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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Khat & The Hat | Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #1029



Khat, Kat or Khet is the secret, intimate abode and womb of the creative powers of the Universe. This abode is the ark, circle, orbit or quadrangular enclosure.
Therefore, Khat also means going round, wheeling round, as do the star constellations around the circle. Thus, since the Great Mother is the Spark-holder and her children are the sparks, they are symbolized by fireworks. Remember this when you watch fireworks, it is a forgotten display of the Great Mother of all Creation and her children, the stars as sparks.
The earliest form of Khat is Khept of the north. (BB 319/331, 362/374, 248/260)

Another form of Khat, probably later than Khept is Kheft which is still the northern birthplace imaged by the water-horse [hippopotamus, cow] as the ark [ankh] of life amid the waters. (BB 315/327)

Another form of Khat is Khat-renn (Catherine), the renewer of the race. (BB 319/331, 362/374, 406/418)

Another form of Khat is Octavia as the ten, thus the total.

Khat is the name of the first tree of knowledge which had ten branches. (BB 84/96)

All of tells us that Khat is the Supreme Ankh which is corroborated by Nga as the earlier form of Ka. (NG1 272-3/290-2)

HAT Is Derived From KHAT

Khat, Kat or Khet is the First Great Mother and Grandmother and First Great Virgin Mother. Kat is the Only One of which no other preexisted. She is the first Mother who divided herself into Two Mothers. She is the throne and the power of the throne. She divided into Two Truths and multiple truths and then also reunites Truths. She is the mother of elements and stars, thus she is the source and womb of Nature, thus life, thus the liquid essence of life in all forms such as water, blood, milk, sap, air, etc. (BB 127/139)

Thus we can begin to understand Kat Woman in league with the dynamic duo of Batman & Robin (Elder Sun, The Black Knight & the Younger Sun, The White Light). The difference is Kat Woman is primary and the Dynamic Duo are secondary. These three represent the Only One, The Two Truths and The Trinity.

Likewise then we can see the reference to Kat in the Hat. The difference is it's the Hat in the Khat that is the original order. Even so, we can now see why the Kat in the Hat is so wise and magical.

HAT Is Heart, The Abode of Ba-Soul

The Ba is the Soul, and the Hat (Mat) is the heart. The heart is the shrine, abode, womb, habitation/habitat, or body of the Ba-Soul. The heart as shrine is called the Ba-HAT, Ba-TH, Ba-T. These words were also used to describe house or place that was the shrine of the Ba-Soul. It can be said that home of the Ba-Soul is where the heart is. This is so because the heart contains blood as liquid life, fire water for the soul. This liquid essence makes the Hat the basis, foundation and beginning of life. (BB 114/126, 127/139) and (NG1 232/250)

HAT Is Hathor, The Feminine Abode Of Creation

Hathor is the feminine abode and habitation/habitat of the child. The white cow was especially the symbol of Hathor, whose title is the nurse of the suckling child. In this instance, Hat is both cow and white for the milk as the liquid essence of life. Thus to repeat, the child is born out of water as liquid essence, has liquid essence as blood and drinks liquid essence as milk. (BB 127/139, 315/327)

HAT Is Chief In Authority

Ha and Hat represent various forms and symbols of the chief, ruler and governor as the mace [mallet], the throne and upper crown of Egypt (the highest of the two crowns). Hat signifies order. (BB 229/241)

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