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Saturday, July 29, 2017

What Is Euphoria & Euphoric? | Definition & Meanings
Phase One
Unity Consciousness #1076


A baby child is genetic potential awakening, coming out of hiding, interacting, revealing, being born again...

If euphoria exists in this dimension, it is during gestation in the uterus and during the earliest part of childhood, before humans do too much damage.
A baby child is uninhibited and in touch with being Nature in the making.

Sankofa Euphoria (Going Back To Fetch It)

euphoria is eu-phor-ia.
eu-phor-ia is you-for-ia.
you-for-ia is the you form of ia.
euphoria is understanding the you form of ia.

the you form of ia is the metaform in the “u,” the uterus.
The metaform is the metaphor. Phor is form because “ph” and “f” interchange.
Euphoria is understanding you are the metaphor of ia.

IA is yes, genetic potential on and in motion.
IA the second form of NA.
NA is no, genetic potential off and at rest.
Na is Nature.
To again reach the sensing of Euphoria we had in the uterus and briefly after birth, we must relinquish false identities so we can recapture knowledge of the fundamental parts of ourselves as NA (Nature hidden and at rest) and as IA (Nature revealed and in motion). By doing so, we reconnect red white blue green waters of the Nile within and without to its black Source.
Euphoria is waterful, water-filled, re-membering of all things back into the harmony of Zero and One.
Euphoric is a being in touch with the wayne bibi of self – the essential goodness - beingness.

Note: Through the processes of culture, a child can also be cultivated out of their euphoria. This is why we are in Chaos. Genetic potential can go dormant, be reduced in activity and become hidden, yet remain alive within the potential of the organism.

Notes: Pronunciations: (eh-oo---PHOR---ee-ah) and (eh-oo---PHOR---ick)

(BB 27/39; 147/159; 153/165; 182/194; 195/208; 205-6/217-18) and (NG1 400/418)

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