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"Free and critical minds can emerge only by a return to the source-the primary sources. A free and critical mind takes nothing for granted and is not intimidated by "authorities" who frequently may be more confused than the general public. Free and critical minds seek truth without chauvinism or shame." - Dr. Asa G. Hilliard III (1)

“One single bit of information, if missing, incomplete, out of order or just plain wrong, has the potential to significantly alter thought processes, conclusions, decisions and behaviors, even when that one single logic entry exists in a sea of accuracy.”

Sunday, February 12, 2017

”N” & “Z” Words | Nature & Nuter Definitions & Meanings
Unity Consciousness #946


The “Z” Word

Before there was One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine..., there was Nothing but Zero - the Circle and the Circle-Maker.
All things were in Harmony, in Unison and Everything was Everything in the Zero Dimension.
There was no duality, binary, law of opposites, biune being, twin powers, two truths, twin pairings, balance or dynamic balance.
All potentiality existed but everything was One, thus Oneness, without distinction, delineation, demarcation, differentiation, denomination, division or separation. There were no dimensions except the Zero Dimension.

The Zero Dimension is Preexistence.
Counting Preexistence before Creation is the same thing as counting 0 before 1.

Preexistence beyond this Earth is metaphorically equatable to the term prehistory.
Preexistence is when there was only the Original and Creation had yet to be created. Likewise, Prehistory is when there was only the Original people and other people had either yet to be created or had not yet learned to record history.
If there are many groups of people, there must have been a time when there were only three groups, two groups, one group.
Likewise then, if there are Two Truths, there must have been a time when there was only One Truth. Starting with two is unlikely, at the lowest fundamental foundational primordial primitive root level of Creation.

The “Nen-tera” Word

In the Book Of Coming Forth By Day,* God, the Everlasting, is described as the Eternal Lord who expands without limit. Fu-nen-tera describes the infinite by means of the unlimited. Since Teru also signifies time, Nen-tera conveys the concept of something that is beyond time. Time does not impose a limit. Nen-tera is at the root of the word Nunter and denotes the unlimited in time and unlimited in power. (AE1 183/193)

*sometimes called The Book of Coming Forth By Day, The Ritual and The Book of the Dead.

The “Nunter” Word

The spelling of Nen-tera became Nun-ter became Nu-ter. (BB 94/106)
The prefixes, Nu and Nun are interchangeable because Nu is the shortened form of Nun and both are written Nunu or Nnu. (BB 94/106)

The “Nuter” Word

The One Truth of all Beginning is probably found in the word Nuter, Nu-ter or Nutr (English: neuter, neither). (NG1 183/201) (BB 95/107) (NG1 138/156) (NG1 400/418)

A nuter is a representation of a repeating period, phase, stage or cycle of time in a continuous process.
A nuter is a representation of power and the unlimited.
A nuter is an aspect of the non-human or human natural world.
A nuter is considered divine and can also be a divinity or deity.
A nuter can be a person.
A nuter has a foundational meaning of being of water, from water, by water and [return]to water.
A Nutr must convey the two truths – that which is and that which is not, the Preexisting state and the Existing state, the After and Before, Origin & Now, Beginning & End... (BB 95/107)

Background Details
Nu or Nun means water, Of water, From water, To water, By water. Water is neutral, thus contains both Truths. (BB 153/165) (BB 182/194) (BB 205/218)
Nu or Nun means type, image, figure, likeness, portrait and statue. (BB 94-5/106-7)
Ter is time, a whole, a repeating period of time, type, image, status, type of periodic time. (BB 94-5/106-7) (NG1 142/160) (BB 206/218)

Nuter is a mode or means of portraying time, duration, continuity. Nuter is a divinity and a divine symbol of time. (BB 94/106) (BB 95/107) (BB 206/218) (BB 223/235) (NG1 138/156)

