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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Monday, May 8, 2017

Virus Nucleoid, Capsid, Nucleocapsid & Viral Envelope
Unity Consciousness #1008


Types Of Genetic Material Enclosures (Structures Containing, Covering & Protecting rNA and drNA)

1. Viral Nucleoid -
a. Nucleoid means nucleus like. Not a nucleus but like a nucleus??
b. A nucleoid is a central region of rNA or drNA molecules.
c. A nucleoid is a core, egg, seed/nut and house.
d. A nucleoid is a central inner region of one or two strands (particles) of genetic material. This material is tightly packed and layered sugar molecules plus nitrogen-based molecules plus phosphate-based molecules which form a core region within itself where the genetic information portion concentrates itself. This area is the nucleoid which exists within one or two extensively folded strands of rNA or drNA. This folding is origami and ergonomics – form, function, art, aesthetics, science, technology.

Subviral particles containing subnucleoids have been identified in some viruses. These smaller particles and smaller nucleoids were found within the main larger nucleoid.

Nucleoids vary in their complexity depending on the virus. Of course they do, because the rNA and drNA varies depending on the virus.

2. Viral Capsid - A protective and multi-functional protein coat surrounding genetic material of viruses, thus surrounding the nucleoid.
The protein coat is like an egg shell or seed coat or nut shell or outside walls on a house.
The capsid can be one or more layers of proteins just like an egg shell or seed coat or nut shell or outside walls of a house.

The protein coating also contains protein spikes that stick out. These spikes help the virus invade host cells by matching the receptors on the spikes (connectors) to receptors (ports) on host cells and using the spikes to dock (attach) themselves to a cell (computer).

Electrostatic repulsion between the nucleic acid strands will prevent too much compaction of the genetic material inside the capsid.

3. Viral Nucleocapsid - Nucleoid plus the capsid covering.
Based on the functional ability of the nucleoid and the capsid, it is easy for Initiates to see how the nucleocapsid functions as a cell. The capsid being the cell membrane and the rNA and drNA strands, functioning both as cytoplasm and nucleus. Understandably, this is a much simpler form of a cell that preexists and serves as the prototype for prokaryotes.

4. Viral Envelope - A more complex form of capsid that surrounds the nucleoid. It is a membrane surrounding the capsid. This membrane is a double layer of fat (lipid bilayer) which also contains proteins that perform several functions.
Most viral envelopes consist of one bi-layer.

Some viral envelopes consist of two bi-layers, thus four layers which is two membranes containing two layers each or it can be called a double membrane each consisting of a lipid bilayer.
Based on what we understand about the nucleocapsid, the next logical step is to go further as an Initiate of Learning would. If a nucleocapsid can prototype prokaryotes, then a more complex form of a nucleocapsid (the viral envelope) can prototype a more complex form of prokaryote (eukaryote).

These evolutions are not necessarily separate. Whereas the evolution is likely to be more direct from viral nucleocapsid to prokaryote, the evolution from viral envelope to eukaryote may be the combined effect of prokaryote evolution first then combined with features of the viral envelope to finally produce eukaryotes.

Life & Nucleus Where Art Thou?

Viruses are classified in dead space since they do not fit the current recent model of what life is, yet viruses are very capable of living and reproducing.
Viruses are also classified as they are because they do not have or seem to have a nucleus.

Bottom Line: A nucleus is nothing more than a control center – a miniature scale version of the mind of the Creator.

A virus is quite capable of coordinating functions in order to keep on keeping on living.
A virus life cycle includes periods and degrees of dormancy, just as all life cycles do.

Since a nucleoid is a central region of genetic material, there must be some mechanism that causes the genetic material to center itself and causes this to continue to happen throughout the virus genome.
Electrostatic repulsion mentioned earlier and/or other electromagnetic forces and or the basic characteristics and principles of everything, could be a possible explanation.
Thus, an electrostatic field could serve the function of a nucleus membrane. This would make the nucleoid a nucleus, which is something it already is in function, just not in name and recognition.

Pausing To Incorporate & Update Related Understandings About Proteins

Proteins play a constant role in most life functions. The number of protein interactions continuously taking place in human cells is so large it is unknowable. In other words, our bodies require so much protein, it is not possible to eat enough protein to satisfy what our cells need, despite the protein recycling taking place in our cells. This is yet another way to know it is not the protein in the form of protein that we must eat, but rather it is the components that make up protein that we must eat.

Now we look at viruses who depend on proteins but do not eat any meat.
Proteins existed before microorganisms existed.
Proteins existed before meat existed.

It is sinister abuse to mis-teach people to the point they graduate from school at a lower level of awareness than when they were born, so much so, that even feeding themselves is no longer instinctual to the wish or to the reach.
Perhaps it would help us know what and how to eat if we realized plants protruding from soil are Mother Earth's teats, flowing with milk and honey in rainbow flavors of light that plants capture and display for life.

Update 05.09.17

When we eat anything, we also eat the health or sickness that is inside the cells, molecules and atoms of that item.
No matter what the item is, whatever is in the cells of the food we eat can become a part of our cells. Food does not just pass through and that's it. Food becomes incorporated into our cells and it's affects last a long time and become part of our genetics that affect how our bodies function.
Everything we consume, or that gets into our body another way, contributes to either the healing and curing process or the lessening and disease causing process or both.

“In Europe, hundreds of thousands of infected animals have been eaten by Europeans. This meat was infected with mad cow disease. In America, the US Department Of Agriculture says zero cattle have had mad cow disease. The infected meat may pose a threat to human health, but the significance of that threat may not become apparent for years.”
The disease can linger in human cells and grow slowly and then finally become easily noticeable and life-altering.

In 2006, the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved the use of a mixture of viruses to be sprayed on meat for human consumption. You be the judge of whether this is good or bad.

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