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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Kwanzaa, Kuumba & Creativity Poem

A tribute to Kwanzaa, Kuumba, creativity, culture, heritage and Black African pride. This is a powerful, positive poem honoring Mama Africa and her descendents. This spiritual poem is a reminder of our strength, endurance and the essence of who we are.

Baba Receives Permission To Speak

by Usiku

We are a creative people,
Putting mud to cloth to stay,
Rituals of proud display,
Beware of the civilized way,
And listen to what Mama say.

We are God's, and Africa's artistry,
A skillful blend of vibrant clay,
As we crouch beside the tiger the old way,
To capture the hope of a sacred life,
"Feel the butterfly," according to "Dre."

People! We are incredibly intelligent!
Stoop close to understand what was meant,
The truth, the wisdom, the origin,
The season and soil of expansiveness,
Yes! We dance,
To consecrate the continent.

We are magic and rhythm,
Each poetic is seen through vision,
As Mama embraces each song,
Cry not long,
Rains will prove to soothe the pains,
'Til all sounds sleep in her cradle.

We are grains of spirit,
Precious as one, powerful in sum,
Resolute and esteemed we come,
To restore elder knowledge in the prodigal young,
And to listen as we hear it.

Kwanzaa Poetry Poem: Seven Principles, Seven Harvests, Unity Consciousness #553

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Monday, December 29, 2008

7 Proverbs You Haven't Heard | Ujima Kwanzaa Celebration

At the Ujima Kwanzaa celebration today, participants shared proverbs. I heard this one deeply:
He who upsets a thing should know how to rearrange it.
Now, to me, this proverb means: don't mention a problem without providing a solution.
It also means: if I'm going to encourage something I must also provide things to help attain it.

In keeping with the blessing of today, here are seven personal proverbs.

1. Who can tell happiness or sadness from a hyena's laugh or a cat's cry?

2. Might as well, is the best worst reason to do anything.

3. He who only listens with his ears hears less than he who is deaf.

4. It takes two halves to make a whole, but two wholes to make one relationship that has half a chance.

5. Encouragement is: More than words can say.

6. The more time spent hiding things or keeping a thing hidden, the less time available to find things.

7. The farmer who must know how much rain or sun his crops will get, or what his harvest will be before planting, will never set foot in the field. His seeds will lose their power while in his hands, in his pocket or in the safe place he stores them.

In addition to overall comments you'd like to share, consider these this question:
1. In what way does one or more of these proverbs become usable for you in your life?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Give Spiritually, Gift Compassion

Compassion is a gift everyone needs and anyone can give. Why? Because everyone needs spiritual uplift and expression.

Although compassion can be a component of a store bought gift, giving a gift of compassion is guaranteed when we give something we can't buy. Why? Because we have to really consider the other person's needs and how we can help using what we already have. When we give in this fashion, we are giving true concern for the wellbeing of another. We are not merely commemorating or acknowledging an occasion, we are celebrating a connection and relationship. We are giving what matters. We are giving caring, compassion, love.

It shouldn't be harder to give compassion just because someone does not need the obvious food, shelter and clothing. A writer doesn't always need things writing-related. This is only one aspect of who they are. This holds true for everyone.

If we really don't know what a person needs or wants, we should stop guessing and start asking. We shouldn't let our childish need for “making the gift a surprise” the most important thing. We don't wrap food when we give it/donate it. Do we think it's not appreciated? Don't we realize their spirit and ours are still uplifted by giving what is needed when it's needed?

If our relationships are normal, we'd be surprised by the answers we receive if we asked what is wanted or needed. I guarantee you the responses would fall into the realm of what money can't buy. Plus, receiving it on a special day for a specific occasion would not be important at all. I contend it is abnormal to continue to give gifts that are not accurate or in tune with the receiver just because the receiver says they appreciate them.

People who are in their right spirits don't want things when it's the predetermined time to give things. They want what they need when they need it from those who have the capacity to give it (1). They want compassion.

