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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Natural World Observations: Going Wild Like A Flower In Spring Breaking Free

Wild & Free Like Spring Breaking

As soon as Winter starts turning and walking away through the revolving door, yard workers begin fidgeting. First, cracking open windows, looking, listening and breathing deeply. They are attempting to recapture the sensing of seasons changing, the way firsthand cultures are still doing. Next, they are often standing in doorways, hoping and wondering. Finally breaking out of confinement, they are seen lingering in Spring's welcoming personality.

Natural Child's Wild Birth

I'm one of them. My written plan has gone through several revisions until a perfect, colorful, all-season paradise exists – on paper. It is mentally-contrived and includes shrubs, bushes, climbers, creepers, changers and weepers. Once at the store, I ignore this plan and start going wild because my head is easily turned by a canister of wildflower spirits who speak to me. I abandon the idea of buying dozens of plants to fill three flower beds. I take home one can of seeds promising a variety of shapes, sizes and bloom times.

Observing And Waiting

During the next three weeks I watch Winter & Spring dance back and forth. Finally, a warm dry stretch allows me to free the main flower bed of wood chips, red rocks and black plastic. Earth exhales a deep breath of relief. I loosen the soil and spread the wildflower mixture while wondering if this will be a fiasco. I sense similar concerns from onlookers.

“Whatcha growing, weeds?” someone asks. “No, wildflowers,” I reply, stopping short of saying weeds don't exist. There are simply plants we want and plants we don't want, plants we appreciate and plants we don't understand. Vindication comes just a month later. Silent explosions splash beauty throughout as though the Painter dropped this palette from above.

Natural World Observations

Now in the presence of wildflowers and unrestrained soil, I realize I've missed living bouquets of elegance and all that comes with it like paper-making wasps, floating swallowtails and birds mouth-to mouth feeding their babies. I am consoled with unique pleasures like Junebug sleeping atop a blossom cradle rocking in evening's breeze. “Welcome home little one.” A slate gray and charcoal hummingbird is surveying the selection of nectar-promising fragrances. Hovering within arm's reach, its wings are etching silvery blurs into the air against the backdrop of wildflowers.

Reborn Wild & Free

My rural-rooted nature is blossoming again. It is drawing from places where yards are a patchwork of playgrounds and wild things happen, naturally of course. I am one of those things, again. I spend hours playing with dandelions and seeking lifelong luck in four-leaf clovers, once found to be neatly tucked between scriptures for added effect. At other times I run, dance, dodge balls, chew mud pies for pretend tobacco-spitting, dig trenches for army men and operate child-sized trucks and tractors in the front yard. The neighborhoods, creek banks, waterfalls, mountainsides and all there is in the rest of the natural world, activate imagination and teach relationships. This is just like a world filling with wildflowers breaking free.

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  1. So true, So real but most of all So Beautiful.


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