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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Kwanzaa Poetry Poem: Seven Principles, Seven Harvests
Unity Consciousness #553


Seven Principles, Seven Harvests

by Ancestors through Usiku

Basic concepts for living are sensible
Embodied in Kwanzaa's seven principles
To remind us to practice the fundamentals
Purely plain, purely simple
The Nguzo Saba help us become invincible

1 - Umoja is oneness
Within self is the focus
Unify four inseparables for wholeness

2 - Kugichagulia is self-determination
Based on the destiny of all creation
Gain understanding, maintain translation

3 – Ujima is the communal family
Collectively working sharing responsibility
To become the best Ancestors-Descendents we can be

4 – Ujamaa is expressing fully
We understand our destinies
Require using resources cooperatively

5 – Nia is knowing we are multi-purposed
To thrive from within to bring life to the surface
Provide understandings to the Creator who births us

6 - Kuumba is the creative process
Who causes all things to exist
Nutrient ourselves to get fundamental access

7 - Imani is faith
Who helps motion vibrate
Persistence, then patience interrelates

The Nguzo Saba or Saba Nguzo
Must be planted in the African Utamawazo
The basic context for being optimal
Ashe, Heka, Hiao Watoto
So harvests match our genetic potential

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