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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Friday, January 20, 2017

Estimation Is Self-Estimation Is Self-Esteem | Definition
Unity Consciousness #926


There are always two groups of definitions – those based on first truth and those based on second truth.

To estimate is to use the best available information to arrive at what is most likely.
Estimates are always revised as the range of information and understandings improve.
Healthy self-esteem comes from continuous estimation, not from understanding that stalls in stagnation for much longer than a pause.

The best we can do is start with information of any type, investigate and estimate what we've learned and keep repeating as we expand our investigation.
An estimate increases in reliability as all understandings are merged into a self-sustaining ecosystem* of understanding which always means eternal self in relation to eternal all else.

We must recognize our estimation of ourselves is the same thing as our estimation of all else. Not just who we are in this lifetime but who we were in previous lifetimes. Not just all else as it exists now but all else as it existed in previous times.
To the degree we connect and understand the continuous all else is the same degree to which we understand the continuous self.

Quite problematic to self-esteem today is estimation based on recent history and a small portion of recent history and a distorted version of that small amount of recent history. All forms of media most people consume does this. Under these conditions, estimations are seriously impaired, thus, so also is self-esteem.

Reliable Self-Estimation Requires The Use Of Metaphor

Reliable estimation of self does not require knowledge of all events. It does require understanding of the fundamentals that make metaphor, metaphor. Simply put, commonalities, variations, why and how.
Whether we know it or not, we are always using metaphor because computer-brains use metaphor. Computers use the metaphor of 0 and 1. Nowadays, human brains often use metaphors that are human based, thus skewed, but that doesn't prevent us from using those messed up metaphors, mostly subconsciously.

The reliable estimations we are using today are based on repetitions, cycles and patterns of metaphors based on multiple creations over many Great Years.
As long as we continue to do so and not forget the Universe is ever-changing, we will be better able to handle the fixed and variable nature of our self-esteem, thus be less immaturely resistant to adjusting the information our self-esteem is currently based on.
The changing of everyone and everything is a change in information that necessitates estimation of everyone and everything, also change. The need incentive demands it. Our continuous existence means we cannot escape it. Physical death is not a safe harbor. If humans do not change with the ecosystem, we can expect nothing but hardship and crisis. Self-esteem is not exempt from needing to adjust to all dimensions of climate change because information about who we are is just going to become more and more evident than it already is.

It Is What It Is

Reliable estimation is based on, “it is what it is” not on “it's my prerogative.”
Estimation is not good when based on personal, local or small group preferences. Since all the humans on this planet are a very small group, estimations based on humans only, will lead to unhealthy tiny-minded self-esteem, such as thinking humans have the right of “dominion” over all else. Humans think they have dominion under the second truth but know they don't under the first truth. Clearly, ideologies based on all humans is insufficient to have healthy self-esteem so what do you think happens when ideologies exist based on less than all humans?

Self-Esteem is Synonymous With Being Whole

Estimation must be based on “individual collective” and “collective individual” references until understandings of both function as an eternally self-sustaining Ecosystem of Understanding where I and We echo the Creator as Zero and Many.

We cannot be consciously whole in spirit-soul without comprehension of the comprehensive whole.

Limited Human Context Is Not As Damaging To Self=Esteem As Limited Natural World Context

Many people do not have the experience of interacting on a regular basis with people outside their culture. They might interact with people in passing but not in going to school with them, working with them, playing sports with them, living around them, etc. Their information about other people is largely based on a limited range of media and little to no direct long term experience with a variety of the same individuals belonging to a different combination of demographics.

Even so, this does not prevent healthy self-esteem if humans are more conscious of the natural world in relation to self. Natural world metaphors are proxies for humans because they are proxies for the Creator.
It is not possible to have healthy self-esteem without an appreciable understanding of first truth natural world concepts and definitions. The natural world is more of a percentage of who humans are than other humans are. Humans are more non-human than human. Humans are the natural world in a different form. As reminded in the previous message, the natural world is the first truth that gave birth to humans. Humans are the second truth of the natural world. Mother Creator gave birth to Mother Galaxy who gave birth to Mother Solar System who gave birth to Mother Earth who gave birth to Mother Africa who gave birth to short black African Woman who gave birth to all other humans. The Creator and the natural world are science and humans were born out of and created by science. Science is who we are. Science is everything outside of self and everything inside of self.*** That is why you must know self in relation to all else because you are learning to match the metaphor of the science in you to the metaphor of the science outside of you. Know your science and know the science of all else. Know your science and know the Creator. Therefore, you are the holy book and so is the natural world outside of you. Compare the two and not just the human chapters.

We must do both, understand self in relation to the non-human and human natural world in order to understand the common, the variation, the why, the how.** This process teaches us how to count from 0 to infinity and from infinity to 0. We learn how we all came from one place and became many. In our post-modern societies, we get most of our self-esteem from the smallest part of us (human references, government, a holy book, school, news, television, etc.). This is the same as relying on the 0.1% genetic variation among humans to tell you your ancestry.

None of this is a small thing.
Our self-estimation affects all of our logic, all of our thoughts, all of our understandings, all of our conclusions, all of our decisions.

*Eco-sys-tem contains the root “tem” meaning total. Understanding of the ecosystem is a necessary component of the total self-esteem of humans and the ultimate evolution of spirit-soul.

**The significance of the natural world context must be delved into to be properly understood. First Truth understandings of the natural world in relation to self allowed people to travel the world and be treated kindly by others who had left home before them, even after being separated from the family for a while. Europeans took advantage of this because their Ice Age epigenetics of natural world estrangement that brought them into existence, overrode the natural kindness received from others. The welcomers of European travelers, used what they estimated about themselves as being in partnership with nature and transferred that estimation to the moral nature of Europeans. Initially they were correct in intent and in actions due to the absence of prior experience with this form of second truth behavior (“I come as a friend to do you in”). But then, the natural world context still allowed them to not punish the next group for the previous group's behavior. They still treated each group on their own merits. It took a pattern of multiple instances of this weak self-esteem behavior before the recipients learned to change their estimation of Europeans. The used the metaphor of language, “pale face speaks with forked tongue.” to express their revised estimation.
Many humans still give the benefit of doubt to Europeans, not due to the natural world context, but to a “brought-to-you-by-Europeans” religious context. This is the same mistake of giving human-provided information more weight than all the information in the non-human natural world. The natural world clearly tells us the nature of a creature does not change quickly or easily. The same mistake is also made due to not understanding the logic of previous Europeans is alive and active in current Europeans. This is well known about plants and other creatures. If we were in possession of wholesome logic, we would understand this. If we had a better understanding of the natural world in relation to self we would not keep getting tricked by human pretensions of change for the better when the foundation of sickness is still in place. The metaphor is, we are the original components of the cell who were suffering from malnutrition. Then came a virus that took over the world of the cell. Once you understand who you are in relation to this metaphor, you will always understand you must work in conjunction with the immune system and not in conjunction with the virus. No virus changes willingly. No cell can be healthy following virus-altered logic.

Now, once we have first and second truth understandings of the natural world context and compare those metaphors to first and second truth understandings of humans, now we have the potential to make even more reliable estimations of what is happening and most likely to happen. The first step in getting rid of a virus is inflammation, the temperature rises, then water rises, then food medicine nutrition increases, then rest from distractions and busyness.

***We have just recently learned the Creator is technology. Now we combine the metaphors to understand humans are science and technology and so is all else that exists.

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