If we find this is not true, we should withhold all nonessential “things” and give twice as much compassion. This is the essence of favor and blessings. Let this be the surprise when they realize this is what they needed. Give compassion in the form of things to those who truly need those things and give compassion in the form of self to those who need you more than anything else.

All this makes me wonder. If money can't buy love, why buy something to express love? Shouldn't we be doing something instead? I thought we all knew what we do is what is true. Are we doing the best we can do when we give gifts? By doing for others and helping them, we ultimately save them money or help them earn money. This is kinda like buying them some thing or spending some money on them, but when compassion is out front, it is clearly and purely better. I challenge us to stop giving from commercialized store shelves and start giving from the personalized spiritual place of compassion.

When I was a child, I gave gifts as a child, but when I became an adult, I began to give as an adult.(2) Amina, Amen. Hotep.

In addition to overall comments, consider these questions:
1. Is giving compassion being cheap or is not giving compassion costly?
2. Must gifts of things always be new things? Why is it okay to give people we don't know, things we already own and not those we know. If anything, this should be the other way around shouldn't it?
(1) Mark 12: 41-44 and (2) I Corinthians 13:11

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Personal Growth: Read Poetry, Meditate, Change

While I believe the “belief of change” was awakened in many Americans, it will not stay awake if we allow the outcome of the election to be the crowning achievement of change. Our measures must be the progress of the common man and the natural world. No other notions or statistics will do. We must think about how to consistently advance against re-entrenching resistance and do so for the duration.

Instead of waiting on public changes to be created, read and meditate on poetry for change that is always achievable. Poetry, with its truths, insights and comparisons can help us retrace our steps back to that pure spot of living where dreams are just a matter of days away and possibilities are piled high, ours for the taking. This requires looking into the core of ourselves. It's scary, but necessary. The road to freedom always starts and ends within. Poetry can help us reclaim the self that has succumbed to mentalapsody.

The only change we can count on requires being open to a commitment to make a major change personally in order to get somewhere much better collectively. Written poetry and the poetry of life and nature can help in that regard. Poetry can help us connect with and explore our emotions, senses and beliefs while placing these things into the context of our present reality and the reality our purposes are intended to help create. Poetry evolves with us, teaching and nurturing as we grow. Sometimes it is calming. Sometimes it is invigorating. Often it is both.

Poetry leads us inward so we can see outward. Reading poetry and meditating on the concepts and comparisons found in its metaphors, similes and other instructions is a natural way to lubricate the moving parts of change - - us.

In addition to your overall comments, consider these two questions:
1. What makes you think this makes sense or nonsense?
2. What are the implications if voter turnout from this point forward is not the same or greater than Barack Obama's November?

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Personal Growth: It's Your Job!

I need a job. I have to go to my second job. I have two or three jobs. My job is... None of these statements are talking about working on personal growth.

Time used working on personal growth is often relegated to “if I have” time. That's like taking care of personal health or personal hygiene at random or when it's convenient or when prompted by talk shows or only around New Year's Resolution time.

You won't fall into this spare time crime if you love yourself. When you love yourself you will not only take care of your health, nutrition and cleanliness, you will also take care of your growth. This means there is only one resolution you'll ever need - a commitment to personal growth. This means all that stuff you think about doing or know you should not be doing or that you ain't happy about will each get more consistent attention simply because you're devoting more time to personal growth.

It's no secret working on your inner self will give you the most opportunities and best chances to fulfill whatever you seek in life including dealing with all the unfairness. But you ask, “What about all those fudged up people doing and having what I want?” I say, If you are willing to trade that for spiritual satisfaction, go for it. Then you say, “I'll fix that once I get all the fame and fortune they have. I'll be able to afford it.” I say, They don't, you won't and you can't. Finally you say, “Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die!” I say, We reap how we think so be wary for what kills is sorrow and lies.

In reality, personal growth should be simultaneous with breathing. Personal growth is one of the essential functions. Although personal growth is not required to be alive, it is critical to feeling alive; therefore, make personal growth your job.

Most people say, “I do my job.” Really?

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