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In 1971 Nelly Fuller said if you do not understand racism (white supremacy) and how it works, everything else we understand will only confuse us.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crime Defense 101: Inherent Rights - Doing The Right Thing

Often the best defense is doing the opposite.

Inherent rights are natural laws established by powers greater than humans. Second are freedoms humans expect for themselves and extend to others. “Live and let live,” as the saying goes.
Crime is a violation of an inherent right directly or indirectly, immediately or eventually.
White collar crime is committed by government, business, individuals. It includes a lot crimes occurring daily but not covered by daily media; thus, not vilified as other crimes and neither are those who commit white collar crime.

Many nations, countries and states, despite claims of civilization are not civil. Crime is built into society. This white collar crime is evidenced by:

1. Physical harm from food and water systems.
2. Mental harm due to misrepresented history which fuels superiority, hatred and disparities.
3. Loss of life, vitality and opportunities due to destruction of habitats.
4. Laws against growing food on land you “own.”
5. Advantages taken of children, elderly and the sick.
6. Harmful products sold with legal blessings.
7. War, abroad and at home.
8. Unequal access and provision of public services, i.e. taxation without materialization.
9. Needing a permit from the government to protest against the government.
10. Reducing public funding of medical care for the poor, poorest of elderly and food for the hungry.
11. Suffering, deaths and wasted resources from cancers while many governments, businesses, doctors and scientists ignore the most probable causes of nutrition, toxins and rest.
12. Education that trains people to work for others instead of learning themselves, their purpose(s), being their intended best and maximizing intelligences and potentials. Per Dr. Bobby Wright, [true] education is a liberating force, ie. It doesn't tie you to a life where basic needs hinge on economy, jobs, stores, utility companies and other man-made dependencies.
13. Individuals tricked into paying for job training (college) which is supposed to be a business expense.
14. Unequal education for children.
15. 13-14 years of education (High school diploma) that is not good enough. In other words, not only is free education unequal, it not enough. Then, access to education that gives you a “real” chance (college), is based on money and based on achievement in the unequal free public education system. A partial solution is for anyone with a high school diploma equivalent to get free college education so opportunity remains equal and differences result from individual ability not system bias.
16. The power of individual voice, protest and vote are diluted in various ways.
17. Mental harm that prevents a spiritual connection to natural law, thus awareness that crime has an inverse relationship with inherent rights, i.e. crime goes down when inherent rights go up.
18. Property damage (environmental degradation).
19. Harmful medical products, treatment, drugs and vaccines.
20. Police who function as the interior military against those perceived to be the enemy of the State.
21. Taking from the young and working but not returning what's promised in wages, social security and pensions.
22. Voting for discrimination by voting for those who discriminate.
23. Children taught societal virtues that are counterproductive to health.
24. Racial categorizations.
25. Psychological manipulation that causes fervent belief that all the above adds up to patriotism and liberty and justice for all.

Many sovereign nations need renovation - no lower, middle, upper or elite. The house must be one inherent level using an open floor plan. Since similarity/commonality is the essence of inherent rights, the largest portion must be common area - shared space and resources.

There are far too many religious people in the world for wrong to exist to the degree it does since “doing the right thing” is supposedly the predominant disposition of most religions.

Though we dutifully defend various ideologies and ways of life, until we defend inherent rights, there will be no defense against crime.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Outlook, Outcomes, Greatness & Everything

The stories of the London 2012 Olympic Games are as numerous as the almost 11,000 athletes. Elation, disappointment, heartaches and hearts vindicated still flow from these varied experiences. Instead of limiting the view of achievement to outcomes, a broader perspective of what it takes to perform well provides opportunities for learning. This starts with gaining a fuller context of what an Olympian is by asking, “How do they get here from there?” Is it perseverance, heart, training, support, drive, giftedness, determination, passion, belief, overcoming fear, avoiding what doesn't contribute or having the will to find the way?

Do Not Run Aimlessly

Who didn't see or hear of Oscar Pistorius? A double, below the knee amputee, whose mother refused to treat him like he had a disability. He qualified to run in the Olympics, plus had to fight for the legal right. This approach is similar to the Ray Charles story and others. Oscar is a champion in the Olympics, Paralympics and in life. He has a tattoo of I Cor. 9:26 that reads: “I do not run like a man who is running aimlessly.”


In an interview, Michael Phelps spoke of not winning the gold medal by five hundredths of a second in the 200M Butterfly. “The most prepared person wins,” he said.

Strengthening Weakness

After winning gold in the 110M Hurdles, Aries Merritt explained how he changed his starting foot in just eight months, a feat similar to switching writing hands. “Diligence. It took me a long, long time and a lot of hours that I put into, to building power on my weaker side, to balance it out. I think that's why I've had so much success this year because I focused so much on my weaker side and it balanced things out so now I have equal power in both legs so I'm able to apply equal force.”

Champion The Hard Way

"It means so much, all the hard work and dedication and effort put in the gym and hard days. "And hard days are the best because that's where champions are made, so if you push through the hard days you can get through anything," Gabrielle Douglas, All-Around Gymnastics Champion at age 16, reminds us.

