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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Evolution Of Clones: Prebiotic, Prokaryotes & Eukaryotes
Unity Consciousness #1005


(Part 2 of 3)

We are all clones because we are all reproductions of the Nature of the Creator. We are just different sizes and configurations of the One. This is why dimensions exist.

The Many are clones of the One. Out of One comes Many, then out of Many comes Many More, and out of Many More comes Many Many More, and on and on until the Universe is populated with the diversity that exists today. This evolutionary process is still taking place.

PARTIAL Summary of Early Formation (The Clone Family Tree)

”Early Formation Of Creation: Preexistence To Seventh Dimension, Unity Consciousness #748”

If The Creator is a living God, then all that is the Creator is also living.
Do not be deceived by psuedo-science that leaves out the spirit-soul aspect of life, thus, stumbles along in a desert unnecessarily.

1. The first universe, enclosure, house, organism, cell, egg and seed is the Creator. This is the First & Last Universal Common Ancestor. This relates to the theory of LUCA.

2. A duplicate of the Creator. This clone is a working copy.
The genetic code of the Creator can be likened to computer code because the two are metaphors of each other. They are the 0 and 1 of binary code.
These first two evolutions are NA. The NA is nature which contains all genetic code. Nature is Creator.

3. Fragments of NA's genetic code. We call these subatomic particles. These might be fragments to us but are whole bits and bytes. They are complete units.

4. Atoms. We call these elements. Elements are cells who preexist prokaryotes.

5. Combinations of elements such as Hydrogen and Oxygen. Water preexisted in the original cell of the Creator but not the ability to exist in divided form as Hydrogen and Oxygen. Neither did the ability exist for water to take on all the forms it does in all dimensions and maintain a continuous cycle.
The combination of elements includes the formation of amino acids, then proteins. The theoretical protocell is unnecessary since rNA synthesis (assembly) efficiently takes place within the same cellular cytoplasm as the previous steps. Just as in prokaryotes, drNA replication takes place in the cytoplasm, so also does rNA replication take place in the macro-Universe cytoplasm (dark matter).

6. This is the area called Prebiotic chemistry and Prebiotic biology. Prebiotic means before life existed. Clearly there is no such thing as prebiotic unless you limit your geography and timeframe to this planet called Earth. In that case, prebiotic would mean before Earth existed. Once Earth exists, life exists, because Earth is a life. This of course, ignores the life-giving Sun, which has been explored numerous times and recently in a study of stars.
Now back to life, back to reality. There are many evolutions of life that are not included in this list that fit between those listed. As far as the exact steps that led up to rNA formation, it is sufficient to understand that elements and their combinations must occur first. Then, there are steps that cause rNA to form. rNA forms where life is active. rNA can survive in dormant form and be transferred through many kinds of environments until it again encounters a dimension of time and space where life is active. Thus, genetic material can change back and forth between rNA and drNA, between active and dormant, between kinetic and potential. This we already know.

7. Combination of elements with energy in the form of sugar called ribose.* This is rNA. We call these viruses. They are patches, fixes, glitches and building block fragments of genetic code awaiting further interaction and integration. Yes, rNA is alive, and so is all that comes after and before rNA.

8. The deoxygenated form of rNA. We call this DNA but I call it drNA as previously explained. This drNA is also a virus.
drNA is the second form of the child of Mother NA or of the elements. It is the Second Truth.
rNA is the first form of the child of Mother NA or of the elements. It is the First Truth.

9. rNA enzymes called ribozymes. rNA enzymes are rNA that can change shape in order to create chemical reactions. A ribozyme, necessary for replication, is present in the Hepatitis delta virus which makes ribozymes in the viral genome, a possible precursor to the ribosome of prokaryotes and eukaryotes.**

10. Viral nucleocapsids as simple forms of cells.

11. Single-celled organisms we call prokaryotes. The genetic code of prokaryotes is said to not be enclosed in an identifiable nucleus. “Pro” means “before” and “kary” means “nucleus.”
It is plausible for a simpler form of single-celled organisms containing rNA only to have been a stage before this one, but necessarily after rNA development. These single-celled organisms could have contained a riboplasm that now represents the drNA region in prokaryotes, but is now surrounded by a cytoplasm. (See viral nucleocapsid above)
The LUCA hypothesis of modern science disagrees on this point and suggests rNA preceded proteins.

12. Single-celled prokaryotes called Planctomycetes whose cellular structure containing cytoplasm, riboplasm, nucleoid and anammoxosome could lead to segregation and separation into nucleus and mitochondria of eukaryotes.

13. Single-celled organisms we call eukaryotes. The genetic code of eukaryotes is said to be enclosed in an identifiable membrane. “Eu” means “true,” thus eukaryote means true nucleus. (For a possible route of eukaryote evolution, see the link under step 10 above for the section labeled “viral envelope.”)

Another hypothesis indicates that both eukaryotes and prokaryotes diverged early from a common ancestor and that neither group is more ancient than the other.

14. Multi-celled prokaryotes.

15. Multi-celled eukaryotes. This is where humans come into the picture, but not before most plants establish the foundation of this category.
”Human Origins World History, Unity Consciousness #84”

As we look at this progression, it is easier to realize each dimension is the stem cell of the next dimension. This is how family trees evolve.

*Ribose is the element formulation: C5H10O5. It is the simplest sugar attached to genetic material. Ribose is 5 molecules of water and 5 carbon. Thus sugar is carbon-based. Sugar is a carbon-hydrate because it is carbon and water. A carbohydrate is carbon with water. Thus energy in a simple form is carbon and water. Oxygen being released from its bond with hydrogen provides the spark to ignite carbon.

**The presence of something in any area of nature does not always mean it was always there. Likewise, the absence of something in any area of nature does not always mean it was never there. It is possible for aspects of nature to come into and out of existence on an evolutionary trajectory AND on a de-evolutionary trajectory.

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