Examples Of Nuter
The Circle is a Nuter that signifies renewal, reproduction, rebirth in time and continuity. (BB 95/107)
The periodic inundation of the Nile is a Nuter. (BB 95/107)
The Sun and other stars are Nuteru (plural) that signify days, weeks, months, years and Ages. (BB 95/107)
Pregnancy and the gestation period are Nuteru. (BB 95/107)
Menstruation is a Nuter. (BB 95/107)
A serpent is a Nuter. (BB 223/235)
A stone is a Nuter. (BB 94/106)
The eyeball or pupil of the eye is a Nuter because it is a mirror in which an image was reproduced. (BB 94/106)
A carpenter is a Nuter because a nutr also means to cut, work, plane, make. (BB93/105) (BB 93/105)
A diviner, prophet, oracle or sage is a nuter. (NG2 515/523)

A geographic location can be a nuter. Ta-nuter (Punt) is the holy land of the Egyptians. (AE1 262/272)

The “Nature” Word

Nat is synonymous with Nut, thus Na = Nu, thus a = u. This is why Nuter is Nater, thus eventually Nature. (BB 206/218)
Nat means gifts, offerings, to present tribute, make a collection, to bow, address, hail, help, afflict, punish, save. (BB 348/360)

Nat means being, existence. (NG2 515/523)
Nat means bowing in submission, subject, lower. (NG2 515/523)
Natr (Nater) is time and of time. (BB 95/107)

Summary: Nature means the same things as Nuter. Nature is everything. Nature is the good and the bad, primary and secondary creations, healthy and sick - both sides of the Two Truths, both parts of cycles, the ascending and descending, the human and non-human, the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. Nothing that can be identified or surmised falls outside of Nature.

Nature & Mature
Since Nuter is Nater is Nature AND since N and M interchange, THEN Muter is Mater is Mature.
Mature is another spelling of Nature. (BB 205/218) (BB 203/215) (BB 153/165)

Being “mature” in the current sense of English usage, though not understood, has roots in being “nature.” Nowadays we think being mature is based on the human isolated worldview of ideologies in which humans are the fundamental basis of life and existence and preeminent priority species for intelligence, emotions and creativity. Instead of those many pieces of Humpty Dumpty logic, being mature requires being nature-minded, not just in a simple sense, but in an increasingly integrated sense of understandings of the mature nature cycles in self in relation to the nature mature cycles in all else.
Another way to contemplate this, beyond the metaphor of “know yourself and know all else,” is to again realize that nature and mature are the same words. Thus nature and mature are duplicates which combine to form "nature nature" or "mature mature" which is shorthand for nana and mama. These are changeable into Anna and Amma and reducible to na and ma AND to An and Am.

That which is reduced moves us backwards in the conscious circle through Creation towards Preexistence.
That which is expanded moves us forward in the conscious circle through Creation towards Preexistence.
That which is switched around moves us around in Creation to different orientations, perspectives, points of view, viewpoints, worldviews, contexts, utamawazos, philosophies, ideologies and angles of light, thus towards all forms of the Cross which interrelates and interconnects consciousness. This strengthens the structure of the double Universe until all expansion is reduced to essence. This completes the Zero Cycle.

The Two Truths are currently separately manifesting in many ways, even in combinations, however, as long as understandings of these Truths remain unified in consciousness of self, then we will mature forward back into our nature (evolve and re-evolve), thus become more and more in harmony within and without as we were in the Zero Dimension where there are zero degrees of separation. This is maturing and naturing.

The “Net” Word

Net is all, total and limit. (BB 66/78)
Net is the serpent. (BB 223/235)
Neter is a serpent symbol (thus also a symbol of Nuter, Nature, Mature). (BB 66/78)

It is no mistake that net also means the bottom line and that which remains after all that must be removed, has been.

Synonyms: Zero, Nentera, Nunter, Nuter, Neter, Nater, Nature, Mature, Mater, Matter

So now we can begin to more fully understand the meaning of nurture, nutrient, nutrition.

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