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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, May 12, 2017

A To Z Of Living Genetic Hereditary Material In Nature
Unity Consciousness #1016


Point A

There is rNA. When oxygen is removed from rNA, the result is drNA.
rNA is in all cells and all viruses. rNA is genetic material.

Is rNA the first form of genetic material?
Why is rNA genetic material? Is it the chemical formula? Is it the shape?

How did rNA come to be genetic material if there was no earlier genetic material?
How can rNA be genetic material if none of its building blocks are genetic material?
What are the building blocks of rNA? Elements.

Genetic material has at least two properties:
1. Contains hereditary information (has a memory capacity to hold genetic codes to carry out life instructions). This is the way.
2. Has the potential to be an enzyme, a catalyst for chemical reactions. This is the will.

This combination of physical and spiritual properties is matter and energy.
This combination allows genetic material to construct and carry out many other functions in an infinite number of possibilities.

Before there was rNA, what contained the hereditary information and passed it on to rNA? What form of matter before rNA, contained hereditary information?
Where did the energy come from that fueled the chemical reactions that caused elements to form into rNA?

How can rNA be constructed without something being in control and providing the instructions?
How can rNA become life without being composed of life?

We know rNA is the basis of genetic material that organizes organisms.
If we think everything before the evolution of rNA is dead, thus contains no genetic material, then let's put this to a test. Put a bunch of dead elements together in any combination, such as rNA, and let's see how much life comes out of death.
Now we should be more than curious and somewhat furious at our spurious education that has been injurious when we believed it to be luxurious.

The only way life in rNA can come out of death in elements is:
1. The combination of death turns into life. If so, then where does the hereditary information come from that is in rNA?

2. Life enters into the combination of death from somewhere else. If life and hereditary information comes from somewhere else, other than dead elements, where and what is somewhere else?
Even if we don't know, we at least know that that somewhere else contains genetic material full of hereditary information and life.*

Thus, either way:
1. If life can be brought forth from dead elements, then life is in the creator of elements and so is all genetic hereditary material. OR
2. Even if life-bearing genetic material comes from somewhere else, then why would that somewhere else first create a bunch of elements without life and without genetic material and then use those elements to create rNA that could only be brought to life from somewhere else?
That would be highly ignorant of the Creator.

The Creator is in perfect/imperfect, fixed/variable, rigid/flexible, automated/manual control of everything taking place in the Universe. The mainframe and operating system of genetic control is running in the background and everything else has varying degrees of control in the foreground. All of this is per the designer and programmer of the Universe who allows leeway on the freeway of the way.

Point MN

Genetic material is not grounded in rNA or drNA. As outlined in UC#999 and UC#1000, genetic material is grounded in “NA” (Nature).

Wherever there is nature, there is genetic material to the lot, little, jot and tittle.
It's easy for humans to recognize life in ways we understand ourselves and not so easy for us to recognize a fuller range of life because we do not understand ourselves. This was explained in the previous message.

Point Z

Through the logical use of metaphor nothing is withheld from the faithful and pure who endure, yet even the unfaithful, unpure and uncommitted still gain understandings through the use of metaphor. Yes, the Sun shines on the wicked and the good but the good reap resurrections while the wicked reap double-sided death.

Consider metaphor as a fact checking answer sheet for comparing understandings, not just ours, but other people's understandings. DO NOT compare what you think with what someone else thinks. Compare the two points of view to metaphors in nature. It should not be about who is right or wrong, rather it should be about continuously understanding what parts of each perspective do and don't match what metaphors and all the while, still learning and growing.
Begin with self as a metaphor, but also always seek out at least one or two more metaphors in different dimensions of nature such as in plants, other animals, insects and any other life form you are aware exists, such as Earth. Since everything is metaphor, there are enough metaphors to help explain everything. Nature can be conceived as an open book test that reveals more via process of relentless quest.

When you were conceived, there was genetic material in an egg and in a sperm. There was not enough genetic material in the beginning to fill up all the cells you have today. How did those cells get genetic material? Yes, those cells grew and divided. The only way you can end up with more genetic material than you started with is if your genetic material also grew.
How did your body grow? Nutrients.
How did your genetic material grow? Nutrients.
Nutrients are elements. It doesn't matter if you call them vitamins, carbohydrates, starch, calories, protein, minerals, fat, omega's etc. They are still made of elements.

Elements are what your body is made of and elements are what your genetic material is made of. Yes, you are what you eat.
Your body could not be alive if the elements were not alive. (Alive does not mean healthy condition).
If the elements were dead, then your genetic material would die so fast, the fetus would not be able to form.
Life begins at the very beginning of Creation and so does genetic material. Your genetic material was alive before you were conceived, before your parents were born and before humans existed and before plants existed or Earth or our Sun. Every dimension of Creation is a dimension of living hereditary genetic material.

Everything in the Universe is Nature and Nature is living genetic material; therefore, everything in the Universe, the seen and unseen, energy and matter, old and new, is living genetic material.

Do not be deceived by the limits of what you perceive. Genetic material, anywhere in the Universe can go dormant and be perceived to not be alive. There is a wide range of levels of dormancy. There are numerous examples in drNA, rNA, eukaryotes, prokaryotes, viruses and in life forms we don't think are alive. Sleeping is a form of dormancy.

Quality of Understanding

How can we have a better quality of life without having a better understanding of life?
Without understanding the fundamental factors of life, we are being educated to simply shift miseries and be satisfied with personal gain and validation for our identity claims. This is how the collective conscious of humans drains, slowly into Dark Ages again.

Amen Ra's Akhemu-Seku to the rescue.

* Do you really think a Supreme Being is sitting around all day zapping life into the rNA of every life form on an individual basis? Or would you imagine it's automated? And if so, then how? The Creator did not create us from afar. A massive amount of circumstances, put into motion by the Creator, created us up close. Adro Adroa. All of the principles and components necessary to bring forth life are in the combination of elements. No need for the One to micromanage the Many.

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