Almost Out-Never Down
a. The Russian Men's Volleyball Team was one point away from losing the match. They then scored the next three points to win the set. Russia then won the next two sets to win the match against the USA. Individuals centered themselves on core beliefs and made the same kind of comeback in the championship match against Brazil.
b. The Brazilian Women's Volleyball Team, the favorites against Russia, facing six match points and elimination, stayed true to the game of focusing on each point that could be won and not those already lost. Brazil won the match. They steadied themselves with this same wisdom in the championship match. After getting blasted in the opening set, they won the next three.
c. Brittney Reese, the favorite to win the Women's Long Jump, fouled on several jumps and was not in medal contention. With pressure building and time disappearing, she pulled herself together and did what she came to do and was capable of doing.
d. Manteo Mitchell, in his first Olympics, continued running after breaking his leg partway through his portion of the 4x400M Relay Preliminary Round. Without coming in first, he won because he kept going. He said he couldn't let his teammates down. “Faith, Focus, Finish” helped him succeed.
During every Olympics, there are far more winners than medals awarded. There are also far more winners in everyday life - those striving to become better. Though unheralded nationally, millions are reaching personal bests, even though they have not touched the pinnacles they pursue. This is true because greatness is not determined by outcome but by outlook. Outlook answers the question because it goes with everything.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Life Is Larger – Poem Against The Death Penalty

Life Is Larger by Usiku

Largeness in the smallest space
Again dismissed with aggressive taste
An inherent right frequently forgotten
Life is larger than those who take
Obviously not to law and order
Gladly trampled by court-led disgrace
And vengeful logic accepted smarter
Life is refused basic consideration
Overruling supreme creation
Legal murder is not civilized payback
Even if eye for eye covered other acts
Life is larger as more spirits awaken
To correct all that is mistaken
And recenter smallness with origins
Meanwhile Marvin Wilson joined friends

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mental Preparation & The Basics Of Performance

Food Fight #43

Of course an athlete must eat properly. The body gets the most out of training and performing when getting nutrition, avoiding toxins and getting enough rest. Any athlete seeking improvement and excellence has this mindset. A dedicated athlete also understands performance is aided by the mind; therefore, an athlete serious about getting better also becomes a student of the game. An athlete serious about becoming their very best also becomes a student of personal growth. These are the basics.

For athletes and non-athletes, a mind consistently nourished, rested and trained for improvement, provides the best assistance to reach goals. Why? The road to goals is paved with decisions. Decisions made without the basics that support being the best are less likely to be decisions that are the best. A well-fed mind is also better able to manage stresses and moderate other emotions.

A disciplined approach that incorporates mental preparation, separates more athletes than physical training alone. The same is true when seeking to improve, reach or maintain health goals.

Watching athletics and appreciating performance is one thing. Knowing performance can be improved in any pursuit by following the same basics, is a healthy thing.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Socialism Is Really Being Social

Socialism scares a lot of people. I'm not sure why. What is the meaning of socialism?
Socialism is social + ism. It is the act, state or condition of being social.
Social means friendliness, united and living with others.
Friend(liness) means to love and to favor.

Based on these three definitions, if we are truly the social creatures we say we are, whenever we are being social, we are showing love and favor for others. This is a principle of most religions. Still, many who follow a religion are scared of socialism. Has religion simply become a bathrobe for private use to cover the naked truth but never to be worn in public?

More Definitions

Common means belonging to all, public and shared by all or many. The word “common” forms the basis for many words such as “community,” “commune,” “communion,” and “communication.” The concept of “common” is also the foundation for the words “friend,” “companion,” “partner” and “fellowship.” Without a doubt, there can be no common ground or common good without these definitions in daily use. We already move through life seeking those with common interests and someone we have a lot in common with to share everything with. All that's left is to back up and pay attention to the common existence we have with everyone.

Semi-Sweet Pieces of Socialism

What is socialism really but sharing resources, helping others and fair treatment? Socialism is love thy neighbor as thyself. It is the primary lesson in the story of feeding the multitude with fish & loaves. Today we have certain aspects of socialism such as social programs, volunteering, donating to charity, lending a hand, helping animals, insects, plants and the planet. Despite some benefit, these are pieces of socialism and nothing close to really being social. In fact, the need for many of these pieces are caused by the inner workings of greed/capitalism, which is the main force against sharing/socialism.

Not realizing that anything other than socialism is incompatible with peace and human progress, will keep us spinning wheels that are out of round. Many people with good intentions will continue to run around trying to ease or fix social problems by putting fingers in dikes instead of removing the dike. Also, time, talent and tithes given to religious organizations are supposed to be social currency. According to religious principle, resources of religious groups are supposed to be for the furtherance of religious principles, thus social purposes.

To be scared of socialism is to be scared of sharing, helping and fairness. To be scared of socialism is to be comfortable with greed, suffering and injustice.

Socialism is the Supreme vision for the universe. Socialism is the principle of ecosystems and there is plenty of evidence to expose capitalism as an antagonistic ideology. Socialism seeks harmony.

In sound, sensible, sustainable societies, people treat each other as friends. Commonality is the bonding agent and love is the active ingredient. There is recognition of a shared existence with all things and that, what is common to support existence, belongs to all.

The next time we're being social, are we really?

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