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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Reconciling Khaos & Chaos Within Gerald Massey's Writings
Unity Consciousness #1034


(Part 5 of 7)

A large portion of information regarding Khaos and Chaos has come from world history books written by Gerald Massey, which focus on getting back to the beginning, root and origin of many things.
Parts 1-4 are sufficient to show and explain differences between the first Egyptian Khaos and later versions worldwide called Chaos.

What follows is an analysis of certain passages which, if considered in isolation from other portions of Massey's writings or in isolation from other sources, could contribute to misunderstandings.

No Creation Of Elements

That which has been called “Khaos” in the “legends of creation” was a condition in which there was neither law nor order, time nor name, nor means of representing natural phenomena. But it does not mean there were no natural phenomena because there had been no mode of expression. “Things” existed even when they had no name or record in the Babylonian mythology. (AE1 275-6/285-6)

Khaos precedes creation in mythology. The elementary powers were the rulers in Chaos, the domain of lawless force, discord, dissolution, and timelessness. The first creation represents the passage of mythology out of Chaotic space into the fixed world of time. (NG2 4/12)

In the first paragraph, Massey is not describing Khaos. He is describing the condition of human thought in regards to the functioning of the Cosmos.

However, it is true in the beginning of Khaos, when there is Only One, there is no such thing as law or natural law or time, or balance or any duality or trinity, etc. There is the Only One Dimension and that dimension is the Zero Dimension or the No Dimension or the Circle Dimension where Everything is Everything in unity. As a result, there is no room for discord disagreement. The second paragraph above is clearly a mixture of the two types of Khaos and likely written during the transition stage from First Truth to Second Truth.

Egyptian mythology began with the typifying of seven elements or elemental forces, such as fire, water, earth and air, born of the Typhonian genitrix, as the Abyss. These elements numbered eight in Am-Smen, the place of preparation, who were born of space of Khaos before the formation of the world, or the establishment of order and time. As mythology evolved, these elemental types were characterized as the enlighteners and teachers of men. (NG1 5/23)

It was never pretended in the Egyptian wisdom that there was any [actual physical] creation of the elements. (AE1 276/286)

Elements were not created because they preexisted. The third generation of the Only One called a copy of the elements out of the waters of the beginning Khaos so the Creation of Many could take place.

This is mainly per the Shabaka Stone as discussed in the Early Formation Of Creation.
I have not found reference within Massey's writings to the Shabaka Stone although aspects of it are present in Massey's accounts of Egyptian Mythology.

Mythological accounts of the creation of the physical universe is a representation of natural phenomena which might have been seen any day and night. Mythology does not explain the creation of the universe. There was no creation. The universe exists as a result of natural phenomena.
In the Hebrew version, the elements of earth, heaven, darkness, light, water, spirit (or breathing force) are directly called into being. In the Egyptian version, four of these come into existence or are made apparent by means of divine types. (AE1 401/414)

The starting-point of a beginning was from the Nun, the firmamental water, which encircled all the world with the aerial ocean of surrounding space. This was the world all water. The earth was imaged mentally, thence figured mythically, as a fixed and solid substance in the waters of the Nun. These have been mixed up together by recent writers in a watery mass or mush of primordial matter, from which the cosmos is assumed to have been solidified or created out of Khaos. But that is an exoteric [surface-based] misinterpretation of the Ancient Ancient wisdom. There was no such creation. (AE1 403-6/413-16)

