. Washington and W. E .B. DuBois.

The whole world was once hip to the fact every human's ancestors are black.
The whole world must be restored to loving who they are, loving being black.
This is the basis and source of self-esteem identity that connects humans to the Source Of Light born out of Black African Land and Black African Woman & Man.

If we do not yet know and embrace our human origins a significant portion of identity is in a de-evolutionary status, thus we are distant and disconnected from healthy, healing, purifying, enlightening self-esteem that can stop the surface layer of logic from fighting ancestral memory logic in our genetic library.

Humans cannot evolve back into harmony without evolving/involving back into self-esteem identity. Years ago I said our fatal flaw is the absence of harmony. I now understand it goes much deeper than that into ancestry, into human history. This is now understandable genetically as long as we don't allow the evil manipulation fabricated results of DNA Testing Ancestry Genetics to trick us into remaining self-esteem sick.

Self-Esteem Metaphor

Self-esteem is “self as stem.”
Africa is root and trunk of tree.
Human sub-groups are branches.
Humans are stems on a branch.
Each stem capable of budding, blossoming, fruiting, perennially.
Each stem only differing in the form, flavor and function of fruit.
Each stem composed of and fed by the same genetic root.
Self-esteem is "self as tem."
Tem is total, team. “(AE1 53/65)
Total self-esteem is knowledge of self and all else as a team.
Self-esteem is “self as tem.”
Tem is ten.
Ten is zero origin plus nine dimensions.
Self-esteem is “self as a tem.”
“A tem” is item.
Self as item is the part, the individual
“I” in item is the “a” in team.
Self-esteem is self as collective individual.
The individual and the collective are both present in: item, team, total, One, Many, zero, ten, 1-9, seed, fruit, stem, branch, trunk, root.
Self-esteem is using self as stem to es-tem-ate understandings of self as inseparable from all else, a dynamic duality moving through different combinations of strong and weak realities.


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