On pages 404-6 of the above reference, it becomes clear Massey is limiting the scope of his writings, thus his analysis, to origins that trace back to Africa, but is not trying to explain the origin of the Cosmos prior to the existence of Egypt, Africa or Earth. In that regards, he merely reports that mythologies cannot explain how the Cosmos was actually created, they can only do so philosophically. Massey is correct in saying the Cosmos was not created by virtue of humans personifying things with names, considering them divine and assigning characteristics to each element.
Massey attempts to avoid the biases of his culture as much as possible, so he can simply present the facts as they are. He achieves this to a large degree in terms of hard information, but is severely limited in his contextualization and incorporation of soft information. He does not take into account the existence of a Supreme Being, except when reporting on the philosophies of others. He states the universe was created by “natural phenomena.” This is correct because the Supreme Being is natural phenomena, but Massey does not attribute a Supreme Spiritual Intelligence to natural phenomena. Dr. Charles S. Finch III indicates Massey was a spiritualist. With this in mind, I must conclude Massey was intent in only presenting unassailable facts and did not want the information to be influenced by his personal spiritual perspective. However noble this may seem, it goes against the scientific process of taking all information into account. It also goes against the optimal definition of science. Science is “collective knowledge.” which is all knowledge humans collect in all ways of knowing.
The attempt to avoid skewing information in one direction by omitting the spiritual aspect of events on Earth and elsewhere in the Cosmos, tends to skew portions of information in an unintended direction.

We also must remember Egypt existed for at least 52,000 years. The information we have is sparse and representative of the last stages of Egypt. Clearly Massey's analysis then must suffer when it comes to the spirit-soul aspect and the partial/whole aspect. Though not always, he sometimes either mixes up or forgets the relationship between the Celestial Ages and which aspect of the Two Truths is being portrayed in Egyptian information. This is understandable due to the enormous amount of information he amassed and processed in a relatively short period of time. One of our Master Teachers, Dr. Charles S. Finch III, acknowledges Massey could have used a really good editor.
Before Egypt existed, Nubia, Meroe, Aethiopia, Kush and Punt existed for tens of thousands of years. Knowledge of creation is certainly within these places closer and closer to the Double Source. This knowledge can also be extracted from Egyptian mythology if we piece together the puzzle, solve Sphinx-like riddles and decipher more than the writing in stone on the wall, but the wall itself.
“The most ancient wisdom was oral. It was conveyed by word of mouth, from mouth to ear, as in the mysteries. This consisted of the magical sayings or the great words of power. Following the oral wisdom, the earliest known records of written wisdom were collections of the sayings, which were continually enlarged by the Egyptians.” (AE1 516/526)
Again we integrate understandings: We know that during the current Age, knowledge has been used mostly for evil endeavors by the supposedly clever. The enormous amount of information taken from Egypt, from elsewhere in Africa and from African fed cultures worldwide, made it a necessary forethought of Khaos to hide itself from Chaos. The most critical portions of the operating system of Creation are hidden in both places.

Yet, continuously simultaneously there is deeper knowledge still being revealed as new releases, updates and upgrades. The Egyptians left us an easy enough, yet hard enough version of information to get us through this Star Age (star + age = stage). They gave us just enough surface information while omitting and encoding the rest. They have kept the robbers digging in the wrong place. (AE2 767-8/231-2)
It is not a coincidence that an important aspect of computers and the internet is data encryption. Encryption is simply a script rewritten in a language only the sender and receiver understand. Anyone can encrypt. Pig Latin is a form of encryption. So is slang. So are hand signals in sports. There is encryption in Khaos and so also in Africa and in the Africa within every human's genetic library and in the spiritual energy waves of the outer Cosmos. This is why there is need of an Oracle and an Executor as described in the Early Formation Of Creation who can translate and transcend every dimension.

Note: In his own words, Massey acknowledges the evolution of his books and writings as follows: “A Book of the Beginnings” (London, 1881) was written in the dark, “The Natural Genesis” (London, 1883) was written in the twilight, whereas “Ancient Egypt (London 1907)” has been written in the light of day.” (AE1 v/7)

Massey Sums It Up:
Plato studied in Egypt for thirteen years with the main result, however, of converting these hidden mysteries into metaphysical mist. (NG2 319/327)

Plato represents a plateau of European thought at the "knee-high to a grasshopper" level of awareness.

Understanding Takes Place At Night And Is More Easily Seen With Dark Adaptation Or A Really Bright Light

Aquaria (Nu) comes out of waters of Khaos as Oracle Supreme, Mother Superior and Restorer of Khaos.
Kepheus (Shu) is the Executor of Khaos and Conqueror of Chaos and the progeny of darkness. (AE1 402/412)

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